Evil Democratic Entertainers/Teachers Mock Trump’s Youngest Child!!!

From a month ago:  BREAKING : Liberals to Debut “Barron Trump” Play to Mock the 10-Year-Old Child | News Today – YouTube

It just never ends!  The left has gone off this strange cliff, now they are attacking Trump’s youngest child, making fun of this child, taunting this CHILD, acting like they, publishers and prominent leftists, are in grade school!  This is embarrassing and they don’t see this as evil, either.  Attacking children is OK if you are a leftist, it seems.

From today: Leftists Respond to Kathy Griffin Controversy by Attacking 11-Year-Old Barron Trump » Alex Jones’ Infowars: 


This is embarrassing, these tweets are from adult twits and they should all be fired for being too immature to participate in adult activities.  To the back of the class!  Further, they need to be spanked and spanked hard:

Presumably his publisher Simon & Schuster might be interested to learn that a creator of illustrated books for kids is making jokes about children seeing their Dad’s dead.


I remember when Simone and Schuster were very old men because my former father-in-law was a publisher in Manhattan many years ago and we ran around in those circles.  How embarrassing, but the founders and the older generation is dead but maybe turning in their graves now.


 “I guess Barron Trump won’t be shown the Black Knight scene in The Search for the Holy Grail anytime soon,” joked the LA Times’ Steve Zeitchik. Within minutes, he deleted the tweet.


They all delete their obnoxious tweets but too late.  Never learning from history, they will now whine that we are bullies for knocking them for bullying a CHILD.  A young child!!!  I am gobsmacked.


I remember when stupid people made fun of Chelsea Clinton.  She is a lovely young lady and was, I thought, a cute child but no, people who hated her parents hated on her and made fun of her in ugly ways.  This is disgusting whoever does this.

These are all publishers or reporters or important people who think joking about a child is funny.  Joking about the father of a child is being viciously murdered and then mocking the child is beyond disgusting it is pathological.  I want these clowns arrested or better still, be brought to my mountain where I can use the horse whip to teach them manners in the old Victorian style.


‘You, sir, are a cur!’ Whack.  The ladies, I will shame, ‘You are below a whore,’ and then make them cry so their mascara runs down painted cheeks.


Donald Trump’s Insult to History – The New York Times Today, the NYT ran an editorial about the EU visit of Trump where he stomped on many toes and I salute him for this.  These freeloading creeps have refused to follow their own rules which they wrote up and instead, mooched off of US taxpayers!


The tectonic plates of Europe are shifting, and President Trump is at the heart of this upheaval. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany bluntly made that point on Sunday when she said, “The times in which we could rely fully on others — they are somewhat over,” and the result is that “we Europeans must really take our fate into our own hands.”


Well…DUH!  What a bunch of crybaby dullards.  They are a bunch of crooks who steal from US children, our own children go without so the EU can party on and have fun.


This trans-Atlantic partnership is still vital. But how, and how well, it will function as American leadership recedes is unclear. So far, no one is talking about dissolving NATO; Europe still depends for its security on America’s nuclear and conventional arsenals. But Ms. Merkel’s remarks underscored profound divisions between Europe and the United States that have one clear beneficiary, President Vladimir Putin of Russia, who has longed for the alliance, Moscow’s Cold War adversary, to unravel.


Even Putin isn’t so stupid as to take up the burden these freeloading creeps load onto Uncle Sam.  He, too, will tell them all to go to hell and they are, rapidly via letting in millions of angry, violent illegal alien Muslim males.  Good luck!


Before Mr. Trump attended his first meetings of NATO and the Group of 7 last week, European leaders hoped they could bring him around on critical issues. That now seems like a pipe dream. Mr. Trump doubled-down on his most destructive campaign impulses by hectoring the other members at length for what he called their insufficient levels of military spending, and by refusing to reaffirm NATO’s bedrock mutual defense commitment. He also broke with the allies on other issues. He offered a more conciliatory line on Russia and refused, despite their entreaties, to endorse the Paris agreement on climate change.


Russia and Canada and much of the US is freezing cold this spring.  It is cold today.  A high of 58 is ridiculous.  I am forgetting what ‘warm weather’ feels like!  Where is this global warming, anyways?  Ain’t here and it is colder than normal in the Southern Hemisphere, too.


When he returned home, Mr. Trump stoked the fires more, complaining in a tweet that Germany pays “far less than they should on NATO & military. Very bad for U.S. This will change.” His remarks showed no appreciation for how NATO works, how Ms. Merkel is in fact pushing her country to spend more on defense — and, more generally, how comments like this insult a trusted ally.


HAHAHA…he doesn’t appreciate that NATO works this way: US taxpayers pay for nearly everything and they have to die in far greater numbers in wars than the EU freeloaders and we are very, very pissed off about this.  Ask any soldiers.  They are the most pissed off.


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8 responses to “Evil Democratic Entertainers/Teachers Mock Trump’s Youngest Child!!!

  1. Mewswithaview

    The New York Times offers newsroom buyouts, eliminates public editor post

    I guess they won’t have so many bodies tripping over themselves to write a single article now.

  2. I am amazed at the number of NYT articles with three reporters. Wow. HAHAHA.

  3. floridasandy

    libs are getting so desperate up to come up with anything anymore.

    its gotten past embarrassing for them. I had to laugh when that person said that they look so much like Barron Trump.

    the year of magical thinking.

  4. Claudeeyah

    It really is not that surprising, considering this is the same lot who believes in pedophilia, animal sacrifice, satanic rituals, etc. They are demons among us, desperately needing to be purged.

  5. AND they rape children. I speak from personal, terrible experience.

  6. Lou

    Title didnt come in with my link—
    Claiming ‘bullying’ by Trump over gruesome joke, Griffin says she’s standing up for free speech.

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