Breaking: Trump Nukes Global Warming Scam, EU Leaders and China Scream Bloody Hell


Breaking news: Trump has killed the suicide pact the EU and China cooked up.  That is, the global warming treaty is now dead.  It is cold outside, this first day of JUNE.  We are not roasting to death.  We are sliding into another 30 cold cycle.  In the future lies a real monster: another Ice Age.  We still don’t know exactly why these events happen like clockwork.


The government is spying on journalists to find leakers | New York Post reports today:


There was a big ruckus four years ago when the Associated Press announced that telephone records for 20 of its reporters had been subpoenaed by the Justice Department.


Obama spied on the media to stop leakers.  So can Trump.  ALL Presidents do this.  They always have, all my long life.  I expect the liars working for mainstream news will lie about this.


The government was apparently looking for CIA leaks about an operation in Yemen.


And they are closing in on who is leaking all that confidential information from the  White House.


The possibly high-ranking leaker was getting some of his information from people inside the White House who were holdovers from the Obama administration, the source said.


Deutsche Bank Calculates The “Fair Value Of Gold” And The Answer Is… | Zero Hedge has this interesting story about commodities that are real, not fake;


Over the past three years, gold has found itself in an odd place: while it still remains the ultimate “safety” trade and store of value should everything go to hell following social and monetary collapse, when it comes to “coolness” it has been displaced by various cryptocurrencies, all of which have vastly outperformed the yellow metal in recent months. Meanwhile, central banks continue to pressure the price of gold to avoid a repeat of 2011 when gold nearly broke out above $2,000, putting the fate world’s “reserve currency” increasingly under question. As a result, gold has traded in a rather somnolent fashion, range bound between $1,100 and $1,300 over the last few years, failing to break out on either side.


We can see at the top of today’s story that gold has sudden peaks and sudden collapses due to political reasons.  This is normal for various commodities.  Generally speaking, after a surge in popular support for buying, various real things decline in relative value to sane levels again.


Invisible things, on the other hand, can and do collapse to zero.


But is that a fair price for gold?


The ‘fair price’ for anything is what the buyer offers.  Until the seller wants to sell, it doesn’t have a price, only theoretically.


That is the question Deutsche Bank’s Grant Sporre set out to answer in a special report released overnight, which among other things finds that gold is a “metal” full of paradoxes.


Pray tell, what are these ‘paradoxes’?  It has been held dear for the last 6,000+ years.  No other item has as long a record of ‘greatly valued’.


the reason why gold is trading with a roughly 20% premium to “fair value” is because “there is a heightened perception of risk or uncertainty in the broader markets.


HAHAHA.  Right now money men who have money to burn are running after various phantoms due to these being ‘new’ and ‘interesting’ and ‘fun’.  It is good they are not bidding up gold, more for me!


The “New” Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction – The Daily Reckoning: these businesses are also phantoms rising in value.

 This year’s bull’s-eye stocks are the so-called FAANGs — Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google.


Wild popularity: the more people want this the more others want this. It is cool to want this.  Like fake money, this can crater to zero rapidly if things go badly.


 “During the last 70 days, the FAANGs have gained $260 billion in value, while the other 495 companies in the S&P 500 have lost an identical amount… Other than the five FAANG stocks, the market has been silently collapsing since March 1.”


Yes, this is due to Trump winning and the entire machinery of the State and International Gangsters are on the rampage, going nuts, threatening WWIII, and talking openly about killing the entire Trump family.


Not a good time to invest in real businesses.


Meanwhile, recent data from Fundstrat Global Advisors reveal that just 40 stocks out of 500 — 8%, that is — account for some 85% of the S&P’s gains this year.


At least Apple makes stuff we use, I am using an Apple computer right now.  It has some heft.  Facebook is a platform which I hate using.  It is stupid.  Twitter even worse.  These fun stocks are backing entities that can and WILL be surpassed in the future.


I have been online for over 35 years.  Well over it.  And I have seen many things shoot up in popularity and collapse totally and vanish.  Platforms are the least stable parts of the net.


Any downturn will ravage these money losing schemes online.  Being not real things but rather systems, they are doomed by their very essence.  They have to die, things appear that function better and all of them die due to CENSORSHIP.


Already, Facebook is censoring 50% of the users who are not ANTIFA fans.  The corporation is playing with fire.  Most people to the right of Lenin are discussing dumping Facebook and Twitter and increasingly, You Tube.  All are doomed, being strangled to death by the political militants running these sites who will be very, very poor in the future when they kill these golden geese.


Oh, golden geese are cheaper than pretend online geese that are computer codes!  HAHAHA.  Only someone who buys beans from a gypsy falls for this.


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10 responses to “Breaking: Trump Nukes Global Warming Scam, EU Leaders and China Scream Bloody Hell

  1. KHS71

    They’re going to take his magic decoder ring away from him now. You go Trump.

  2. Melponeme_k


    Without his secret magic decoder ring, Trump will no longer “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine!”

  3. Melponeme_k

    This woman actually interviewed the most powerful man in the world while dressed like a CIA honeypot hooker. The report says he was transfixed. No, he was laughing over the ruse. The man has more self control than fall for that ploy.

    Oh and yes, when Putin pulled the honeypot tricks, he most likely chose more beautiful women.

  4. floridasandy

    thank you Trump, on behalf of Americans.

    Getting ready for the inevitable leftist meltdown, and all the disappointed celebrity quotes. 🙂

    Megan will be one of the women who will be looking to sue somebody for sexual discrimination as her career winds down.

  5. HAHAHA, Kelly is a very old hooker. Ew. I am old, too, not dumb enough to play a hooker, did that when I was 19 (dancing, that is, not hooking).

  6. floridasandy

    not disappointed, as all the democratic mayors (including the inevitable NYC mayor who shall remain nameless) are in full meltdown mode and drafting their own orders.

    God, it must suck to live in the city

  7. Moe

    Alexamder Mercouris

    “The simple fact is that since the end of the Cold War the glue that has held the Western alliance together has become overtly ideological, with the members of the alliance seeing themselves as joint partners in an overtly ideological neoliberal enterprise.”

  8. Worse, it is a bunch of lazy freeloaders pigging out on US taxpayer’s dime.

  9. Moe

    Margolis on Trump: ‘Go Jump In The Rhine’

    I generally like reading Margolis, even though he can be a pompous ass. (Hey, nobody’s perfect: my wife calls me that all the time!).

    But his last comments make me think he’s drunk the Kool-Aid. I’ll wager that European Trump support (among the unwashed, of course, not the elite) will garner strength for his pro-security views.

    Excerpt: “Neither Trump nor his advisors have much interest in or knowledge of Europe. America’s nativist religious voters, 80% of whom support with Trump, see Europe as a wicked, degenerate place filled with drinkers, sexual perverts and pacifists. Europeans laugh at church-going fundamentalist Americans as backwards, superstitious rustics.

    Trump is wildly popular in Pittsburgh, as he noted last week, but to much of the rest of the planet he remains a symbol of flat-earth consciousness and the unlovely face of America.”

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