Bilderberg Gangsters Cornered At Dulles Airport, DC!

Free Press Wins! Bilderberg Members Confronted At Airport – YouTube

A brave alternative news reporter actually is at the airport in DC and asks Bilderberg gang members questions and they refuse to answer or say who they all are.  HAHAHA.  Why do Americans sleep walk into disasters led by these horrible secret leaders?  How stupid is this?


There is no excuse now, it is out, all over the internet and more and more citizens know about this gangster operation and why it has to be totally secret. Hint: the US masters at these meetings are conspiring with foreigners to rule us which is TREASON.


I love how the staff leading these crooks around have  a big blue board with a BM on it.  So proud of their name!  NOT.

Live Inside Bilderberg Hotel Post Security Shakedown – YouTube

InfoWars Invades Bilderberg 2017 – YouTube

Demonstrators at the Gates of Hell.

Full Show-Bilderberg Elites Plot Trump’s Downfall After Their Climate Change Agenda Is Destroyed – YouTube

I am so happy we have the internet.  The EU members of this evil gang were pushed around by Trump when he visited our fake ‘allies’ in Europe.  They are furious with him and want to figure out how to eliminate him and as per usual, the topic of ‘assassinations’ comes up and they blew it when a EU publication wanted to feature a front page picture of a third rate actress holding Trump’s head covered with blood.


The reason this insane actress took back her fake (everything they do is fake) apology (like Hillary’s fake apologies) was the Bilderberg gang told her she didn’t need to apologize because…they want Trump dead.


They are cornered now, the actress and her picture shoot was to appear AFTER the meeting not before.  Well, screw you, bastards!  To hell with all of you.


Thank you.


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