Junker Attacks Trump And US, Will Cause Us Maximum Harm In Retaliation

Juncker mauls Trump ahead of climate decision:

Who is Jean-Claude Juncker? He is a politician from Luxembourg who since 2014 has been President of the European Commission, one of the main institutions of the European Union.


He is a big Bilderberg creep from a very small ‘country’ that is being used to run the EU while destroying any form of ‘democracy’ or ‘republics’.  It is now a bureaucratic dictatorship of a bunch of unelected people who run the systems and can’t be removed.


He said in Berlin on Wednesday (31 May) that Trump did not “fully understand” the Paris climate deal even though EU leaders tried to “explain” it to him “in clear, simple sentences” at a recent summit in Italy.


Yeah, they all said, ‘We are going to roast to death!  You have to have Americans commit mass suicide to save the planet!’  And Trump said, ‘You first, go ahead, make my day.’  So these clowns are now very pissed off at him.  Now, they want to punish us.  Good luck with that, dudes.  Ahem.


He also said it would take the US four years to exit the pact even if Trump announced the U-turn, as feared, on Thursday.


He has zero say in how we exit this scam.  They can rail at us and he should pull out all troops and then visit Russia.  Why on earth do we have to pay the bulk of the cost of protecting these suicidal lunatics in the first place?


If they think they are going to die, why don’t they all move into mud or stick huts and destroy their cars and yachts and fancy mansions?  Otherwise, they are a bunch of frauds and thieves.


“This notion – ‘I’m Trump. I’m American. America first, so I’m going to get out of it.’ – that’s not going to happen”, Juncker said at an event in the German capital organised by a German employers’ group, the BDA.


HAHAHA.  Where does the 900 lb gorilla sleep?  Wherever he wishes.  Tiny Luxemburg and whine and howl and we can slap them and tell them to tell the Chinese they are destroying the planet and should eliminate all the new coal plants they built this last three years.


“Mr. Trump … doesn’t get close enough to the dossiers to fully understand them”, the EU Commission chief said.


Hey, I want those.  What is in them?  Why isn’t Europe fixing the planet itself, first, if they think they are roasting to death even if it is snowing in Egypt this year?


Its exit from the Paris accord would make it “far more likely that we will breach the danger limit” on global warming, according to Michael Oppenheimer, a US scientist who was part of a UN panel that established the scientific consensus on climate change.


This ‘danger limit’ changes every year.  Every year, we are at it and then we aren’t.


“We will see more extreme heat, damaging storms, coastal flooding, and risks to food security,” Oppenheimer told the New York Times, a US newspaper, on Wednesday.


All these clowns live in California.  So they think the entire planet is California.  I once lived there, my family lived there since 1848.  It always feels as if the entire earth is California until you leave.


What does Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris Agreement mean for climate change?


The risk now is that Trump’s new energy strategy will drive up global CO2 levels at a perilous rate. Even with all of Obama’s proposed emission-reduction policies, the US was still on course to exceed its 2025 Paris pledge by over 1.6bn metric tons of carbon a year, according to one study in Nature Climate Change.

Hell’s bells!  China, alone, and then India, were going to roar ahead with producing C02.  If we are all going to DIE then THEY have to stop, too!  And ditto, Europe!  But Germany has nearly 50% or more vehicles burning dirty diesel.  I have a diesel tractor.  Almost all tractors in Germany are diesel.


I hate it when outsiders demand one do things they won’t do, themselves.  To hell with them all.


So can the rest of the world go it alone? History is not on the side of the climate campaigners. When George Bush’s government backed out of the Kyoto Protocol on global warming, worldwide emissions soared. “It is now far more likely that we will breach the danger limit of 3.6 degrees,” Professor Michael Oppenheimer, a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, told the New York Times.


HAHAHA.  It soared because we were still in the warm cycle.  All warm cycles do this.  Just a mere 300 years ago, the planet was at CO2 starvation levels for plants.  This caused deserts to grow and plants retreat.


Plus, the world has a new “leader” in the field: China. Not only has its government fully backed the accord but is eyeing an opportunity to extend its soft power. A Chinese energy company even wants to re-train American miners as windfarm technicians.


The Chinese are not stupid!!!  They definitely want the US to be destroyed.  DUH.  Of course, they promise they will fix things…in the far future when they rule the planet and then…they won’t do it.  They will drive the US and EU into the ground, turn these places into poor, destitute, satellite states.  DUH.  How simple is this???


It really pisses me off, it is utterly obvious.



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12 responses to “Junker Attacks Trump And US, Will Cause Us Maximum Harm In Retaliation

  1. I forgot to mention the lovely work of art in this EU room! A gigantic canvas that is TOTALLY ORANGE. I suppose it is a joke aimed at Trump being ‘orange’? HAHAHA. No.

    It is just an empty orange rectangle and shows that art is dead, gone, turned to bones, to dust and is blowing away in this desert of nothingness.

  2. ziff

    well you have to fill space with something !

  3. Jim R

    By the standards of the war on Syria, we should be carpet bombing Belgium and shouting “Junker must go! from every loudspeaker at the ministry of peace…

  4. Jim R

    OT, just saw this:

  5. There are much better stories that what Tolkien had to say, but his stories were great weren’t they…….

    R. Heinlein was the best in my opinion, but he is dead now as well…..

    So, it is up to us to make something out of what we have. Kindness will go a long way in making this happen.

    (ha, ha, —— what you think Lou?……..kindness?

  6. Tim Erickson

    I hope that Anonymous makes good on their threat to expose these crooks.


  7. Mewswithaview

    He’s the EUs chief drunk. US citizens can safely ignore him. Europeans on the other hand . . . .

  8. floridasandy

    he can’t control Europe either. Looking at that video of those clowns, it is really hard to take them seriously.

    Britain can safely ignore them, and grow their own economy. We are rooting for them here .

    When the other European countries wake up from their snooze fest, they will kick him to the curb. I see Macron is already saying things must change, or France would leave the European Union.

  9. When England and the US team up, Germany will lose…AGAIN. Good lord, they never learn.

  10. Moe

    Bilderbergers meet in Virginia

    To paraphrase an old saw:

    Yes, Virginia, there is a Bilderberger.

  11. Lou

    Hunter on Paris,

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