Crime Supposed To Be Down In NY City…Nope

Horrific moment man randomly hits 90 year old with cane in NYC. – 

I used to run this street patrol in NYC during the bankruptcy years.  During that, I was named ‘The Housewife From Hell’ by the Daily News.  It was terrible, back then.  After the city was cleaned up by law and order mayors who were not liberals, it is run again by a liberal who lets thugs run riot.  So manipulating statistics, they can pretend nothing bad is happening but that is a total lie.  NYC is heading to catastrophe, fast.


All the news in my story is from the New York Post and New York Daily News.   The NY Times studiously ignores street crimes and other events of life and death for ordinary citizens who don’t have guards at the front door of huge towers.  Something is very wrong, this news is from the last 24 hours:
NYPD officer in critical condition after being dragged by vehicle – NY Daily News


A cop was dragged by a car and critically wounded in Brooklyn, sparking a massive search for the assailants early Sunday, officials and police sources said.


Six plainclothes were at the location of on Tilden Ave. and 53rd Street at 11:50 p.m. responding to a report of shots fired, according to Police Commissioner James O’Neill.


Officer Dalsh Veve, 35, was speaking with occupants of a Black Honda sedan parked across the street by a fire hydrant when three officers witnessed Veve dragged by the vehicle west on Tilden Ave.


Dalsh was dragged over two blocks before the sedan made a right on 53rd Street where the police officer fell free. The wounded Veve, a 9-year veteran with the 67th Precinct and father of a 2-year-old girl, was then rushed to Kings County Hospital in critical condition, officials said.


So, I am hoping the poor man survives.  The mayor visited the hospital six hours later.  At least he went.  The police and fire and ambulance people are increasingly angry with the mayor over his supporting outright criminals and dismissing them all.


Sixth suspected arrested in teen’s gang assault in Coney Island – NY Daily News:  I used to live in Coney Island.  In 1977 we had a summer storm blackout of the entire city and my neighbors burned down and looted my neighborhood there so I moved out.  Now, it has been rebuilt and is being destroyed:


 Police sources said the victim knows his attackers, who had beaten him once before, though he did not report that incident.


On Easter, he was asked “Are you static?” and if he was in a gang, sources said.


When he said no the group mercilessly beat, kicked and punched the victim in the middle of the street, the video shows.


So, they beat him on Easter and then again, yesterday.  He may still die.  This man did die:  Man who catcalled woman dies from assault – NY Daily News


Lucia Bravo, 69, suffered massive brain trauma after Branlee Gonzalez, 18, viciously pummeled him on an Inwood sidewalk early Thursday, cops said. Bravo and another man, Juan Caldron, 39, were sitting on the sidewalk on Sherman Ave. near Dyckman St. when they catcalled and whistled at Gonzalez’s cousin as they walked by. She was previously identified as Gonzalez’s girlfriend, but authorities on Tuesday said the duo were cousins.


Gonzalez spun around and delivered crushing punches to both men until his cousin managed to pull him away, video showed.


They feel that they can do whatever because there is zero fear of cops.  I remember vividly this attitude problem from years ago.  They really think they can do anything, nothing is barred.  And the cops respond by not caring to do anything and getting people motivated to make arrests required twisting everyone’s arms hard.


Violent Crime on the Rise in NYC Parks | NBC New York reports but…New York City Had Record-Low Crime Rate in 2016?


HAHAHA.  Aren’t statistics fun?  You can do anything with these silly things.  I used to keep crime statistics and mine never matched the city’s for mine were real and the city was trying desperately to pretend nothing was happening.  We fought over these statistics all the time.


My stats were not city wide, they were in my patrol area.  My stats were HUGE.  Daily violent events back in 1980, for example.  Today, I would have recorded and put online all these events.


Real estate people hate crime statistics.  They want fake statistics as much as the mayors.


NYC is a prime terrorist target.  Who is going to hit Detroit?  No one would notice a terror attack there or in Chicago, that is what they call ‘normal’.  The rich people in Manhattan and Park Slope don’t want terror attacks so they will up the guards but simultaneously vote for Hillary to let in millions of angry terrorist Muslim males so the cops will have their hands full.  Have fun, guys!  Enjoy!

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  1. Petruchio

    “The rich people in Manhattan and Park Slope don’t want terror attacks so they will up the guards but simultaneously vote for Hillary to let in millions of angry terrorist Muslim males so the cops will have their hands full. Have fun, guys! Enjoy!” The rich folks can get all the extra guards they want, but if and when the ‘Muslim males’-or whomever-decide to tee it up and go where the money is, places like Manhattan and Park Slope, well, the rich folks can run but they can’t hide. Those guards aint gonna risk life and limb to protect some smug, arrogant rich people. You think these guards aint gonna take bribes from the criminal classes? Or that these guards aint gonna “shake down” the wealthy folks for more and more money? If they wanted to, the guards could make more money selling out their cheapskate rich people owners.

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