Bilderberg Secret Meeting and Kathy Griffin Strikes Back, Like Buddy Hillary

WATCH: Kathy Griffin Press Conference 6/2/2017 – YouTube


This mentally ill ‘comic’ who has zero shame just held a press conference whereby she sneered and snapped, ‘I did NOTHING wrong.’  She and her mentally ill lawyer claimed that she wasn’t at fault for this odious picture of her posing with a bloody Trump decapitated head and everyone else who noticed this PUBLIC picture is at fault for looking at what ‘liberals’ think is ‘funny’.  Sick, sick, very sick.


Alex Jones will pay $10,000 who can get on national news with pictures mocking the mainstream media and Kathy Griffin via wearing the T shirt Alex’s staff are making.


The mainstream  media is going insane.  It is very cool today and will be cold all this coming week, as the planet cools, the liberals claim it is getting hotter and hotter which means they have all gone totally insane.  Putin, on the other hand, is happy today for obvious reasons.


Putin on Paris climate change agreement: ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ — RT News


Duh.  Russia, like Canada and the Northern tier of the USA is Ice Age land so is much of Europe but the people there have gone full suicidal.  I suppose they are luring millions of Africans and Muslims into the joint because this Interglacial is ending?


I am baffled about all this.  I thought invasions were bad.  And they are.  But the Bilderberg gang thinks they can rule savages better than say, Chinese.  Ooops. The Chinese are intent on taking over all systems.  They told me this back in 1984.


At least the Chinese have a high IQ and ancient culture of inventions, etc.  China wanted us to sign the death certificate written up by the Bilderberg gang because they didn’t have to do anything about ‘global warming’ until 30 years from now when our nation would be totally destroyed from within.


They have zero intention of doing anything written on paper.  Papers only matter when you have power and we will have no power, literal power, in 30 years.  As well as being bankrupt, of course, and owing lots of money to China, too.

Elites Push Russian Collusion Lie As They Collude At Bilderberg – YouTube

Here is the NY Times, NO mention of the  Bilderberg gang meeting in DC.  They are one of the founding families, the NYT former owners who are now owned by Mexico…HAHAHA.  Zero news about this massive elite secret operation ongoing for all my long life.  Nada.

Bilderberg meeting draws protest – Photos – Washington Times 

This paper actually is reporting the protests agains the Bilderberg gang!  It just amazes me how the mainstream fake liberal media giants can go year after year to Bilderberg meetings and never report what happens there.  Sheesh.  Arrest them all for conspiracy with foreign powers.  They are traitors, all of them.


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9 responses to “Bilderberg Secret Meeting and Kathy Griffin Strikes Back, Like Buddy Hillary

  1. Lisa

    Griffin used the Hillary excuse: Everything I did was someone else’s fault.

    And if you notice or comment on how gruesome her behavior was? Then you’re a bully. That sums up what modern feminism has become. No matter how crass or putrid their behavior, someone else made them do it, but they are glad they did it. They want the right to behave like toddlers but treated like adults.

  2. Jim R

    This is the same Griffin who was apoplectic back in ’08 when Sarah Palin’s campaign staffers put crosshairs on a map of some districts, and then an Arizona representative was shot by a local nutcase at a townhall meeting.

    So, let’s see …
    crosshairs on a map: reprehensible incitement to violence;
    bloody severed head video: totally OK parody.

    They’ve gone insane.

  3. floridasandy


    so true, and naturuallly you would have Gloria allred’s daughter (who looks like her) be your spokesperson-milking the female victim card yet again.

    Kathy included the old white male spiel=maybe she should realize that she is an old white female and learn to get along with her peers.

    now she is also mad at Anderson Cooper, I guess an old gay white male to her:

    I know she isn’t an intellectual comic, but these insult comics should stay on the Borscht Belt circuit, where they may be truly appreciated. She tried to play the sex card and the age card, and it backfired.

  4. floridasandy

    OT, this is so pathetic:

    Police search for scumbag who stole wedding ring off Portland stabbing victim
    June 2, 2017
    If the story of the two men who were stabbed to death, and a third who was seriously wounded, while defending two teenage girls against a maniac’s racist rant wasn’t sad enough, it just got worse. An unidentified man apparently used the commotion to steal one victim’s bags and wedding ring, as is revealed on this security footage. NYIDaily News)

    Portland seems to have gotten all the liberals fleeing California.

  5. Lou

    5–Is the thief Black? That misbehavior is common, by Blacks.

  6. Lou


    This is what black “teens” were doing in Metro Atlanta over the long weekend-
    setting fire to fireworks inside of a grocery store, causing thousands of dollars in damage, which they will not have to pay for- it will be the shopper that pays-

    This may be all anyone needs to see that needs to be shown reality….

    And this is a shocker- a female navy sailor and her friend were robbed and murdered by 3 black “youths”. If nothing else, watch at 34:00 to 35:00 where one of the black youths is found not guilty of all but kidnapping, because one of the jury members tell the jury, “No matter what, I am finding him not guilty because I don’t want another young black male in jail”. UNBELEIVABLE.
    And you know this is going on across the nation in other trials….
    This is what White “teens” were doing in Metro Atlanta over the long weekend-
    Boy scouts cleaning cemetaries and laying memorials down in veterans graveyards.
    Boy scouts

  7. Moe

    Kathy Griffin Body Language Shows Fake Apology

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