China Demands US Commit Economic Suicide With Global Warming Restrictions

Paris agreement: China vows to defend climate pact – YouTube

China piles pressure on Trump by vowing to UPHOLD the Paris climate change agreement as premier urges ‘others’ to follow suit and EU leader tells US president not to ‘change the (political) climate for the worse’| Daily Mail Online:   This news is amazing because it is all about looting the US.  That is, to protect us from pretend heat, they intend to levy a gigantic tax on the citizens of the US, bigger than all other countries taxes.  China, in particular, is very eager to cripple the US economy further.  The EU is already attacking US citizens demanding we pay 50%+ the costs of defending themselves.  Trump is stopping all these looting expeditions.  Aside from this news, there is news about a new Russia/Saudi Arabia alliance, the NYT is slowly going bankrupt and Uber car service continues to lose nearly a billion a year but claims it is getting better and is losing only $700 million this last quarter!


‘Axis of love’: Saudi-Russia detente heralds new oil order | Reuters


It was the first time that Rosneft boss Igor Sechin and Saudi Aramco chief Amin Nasser had held a formal, scheduled meeting – going beyond the numerous times they had simply encountered each other at oil events around the world.


Putin is going around the planet making deals.  The EU is freaking out because he is making deals inside the EU.  The Bilderberg gang has worked tirelessly to isolate and hoped to bankrupt Russia but has failed and now they are all going bankrupt, one after the other.  Instead of seeing the obvious, that they are cutting off their own noses to spite Putin’s face, they continue to self-destruct.


Their conversation also broke new ground, according to two sources familiar with the talks in the Saudi city of Dhahran last week who said the CEOs discussed possible ways of cooperating in Asia, such as Indonesia and India, as well as in other markets.


“It is a new ‘axis of love’,” one senior Gulf official said of the relationship.


Kissy-kissy!  And…Trump did a big diplomatic move there, too.  Obama bowed and scrapped for the Saudi royals who treated him like he was their personal butler.  It showed!  I complained about this back then.  Russia tried wooing Trump but Trump was forced to be anti-Putin after being savaged by our corrupt political class both Democrats and Republicans who belong to the Bilderberg gang…literally, not metaphorically.


Trump wishes to be friends with Putin!  But the EU is pushing for WWIII instead.  Good luck with that. Is France Shifting towards Moscow? French Media Hail Macron’s Moves Away From US Anti-Russian Policies.


Macron had to be a big boy so he attacked Putin over irrelevant issues so he wouldn’t look like he wants to be nice to Putin and Putin stood there and shrugged his shoulders and then continued his diplomacy.  The EU clown show thinks that when they throw toys out of the pram, they are being ‘leaders’.  I find this endlessly amusing.


Now onto fake media in the US: New York Times eliminates its public editor – POLITICO


That’s the direction the Times is going in — letting the public serve as the public editor, a position created at the Times in the wake of the Jayson Blair plagiarism scandal in 2003.


That ‘editor’ was supposed to provide criticism to keep the NYT from reporting fake news.  HAHAHA.  Didn’t work.  They continue to print fake news nonstop and today, the fake news levels have reached a critical stage: the NYT has gone insane.


“[T]oday, our followers on social media and our readers across the Internet have come together to collectively serve as a modern watchdog, more vigilant and forceful than one person could ever be.


I remember the online riot when I was kicked out of the NYT forums years ago.  They once had this wonderful system where one could launch a forum topic and then run it on and on, and my ‘pages’ were highly popular and then 9/11 happened and within three months, the NYT killed their forums entirely, wiping them out.


I called the NYT and tried to talk to them about all this and they refused.  Naturally!  They hate hearing from readers.  Now, comments are allowed very rarely, are cunningly concealed from view, hard to read and heavily censored so only people approved by the staff are allowed comments, that is, it is nearly 100% ‘liberal’ and all of them are screaming about how Russia is the USSR and we are being spied on by Russian agents and should repeat McCarthy’s witch hunts.


Our responsibility is to empower all of those watchdogs, and to listen to them, rather than to channel their voice through a single office,” Sulzberger said in the memo. “We are dramatically expanding our commenting platform. Currently, we open only 10 percent of our articles to reader comments. Soon, we will open up most of our articles to reader comments. This expansion, made possible by a collaboration with Google, marks a sea change in our ability to serve our readers, to hear from them, and to respond to them.”


WTF?  Way back 10 years ago, they had comments on all articles.  Then they decided to cut it to the bone.  Now, they have to be with Google to do this?  How weird.  It is as if we don’t have millions of people online who remember the recent past.


When they lied about things, their response when given proof of something being an outright lie, was to lie even more and then scream ‘shut up’.  I doubt this is changing.


Businesses that are bad or fake are all over the place such as bitcoins, for example.  Here is a fake company that shouldn’t exist except some rich people are funding it hoping to drive out legitimate businesses by underselling them:  Uber Limits Loss to $708 Million in First Quarter – The New York Times


Uber has spent billions to upend the transportation industry. Now, at least for the moment, it is burning slightly less cash in that effort.


HAHAHA.  We shall do some math.


The company said Wednesday that it lost $708 million over the first three months of the year on revenue of $3.4 billion, not counting expenses like employee stock compensation. That is a narrowing of the previous quarter’s loss of $991 million, on revenue of $2.9 billion.


OK: Losing nearly a billion dollars a quarter  translates into -$4 billion a year.  I call this bleeding red ink.


In the latest in a string of executive departures, Uber also said Wednesday that its finance leader, Gautam Gupta, was leaving to join a start-up. Uber said it was looking for someone with experience running financial operations for a public company.


HAHAHA. Rats jumping a sinking ship.  Hey, hire the bitcoin con men!  They are good at pretending stuff.  So, if things are going great, why the exodus?  It is obvious, this is a failure and their attempt at being a monopoly failed.  Time to fold and go home.


And I wish the NYT had a finance editor.  The article is stupid.


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15 responses to “China Demands US Commit Economic Suicide With Global Warming Restrictions

  1. Jim R

    About the climate pact: like most ‘pacts’, this is nothing but enabling the bureaucracy and financial fraudsters. It won’t do anything for the climate. It’s not that carbon isn’t changing the climate, it is that this ‘pact’ is unrelated to that. If the government really cared about it, they’d stop subsidizing fossil fuels, close about 95% of their military bases (major polluters), and try to preserve rainforests…

    About the NYT: you know, Elaine, you will be instantly banned from commenting anyway. Just keep blogging. ❤

    About Bitcoin: give it a rest, Elaine. Inhale. Exhale. Relax. If you don't like it, don't have any. They are optional, for now.

    The time to really worry is if they come up with a 'FedCoin' to replace the dollar, and the NYT starts promoting it to 'save the economy'.

  2. Moe

    More (secret) diplomacy: Bilderbergers in US. The location 30 miles from the White House seems suspicious, aimed at Trump?

  3. Moe

    Sometimes it’s just easier to listen to a rational presentation.

    Here’s Putin cogently presenting his perspective on the US Deep State. You know what I like about Putin, aside from his intelligence and political acumen? I get NO sense that he is evil, unlike for example, almost all western political heads of state.

  4. Moe

    Interesting comment on climate from Valdor at Oasis:

    But climate change has been much more extreme in the past . I still own property in PA , and within a few miles of my land , I can show you exposed rock on a river bank with the imprint of palm leaves ( tropical climate ) , just a few miles from Moraine State Park – large hills of debris scraped from the land Northward by glaciers , and deposited in PA as the climate warmed after the Ice Age a few thousand years ago leaving mountains of debris as the leading edge of the glaciers retreated .

    Leif Ericson established a colony in Greenland just a millennia ago when it was warm enough to support farming , but then that colony was wiped out as the climate cooled again .

    There are shorter cycles of roughly a decade in duration due to solar activity cycles which are much less extreme , but in my opinion , much more significant than AGW postulates .

    During my career I did research on gas solubility in water , and given the immense surface area of water on the planet , I can make a much stronger case for CO2 coming out of solution due to temperature rise from solar activity and resulting in high CO2 in the atmosphere , than I can for the inverse – CO2 greenhouse gas causing significant temperature rise . That is not to deny a possible greenhouse effect , which in my view is insignificant compared with solar variability . Everyone has experienced sudden gas release from a can of warm Coke compared to a very cold can of the same liquid .

    Another example is fish kill when a lake warms in summer to a point that there is not enough dissolved oxygen in the heated water to support life for the fish . The opposite is true in winter . Fish are frozen into oxygen rich water turned to ice and metabolism slows sufficiently that they survive being frozen in ice in shallow lakes for months , because apparently they derive enough oxygen to support life at that metabolic state .

  5. We are at the END of our Interglacial. Few of these lasted much longer than a thousand years from today. That is, we should greatly fear this event and be happy it might be put off but boy…it is cold this spring!!! Summer around the corner and it is very cool here, in the 50s which is crazy ‘cold’ for the first day of June.

  6. Jim R

    Moe, I think that was a poor argument against the climate science. The person found a fossilized leaf, and therefore … ? You know, there are creationists who have found a human footprint next to a dinosaur footprint, and conclude that it means dinosaurs wouldn’t fit on Noah’s Ark.

    There is an undeniable fact, that human activity has poured so much carbon into the atmosphere that it has shifted the mix just a little. Several hundred PPM, in fact. It happened over the last couple of centuries, rising with population and industry. Also rising with destruction of the ancient forests. It isn’t enough to suffocate us yet, but it is there.

    And there is another undeniable fact, that CO2 scatters infrared, and this will inevitably cause air to retain more heat. Just a little bit, but measurable.

    Now there are a lot of other factors that drive climate, water vapor being one of the biggest and most complex. And the whole mess is driven by solar energy.

    The problem is this: the ‘pact’ people are trying to sell their financial fraud and psychopathic bureaucrats as a solution to this maybe-a-problem. And that is the problem.

    They aren’t closing military bases or eschewing air travel for themselves. They take charter flights or ride on private jets, because commercial flights have become such cattle cars. They bypass the airport’s nazi ‘security’ inspections that way as well. And burn tons of jet fuel, just to go to the next climate conference…

    They aren’t doing much to stop the destruction of forests, either In fact, they’ll bulldoze a forest and plant oil palms or hemp or something and then want ‘green credits’ for vandalizing the planet that way. The real weakness of the ‘climate change’ people is in this behavior. It is worse than just hypocrisy, it is blatant destruction and increases the very damage they claim to be remediating.

  7. Petruchio

    “China, in particular, is very eager to cripple the US economy further.” This is payback for the neo con warmongers in the US who think it is THEIR business to dispute some teeny tiny, meaningless Islands in the Pacific Ocean . This is the Chinese version of teeing it up and playing hardball. Nationalizing US based Corporations operating in China is still in China’s ‘holster’., but it’s there. I can recall Elaine’s quote from her Chinese guests: “We be bank”. or something like that. Same Principle is operating here.

  8. Lou

    Using heat in Los Angeles in June is a new one for me.

  9. Moe

    And cosmic rays increase cloud cover, trapping more heat. And CO2 has been much, much higher in past epochs. Etc., etc.

    If your position is correct, that anthropomorphic activity is actively and potentially radically changing the climate, then behavioral change is mandated to alleviate the impact. Good luck with that. With the proviso that such change must be enacted, I postulate three solutions. Perhaps you or other posters can proffer additional solutions.

    1. Kill off six or even seven billion inhabitants, particularity in developed countries, without a nuclear war (disease is the perfect vector). That’ll certainly reduce our impact. (I’m convinced that is what our betters contemplate for us).

    2. Bring to fruition a power generating, heat-generation-neutral technology to replace oil based technology. That would resolve the CO2 issue, though not the other human environmental impacts. Might eventually have to resort to solution no. 1 to alleviate those other impacts.

    3. Achieve an elevation in human consciousness that reduces our limited awareness and self-absorption, and alleviates our depraved psychological/emotional/spiritual state.

    There are also imposed ‘solutions’ that would make anthropomorphic warming moot. Impact by large asteroid would be more than equivalent to solution no. 1. Even an ultra-violent solar storm could radically affect our ‘civilization’. (Civilization in quotes since I don’t regard ourselves to be truly civilized, in fact I believe we are at best embryonically self-aware lifeforms).

    The degree of climate complexity is not resolvable to a layman like myself without a great deal of study. I merely fall back on my core analysis method regarding government, and in this case, co-opted science: The Government Always Lies.

  10. AHEM: the Bilderberg/black magic people want to do exactly that. Eliminate 90% of all humans!!! They are quite open about this and their tool is WWIII.

  11. Lou

    I did not know running Uber was so, oh, uber expensive.

    Yahoo on Trump––politics.html

  12. Yes, the real news about Uber—call an Uber and be robbed or raped—is often hidden just like so much other crap.

  13. Jim R

    I suspect they are sketching the outlines of (1) at some side-meeting at this here confab:

    Dunno about the others. And yeah cosmic rays have been discussed. They’d be one of about 20 or 30 factors. Ocean currents are another.

    Of course most of these factors are merely shuffling the heat energy around, between arriving from the Sun and radiating away into the cold of the Cosmos.

    I don’t recall the exact era just now, but I think it’s been 100s of 000s of years (according to scientist best guesses) since CO2 was this high. But when you get to that time scale, there’s really nothing to be done. Also from standard cosmology, the Sun will run out of hydrogen at some point millions of years from now, and its core collapse, while its outer layers puff up into a red giant, roasting everything out to the asteroid belt. Nothing to be done for that either. And we have had times of glaciation as well — as Elaine pointed out, a little warming might not be so bad then.

    But still, my biggest beef is the same as your last statement there. The fraudsters aren’t going to do anything about it, they can’t, really. Fraudsters gotta fraud.

  14. The past is the future. For nearly 3 million years, we have sudden, brief interglacials and each time the rebound of glaciation is worse than the previous one.

    Nothing has been proven that this cycle will stop. They need severe proof that is won’t end with another even worse glacial event.

  15. Jim R

    the mere act of bulldozing forests and dredging up every creature in the sea, is going to add up to almost as much destruction as the K-T event.

    we don’t need no stinkin’ glacier/volcano/meteor to destroy life on earth. and let’s not start on all those rusty sputtering nuclear reactors…

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