Trump Kills Climate Change Scam As June Snow In Moscow, Cold In NY

It is utterly shocking, going from real Russian news to fake US news as dished out by Bilderberg gangsters like at the very odious and dying New York Times.  We have insanely cold weather in both hemispheres this summer which is really scary.  Yet, our Real Rulers scream about ‘global warming’ due to wanting to tax us all very heavily for nothing.  The EU Bilderbergs are in Washington DC today to secretly plot how to destroy Trump as they have destroyed Europe.


Putin deliberately held a joint economic meeting to coincide with the utterly hidden…except online where citizens can ‘see’ them all…Bilderberg gang meeting.  At his summit, he has a press conference.  The Bilderberg gang never, ever says anything afterwards.


This is funny because many members of that evil group are the owners of media systems in the US and EU.  They conspire to hide vital information from citizens which is why I am at war with them all.  They are now unadulterated evil.


‘Saying it’s Russians’ fault like blaming everything on Jews’ – Putin’s best quotes at SPIEF — RT News


Russian President Vladimir Putin has largely resorted to irony at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) as reporters seemingly failed to come up with new questions, focusing on Moscow’s alleged meddling in the US elections, and Donald Trump.


Yes, the media giants have these fixations on stupid things.  They do this deliberately.  Instead of reporting about the massive meeting of foreign and domestic co-conspirators, they want to yap about made up news like the false story that Russia does all the spying and the US spooks play tiddly winks in the men’s washroom.


“My answer is – no!… No talks had even started,” the president told the forum, adding that he was surprised with all the fuss surrounding the work of the Russian diplomat in the US and calling anti-Moscow allegations “delirious.”


Trump dearly wants to do negotiations with Putin but cannot due to the US Bilderberg gang run media systems attacking him violently whenever he even shakes a Russian diplomat’s hand.

“It’s not even clear where all the people spreading such information come from… So, the ambassador meets someone. And what is an ambassador supposed to do? It’s his job, he’s being paid for that. He must be meeting people, discussing pending issues, making agreements. What else is he supposed to do there? Visit some venues that would then see him fired?” Putin wondered.


Putin is correct and he is also being sarcastic.  Putin knows the media hot dogs sent to harass him are all working for Bilderberg gangsters.  This stupid stuff has to be handled because he has to show the EU and US that he is better than our leaders…except for Trump.


Despite being hounded himself, he defies the elites and is freaking them out, greatly.

I do hope the EU evil rulers do take economic measures against Americans.  Then they can learn a harsh lesson in who is the boss.  I do love how the EU bosses are saying they will be closer to Putin if Trump doesn’t obey them.


Now we go from the more or less sane RT News to the utterly unhinged New York Times:

Not a peep about international affairs.  The daily dose of anti-Trump stories on the top front page continues.  What amazes me most is the middle top story: US students are RESEGREGATING themselves!  Amazing.  Horrifying.


‘Colleges celebrate diversity’ by segregating students?  OMG.  They have gone totally insane.  Our youth go to college to learn how to segregate themselves based on all sorts of issues.  Instead of ‘universities’ being ‘universal’ they are dumbing down to be closed systems and the violent takeover of Everest College is a prime example of the end result of all this resegregation.


UC Berkeley led the way, too.  When students who were resegregationist radicals blocked the front gates and would let in only black students, there was no riot to get rid of these troublemakers, the school didn’t chuck them out.


Instead, the cowed students who were ‘white’ walked down into a ditch to get around the front gates and not one dared to challenge the new resegregationists.  Now, they are all over the place, demanding separate and unequal facilities.


‘WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 cache shows US – not Russia – hacked past French elections’ — RT Op-Edge

RT New has more important news.  The US media studiously refused to carry any news about the Vault 7 cache except to say, ‘Don’t bother looking, nothing there’.  Then they pretended Putin did it which was silly.


Now, the French spooks say that anyone, a child could have hacked the French systems and it wasn’t Russia but some kid somewhere in the EU who did it.


RT:  Where does this statement by France’s cybersecurity chief leave the claims of Macron’s team on Russian hacking?


Annie Machon: It leaves rather a lot of egg on their faces. It appears that this attack was of such of low technical level it could have been done by a script kiddie from their mom’s basement. So rather than this hysteria about: ‘The Russians must have done it, the Russians must have done it,’ which reminds me to a certain extent of the Monty Python script that ‘you must always expect a Spanish Inquisition.’ It is beyond parody. We have a situation now where he was trying to make political hay. It seems to me that any establishment-anointed political candidate now wants to immediately say they are under attack by the Russians because it gives them credibility. It is just crazy.


Now, the one thing we do know from this is that the one country that actually has hacked the French election was the USA, and that was back in the presidential election of 2012 where they were not only intercepting the electronic communications, they were actually running human agents in the political parties. We know this because of disclosures through the Vault 7 cache that WikiLeaks put out a month or two ago. For everyone to go around blaming the Russians, when in fact the Americans have been doing this for years, is rather rich?


The US spooks have been doing this to ‘allies’ all my long life.  They do it to US political parties, too.  They are everywhere and do dirty work for a particular gang: the Bilderberg gang.  Duh.


The NYT has zero news about the Bilderberg gang this week due to the fact that the part-owner of the paper, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr.  is one of the biggest players in the Bilderberg gang.  And he has this tradition of never, ever reporting any news about Bilderberg gang meetings except to ‘debunk’ someone on very rare occasions.


Washington Post like the NYT, has zero information about a Washington, DC meeting of the world’s richest and most powerful people, too.  But they have more than the NYT on the front page, at least.  Like this story:

The right is now playing hard ball.  The left makes threats so the liberals running the mess on TV then yield to their various demands.  Pissed off by all this, the right is now running real boycotts.


They have heavily boycotted football games, for example.  Scared spitless, the media giants have backtracked on pushing Black Panther music and activities and have warned players of that insidious game to cool it or else.


But the attacks on anyone in the media who is to the right of Stalin has continued unabated only the right has great economic powers of the purse: men in particular, will boycott anything that screws them over.


So the media giants are seeing real problems. And the corporate entities are scared because they see men turning on the auto makers, the shaving stuff makers, all sorts of stuff sold via having cute ladies coo over men using stuff peddled by major corporations, etc.


This is collapsing now.  The market geniuses can see they are getting massive major negative scores now from men.  The men are waking up and getting pissed and I don’t blame them, about time.


Now, men are getting angry with the endless commercials showing white males being stupid while women and blacks are shown as smarter.  I have harped on this theme more than once.


I keep wondering how men excel in various intellectual situations and why this is.  It is important to understand!  When I was much smarter, the top .001% of students in America (proof was being #1 or top ten in various tests!) I was still STUPID when it came to things that men do easily.


It ticked me off…at myself.  Why was I doing so poorly in key functions?  Then I realized, it was due to my biology.  It was frankly, inevitable.  Now, media giants have been pushing this meme that white men in particular, are very stupid.  I am amazed that men haven’t revolted earlier.


But now the revolt is definitely on.  It is life and death for men.  Then there is the issue of Muslim men: the same creatures attacking white and Asian men nonstop here…want more violent, anti-sex rights Muslim men into the country and celebrates them as better than our men!  Amazing.  Just gobsmack amazing.




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    You see, if you post the code via writing about it, it VANISHES. Seriously! But I wrote up the code and then did a screenshot and then used a format where it would appear and not ‘self hide’. This is why it took a day to do, namely, I had to mull it all over to see the best way of posting it, making it part of my regular icon at the end was the solution, so it wasn’t a one time posting.

  2. Moe

    Thanks Elaine for the code. By the way, coding is stupid. Only nerds (present company excepted 🙂 ) want to do this. I can live with it (hey, i asked for it!) but there has to be a better (i.e., easier) way.

  3. Jim R

    WordPress is simply deleting any html code it doesn’t understand. For example, if you have an “<a href” link, and then there is no closing </a> … you can put individual characters into your comments with the html ‘entity’ codes, there’s a list of ’em somewhere. Characters like ¢ — you write it &cent; and then the browser replaces them with the named character.

  4. Jim R

    So, it’s kind of awkward, but you can do it that way. Write &lt; for the ‘less than’ and &gt; for ‘greater’ and &amp; for the ampersand.

    Let’s see if the back-tick works here. It does in some systems:
    or maybe WP will recognize the <code> tag:

  5. Yes, code vanishes if you don’t do it the way I showed here.

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  9. Jim R

    Note the non-vanishing codes in my comments above ^^^^. This is actually a good thing, because it’s possible to hide some quite malicious stuff in html code. Their system prevents this from happening.

    Oh, and another little thing WordPress does. If you put a link in your post, it attempts to interpret the link and produce a nice-looking post. It’s great when it works, and frustrating when it doesn’t. All you have to supply is the plain link. No formatting, and WordPress will ‘linkify’ it.

    If it is a plain link to a picture, you’ll see the picture. No formatting needed

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    And if your link is to twitter or pinterest or youtube (and a few others), WordPress will find the appropriate codes and embed that post with working buttons and stuff, so you can click it to play, etc.

  10. I see the swamp monster attacked Kenogami when posting the wrong code! 🙂

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    Link to video?

  12. Well done tio. I didn’t click the video link, but I suspect it is good.

    The main one I’d like to use is bold, but italic and underline are good as well. Damm. I’m not sure I have the energy to learn this.

  13. Did that “Table” command work. All I see is the word.

    The stories I could tell about tables……I threw one with ceramic tile down the stairs once. That got my neighbors attention. ha….ha….ha?

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  15. Hey Moe – are you taking notes?

    If so, maybe you could provide an easier explanation that what Elaine has.

  16. tio

    Hi Buffalo Ken, I found the following and thought it might be worth a whirl.

    Two things, first that video is a test link (Do not click :D) and two tables are a bust. I cut and pasted their own table html example – not happening. I do not imagine we’ll ever need ’em so not too worried. But it is useful to be be able to ‘a href’ a video link 😀

  17. Moe

    @17 Ken

    Please note that I was not intending a discourtesy to Elaine, though I may be too plain-spoken and insensitive to couch my response in flowery terms. If Elaine takes umbrage, my heartfelt apologies. And no, I am not taking notes, for only further presentation of coding has been presented.

    My point was that virtually no-one, and I’ll wager no-one here, codes, for example, in machine language. Why would they, when there are multiple interfaces that render the process simpler? Computer coding is hierarchical, and my point was that there must be a simpler process of higher order that would obviate use of the code utilized by WordPress. I realize that’s a better explanation than just stating “…coding is stupid” so how about ‘coding as presented appears inefficient’? That is certainly my perspective.

    Additionally, I am going to interpret your query as a condemnation of my original comment, which you would have better presented as a criticism, not an ambiguous remark. So interpreting your comment as sarcastic and snide, my advice to you is MYOB.

  18. I knew there must be a video out there. Thanks tio. I’ll check it out. You can count on that.

  19. My query was not a condemnation. It was a genuine.

    Sorry if I seem sarcastic sometimes… is hard to “talk” on the internet.

    Moe – I appreciate your effort. Really.

  20. For a little sarcasm though….consider this which may be the case or not.

    13223 is even a bigger riddle.

  21. Moe


    Sarcasm and irony are difficult in written form. How could they not be?

    Better ‘friend’ than ‘enemy’ Ken, no sarcasm or irony implied.

    PS: I reread my posts before publishing and just realized how the above could be misinterpreted. I meant: ‘It’s much better that we are friends rather than enemies’. LOL.

  22. I totally agree. Better friends than enemy, and I’d rather be your friend.

  23. Anonymous
    <a href="code doesn't vanish"> this is pretty basic </a>
  24. Jim R

    @#19 tio, I was looking for those pages! Thanks for posting the links to them.

    It was under

    The ‘beginning html’ and ‘advanced html’ pages show exactly what WordPress allows in comments and posts. Comment #26 above was done with the <pre> tag. Be sure to have a matching/closing </pre> tag at the end.

  25. Lou

    Found this, comments welcome;

    Mr. Rational should consider should consider changing his nom de guerre to Mr. Hysterical.

    He is worried about unnamed and unknowable dangers. Man Up! Grow a pair! Face the future! There is no guarantee that everything will turn out sunshine and rose blossoms, but there is no need to cower under the bed because mankind has made changes to the Earth.

    A lot of the science is already known. It is known for example that the Earth entered a cooling period about two and a half million years ago. Prior to that time the Earth was warmer and had usually had much higher levels of carbon dioxide. Then we entered a regime where we have cycles of advancing ice and only occasional periods of warmth. These are called Milankovitch cycles on the assumption that they are caused by changes in the Earth’s orbital dynamics. The periods of cold (since the cyclic rate changed) are about a hundred thousand years of advancing ice followed by a warm interglacial that of about ten thousand years. We are currently nearing the end of what is called the Holocene Interglacial. If this pattern continues then we on Earth are due for another hundred thousand year ice age.
    The last time this occurred there was a mile or more of ice on top of Chicago.

    All of human history and civilization has occurred during the Holocene interglacial. The world is currently hospitable. It is warm enough for us to sun bathe at the beach. We don’t know exactly why. We know that the previous interglacial the Eemian was warmer than it is today but humans were not quite humans yet.

    The Time Magazine article of half a century ago that worried about Global Cooling was not a mistake. It just had the timing wrong.
    There is a cycle of cold and hot that the Earth has been experiencing for the last few million years. As far as we know there will be warmer periods and cooler periods from now until well into the future. No need to panic.

    Remember the Greenhouse Gas phenomenon is real. The carbon that was sequestered since the Carboniferous by natural processes is now being released into the atmosphere again and it has contributed to an already well established general warming trend. But the magnitude of the green house effect seems to be tiny. People were alarmed when Sagan and others thought that warming would be severe and begin precipitously. But it didn’t. The anthropogenic component of temperature rise is real but it is small and gradual.

    It isn’t that Global Warming is a hoax (although there are many hoaxers who have exploited the public panic) and it isn’t that carbon dioxide isn’t a Greenhouse Gas (it is but not a particularly strong one). The whole Global Warming phenomenon has been a case of exaggeration and panic. It is a kind of Chicken Little situation. Trump did good.

    The way to understand Global Warming is to ask the question – “Why did Washington cross the Delaware?”
    Very good summary of the global warming issue, Pat. We should aii be very skeptical of “science” where we cannot conduct controlled, independent experiments to evaluate conclusions that have political, social and economic implications. We can valdate our models of stellar evolution by observing numerous stars of various types and ages. We can conduct numerous experiments at the Large Hadron Collider to verify the existence and properties of the Higgs boson. Significantly, neither the theory of stellar physics or the Higgs boson have any political, social or economic implications other than for the scientists lobbying for funding.

    The case for catastophic human caused global warming is based on mathematical models that have been tuned to relatively recent climate where CO2 has only been increasing. The models are constantly revised yet the trials are not restarted. It’s akin to getting the answer key in the middle of the exam. Further, there are climate cycles that have periods on the order of several decades yet the models have not even been validated over one of these cycles. Despite all the cheating, the models are already deviating from actual climate data, forcing the climatologists to frantically search for the “misding heat”

    Those who talking about a “warming” ocean do not consider the 3,000 active volcanoes at the bottom of said Ocean.

    Also, as Pat mentions, and is a fact, it has been warmer numerous times, both during this warming era (warmer 1 AD and warmer 1,000 AD) and far warmer for the Dinosaurs and others.

    And, did you know, there was a time when the ENTIRE Earth was covered with Ice? Nature does what it wants and “man” can’t change a damn thing.

  26. All cold cycles start suddenly. All warm eras start suddenly. There is only one mechanism that can quickly heat up or cool down the planet and that is the sun.

    The various cycles are about how far the earth is from the sun and its tilt and this sets the stage but I would say, the relative position of the planets to the sun as they are not circular orbits but oval orbits means closer transits leads to a more active sun with more sun spots and a distant orb means a cooler, quieter sun.

    Our solar system is a bit more wobbly as time passes and the sun grows older. We can’t ignore this frightful reality. Also there is one very unsettling thing going on, too: North and South America merged so the Pacific Ocean is isolated from the Atlantic Ocean except at the far North and far South Poles.

    This makes for a lopsided climate, too.

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