Official Bilderberg News and List

I got the Bilderberg gang’s website that lets us know who is at the meeting this year (minus all the secret names, of course).  The  #1 topic is Trump who isn’t at the meeting.  Some of the people he put into positions of authority will be at the meeting.  One wonders what deals they intend to make with the criminals running this planet.


Press Release | Bilderberg Meetings


The 65th Bilderberg Meeting will take place from 1-4 June 2017 in Chantilly, Virginia, USA. As of today, 131 participants from 21 countries have confirmed their attendance. As ever, a diverse group of political leaders and experts from industry, finance, academia and the media has been invited. The list of participants is available here.
The key topics for discussion this year include:
  1. The Trump Administration: A progress report
  2. Trans-Atlantic relations: options and scenarios
  3. The Trans-Atlantic defence alliance: bullets, bytes and bucks
  4. The direction of the EU
  5. Can globalisation be slowed down?
  6. Jobs, income and unrealised expectations
  7. The war on information
  8. Why is populism growing?
  9. Russia in the international order
  10. The Near East
  11. Nuclear proliferation
  12. China
  13. Current events
Founded in 1954, the Bilderberg Meeting is an annual conference designed to foster dialogue between Europe and North America. Every year, between 120-140 political leaders and experts from industry, finance, academia and the media are invited to take part in the conference. About two thirds of the participants come from Europe and the rest from North America; approximately a quarter from politics and government and the rest from other fields.
The conference is a forum for informal discussions about major issues facing the world. The meetings are held under the Chatham House Rule, which states that participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s) nor any other participant may be revealed.
Thanks to the private nature of the meeting, the participants are not bound by the conventions of their office or by pre-agreed positions. As such, they can take time to listen, reflect and gather insights. There is no desired outcome, no minutes are taken and no report is written. Furthermore, no resolutions are proposed, no votes are taken, and no policy statements are issued.

Media Contact: media[@]

Note how they claim that these utterly ‘private meetings’ are better than open ones!  This is called ‘conspiring secretly’.  We are supposed to be in this democracy and we need oversight and openness, not secrecy.


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32 responses to “Official Bilderberg News and List

  1. Lou

    Thanks. Was DT ever invited? Or any of his allies attendees?

  2. Lou

    Are there any websites similar to this? besides Rense and Alex Jones?

  3. Wow – what an amazing agenda. How much does this meeting cost?

    and, inquiring minds want to know: Who is the King of Netherlands?

    As in: “Netherlands, H.M. the King of the (NLD)”

    OK, for fun, I’ll do a quick search: looks like this is the dude:

    How much you wanta bet there are flies all over the walls at this place?

  4. Jim R

    Why is populism growing?

    Haha, some of those questions are self-answering. And, I don’t recall them doing a “progress report” on Obama. He must have been a good little lawn jockey and must have done exactly what they told him to.

  5. Hey that is funny because that is the topic that also caught my attention.

    It seems like by definition “populism” grows.

    What these folks ought contemplate is why is the population becoming smarter then they are. That don’t bode well.

    For them.

    For US, it is gonna be awesome!

  6. So, if I was a teacher nowadays at a high school…..this would be my lesson at the end of the year – for extra credit only of course.

    1. Take the link Elaine has so kindly provided and study the list of attendees.

    2. After a bit of upfront assessment, choose one to study more.

    3. Write a report on this studying effort.

    4. Clearly indicate in the report what you have learned.

    As far as I’m concerned, if was a teacher, regardless of the report, any student who turned something in would get some extra credit. I little effort should be appreciated. Anyone who not only turned in a report, but turned in one that was well written, would get even more. Anyone who turned in a report that taught me something would get a lot of extra credit, and in fact, for these ones, there is no way I would fail them regardless of past performance.

    Not only are there flies on the wall, there are bugs in pockets, clipped to bras, probably up some ass, and on top of this there are little critters scurrying all about. You might as well figure anything said in this hotel (ain’t that what it is?) l is being recorded for posterity sake. Think about that you attendees. I wouldn’t be surprised of all of Chantilly is under many eyes.

  7. Not trying to mean (and angry) like whats her name who held the bloody head.

    But so many all together at one time sure does seem like it calls out for some transparency. Take that transparency to the extreme and basically your are talking about a Court of Law. Sounds like a good idea.

    I wonder WTF Sessions is doing. That guy really pisses me off. Alabama to the core and rotten if you want my opinion. The job he has been doing so far is most unimpressive. Maybe it is time to fire his ass as well.

  8. Jim R

    Slightly off-topic, but good interview.. watch it before they censor it.

    Cynthia McKinney/Sane Progressive Interview: Deep State & Uniting for REAL Alternative Movement

  9. floridasandy

    soros says the EU is in an existential crisis.

    so it is.

  10. floridasandy


    :Such reinvention would have to review the past and explain to European citizens what went wrong and then make proposals to make things right. Soros welcomed a German idea to cut European funds aimed at reducing income inequalities at the regional level for those countries disrespecting the rule of law. Both Hungary and Poland, which are net recipients of the so-called cohesion funds, have been criticized by European institution for their weak standards with regards to the rule of law.

    the hostile powers he talks about are Russia, Turkey, and the US.

  11. Moe

    @8 Jim R

    McKinney: what you really need in a congresscritter but.typically don’t get.

    I liked her value synopsis:

    – Truth (evidence based) which leads to

    – Justice, which leads to

    – Peace, which leads to

    – Dignity, which is shared holistically

    – Earth-wide, the entire earthly realm

    Hard to do much better than that.

  12. Lou

    Three men with ’12in knives stab pedestrians’ after mowing down up to 20 people – including a police officer – with a white van amid reports of gunfire as bomb squad are scrambled to busy night spot

    There have been unconfirmed reports of at least seven victims being stabbed
    Witnesses said a white van veered off the road on London Bridge and hit people
    Witness said she saw three people with what appeared to be their throats cut
    There are also currently unconfirmed reports of gunfire on Southwark Str

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  13. Lou

    Those damn knives, again.

  14. Hey Lou, this is a very complicated story and title. I tried to look it up but this is all I found….Man hunt launched for three terrorists as men with ’12in hunting knives stab pedestrians’ after mowing down up to 20 people with a white van amid reports of explosions in third attack in ten weeks

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    What is your point in all of this?

    What message are you trying to get across. Can you distill it down to something simple that you could say in a sentence or two. I mean based on what I have read of yours do you think that all the black folk are somehow lacking in wisdom or knowledge or ability? Do you think they have no sense? The racism that I see at this site gives me pause as to its value going forward. My guess is there are places where there is truly much better wisdom.

    I’m pretty sure my days here are numbered and folks like you will “take over” for the short term…….but then the hard learning will come.

    Please educate me if I’m wrong about you. But I’ll tell you – racist thinking is a dead end road for everybody involved and the truth of the matter is, we all have something to bring to the table. Even you.

  15. Petruchio

    The Bilderbergers always have these meetings under HEAVY security. A lot of well armed mercenaries getting paid huge dollars to protect these sleazy rats. These guys, when you get right down to it, are a mighty nervous bunch.

  16. Yep. Their days are numbered and the number is less than 100.

  17. Yes, I just went to the Daily Mail to see the news after watching Japanese anime during dinner.

  18. Please excuse my goofy rambling in #15. I’d delete that post if I could.

  19. Report on Willem-Alexander
    By Buffalo_Ken
    June 4, 2017 1:01 pm EST. (6417).

    Here are what I think are the key points from the link above from which I have copied selected text:

    1. Willem-Alexander is interested in sports and international water management issues. (So am I).

    2, Between secondary school and his university education, Willem-Alexander performed military service in the Royal Netherlands Navy from August 1985 until January 1987. (I can respect that).

    3. Since 1985, when he became 18 years old, Willem-Alexander has been a member of the Council of State of the Netherlands. This is the highest council of the Dutch government and is chaired by the head of state (then Queen Beatrix).[15] – (this could merit further study).

    4. During a ski vacation in Argentina, several photographs were taken of the prince and his family during the private part of their holiday, including one by Associated Press staff photographer Natacha Pisarenko, in spite of the media code, and after a photo opportunity had been provided earlier…. Associated Press was sentenced to stop further publication of the photographs, on pain of a €1,000 fine per violation with a €50,000 maximum.[28] – (Wow, I understand the need for privacy, but if you are the freaking “King” I think you lose most of that….sucks to be king, don’t it).

    5. On 10 July 2008, the then-Prince of Orange and Princess Maxima announced that they had invested in a development project on the Mozambican peninsula of Machangulo.[31] The development project was aimed at building an ecologically responsible vacation resort, including a hotel and several luxury vacation houses for investors. The project was to invest heavily in the local economy of the peninsula (building schools and a local clinic) with an eye both towards responsible sustainability and maintaining a local staff.[32] – (I call BS on this one – this was about “making some money”, pure and simple).

    end of report

    Maybe somebody else could pick someone from the list, and write up a little tid-bit.

    I’d have to meet Willem first-hand to know for sure if he was a jerk.

  20. They all believe that if we live in palaces and drive big cars and have private jets, we will all roast to death. So I want them all to roast themselves to death or put their money where their yachts are and dispose of all their energy intensive junk. They all piss me off greatly.

  21. Jim R

    Confrontation at Bilderberg 2017
    by Thierry Meyssan

    The Bilderberg Group has just held its 2017 meeting, from 1 to 4 June, in the United States. Contrary to habit, the 130 participants were not all defending the same project. Quite the opposite – following the speeches by Donald Trump at the Arabo-Islamic-US summit, and at NATO [5], the CIA and MI6 organised a first-day debate which opposed those who are partisans of the fight against Islamism and those who support it. The point was, obviously enough, either to find a compromise between the two camps, or to acknowledge the dissension without allowing it to destroy the initial objective of the Alliance – the fight against Russia [6].

    As a result, while Washington has renewed its alliance with Saudi Arabia, and has convinced it to break with the Brotherhood in exchange for 110 billion dollars worth of armament [7], London is pushing for an agreement between Iran, Qatar, Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood. If this project were to be realised, we would experience the abandon of the Sunni/Chiite conflict and the creation of a « croissant of political Islam » encompassing Teheran, Doha, Ankara, Idleb, Beyrouth and Gaza. This new distribution would enable the United Kingdom to maintain its influence in the region.

    The only thing upon which the Allies seem to agree is the necessity of abandoning the principle of a jihadist state. Everyone admits that the devil has to be put back in his box. Which means getting rid of Daesh, even if some people keep working with Al-Qaïda. This is why, worried about its survival, the self-proclaimed Caliph has secretly transmitted an ultimatum to Downing Street and the Elysée.

  22. No, it was everyone taking advantage of each other and on top of that, keeping Trump out of the loop and continue the attacks from outside against him and inside as traitors pretending to work for him.

    HE IS AN OUTSIDER. They did this to Jimmy Carter, too, he was a friend of my father and was aware of this organization running things but thought he could reach over their heads to tap into regular people. It failed, of course.

    Note how he, like me and my father, is never in the news. He is still very much alive!

  23. Jim R

    I don’t think Thierry Meyssan denies the existence of the deep state. He does write interesting essays, though.

    Just thought you’d enjoy this gossipy little account. Another little excerpt:

    On the pro-Islamism side, we note the presence, for the United States, of John Brennan (ex-Director of the CIA) and his ex-subordinates Avril Haines and David Cohen (financing of terrorism). For the United Kingdom, Sir John Sawers (ex-Director of MI6 and a long-time protector of the Brotherhood) and General Nicholas Houghton (ex-Chief of Staff, who prepared the land invasion of Syria). For France, General Benoît Puga (ex-Chief of Staff for the Elysée and commander of the Special Forces in Syria) and Bruno Tertrais (neo-conservative strategist for the Ministry of Defence). Finally, for the private sector, Henry Kravis (Director of the investment fund KKR, and unofficial treasurer for Daesh) and General David Petraeus (co-founder of Daesh).

    And if this imbalance were not enough, the organisers had planned for the presence of experts capable of justifying the unjustifiable, like Professor Niell Fergusson (historian of British colonialism).

  24. A lot of these guys like to think they are history buffs and understand raw history. But no, they are tools of others who do their bidding and have zero idea how history works and why history’s lessons are never learned by anyone at the top.


    HAHAHA…power kills the brains! The lure of power, the lure of fake money, the lure of fighting wars in primitive lands making life hell for peons far away while keeping peons at home at each other’s throats, never, ever do the rulers figure out how this all ends.

    History is a real Bitch. She is this bloody goddess that finds humans very funny and She swears, these funny humans will cause Her to laugh to death. But Death is her lover so She expects this, I guess. 🙂

  25. Jim R

    Meyssan writes about the infighting among factions within the deep state. It is not just one big happy Satanic family.

    Whether or not there is this faction within the Bilderbergs that want to get rid of the jihadists, only time will tell. For now, they are clearly outnumbered by the pro-jihadist crazies.

    I don’t read Meyssan regularly but I assume he can also tell that Trump is an outsider, just as Le Pen was an outsider in the recent French election. And it looks like England is about to elect an outsider.

    We do live in interesting times.

  26. I believe that Western populations are on this slide to self destruction. They want to have goodies showered on them but are also under attack literally from enemies brought deliberately into the home bases to attack these citizens and get rid of them for the elites.

    Reminds me of this very old fairy tale about how to get rid of a mouse, they brought in a cat to get rid of the cat they brought in a dog and to get rid of the dog…etc. until the house is destroyed.

  27. Jim R

    I know an old lady who swallowed a fly.
    I don’t know why she swallowed the fly. Perhaps she’ll die.

    I know an old lady who swallowed a spider,
    That wiggled and jiggled and tickled inside ‘er.
    She swallowed the spider to catch the fly.
    I don’ know why she swallowed the fly. Perhaps she’ll die.

    … and so forth.

  28. Hey, we used to use that when jump roping! Thanks for reminding me of it! 🙂


    time stamp: 61017 1223 eastern us

    OK – In keeping with my previous post from today, I am open to suggestions with respect to my upcoming Bilderberg attendee report.

    One name that popped into my head was Lindsey Graham, but he is kind of close by to me, so maybe I’ll give that story some time to develop.

    Otherwise, I might just make a totally random choice. In fact, if I do that and Graham’s number comes up then it will be him. Alternatively, I’m open to suggestions.

  30. time stamp: 61017 1024 or maybe 1025

    “nice both ways”

    (This is a test of italics)

  31. I’ve made my choice. This is the dood I will be investigating for this round of “Bilderburg Attendee” review. This time I don’t plan on playing nice, so it might take awhile to find the details that matter.

    Barroso, José M. Durão (PRT), Chairman, Goldman Sachs International

    Salaciousness or not, I will come back here with a report and hopefully it will be informative because without good info nothing is gonna change and if everyone believes these oh so scary Bilderburg elites are calling all the shots, then “everyone” is gonna learn better. Deduce what you will.

    Let me add though, I disagree BIG TIME with the host of this site regarding “Western populations”, but all of this will unfold for us to see pretty quickly. Time will tell. It always does.

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