More London Muslim Terror Attacks Kills Many At London Bridge Next To Parliament

LIVE: London Bridge Attack, Car Plows into Crowd, Stabbing at Borough Market, Vauxhall Gunfire – YouTube

‘They are monitoring 3,000 terrorists in England, monitoring 23,000 possible further terrorists…’ says the reporter.  And…they let in more every year.  Like the US.  West Coast judges are forcing Trump to let in Muslim terrorists and the DNC wants more terrorists and this means treason, of course, but they don’t care, do they?

Car ‘ploughs into 20 people on London Bridge’ | Daily Mail Online


Five jihadi terrorists shouting ‘this is for Allah’ have reportedly killed seven people and left dozens more injured in a horrific rampage around two locations in central London.


The men, described as being ‘of Mediterranean origin’, mowed down up to 20 people with a white van at 50mph on London Bridge on Saturday night, then began ‘randomly stabbing’ revellers with 12-inch hunting knives.


One person has been killed at London Bridge – and one of the casualties is reportedly a police officer.


The terrorists also stormed busy pubs and restaurants in the nearby Borough Market, where a man was reportedly stabbed five times in the chest. A ‘dark-skinned’ man in a red tracksuit ‘calmly’ stabbed a man three times, a witness said.


The gang had metal canisters strapped to their chests and two were reportedly shot dead by armed police. A search is underway for the three other men. One man has been arrested on Borough High Street.


Two men thought to be the terrorists have been pictured lying on the ground after they were shot by police outside the Wheatsheaf pub in Borough Market.

London Bridge Terror Attack- JUNE 3 2017 (COMPILATION) ● PART 1 – YouTube

Trump Seizes on London Attack as Leverage in Travel-Ban Case – Bloomberg

Unlike Obama, he wants to take action which is correct.  The ‘liberals’ said over and over, ‘We will change nothing, stop no one, but will turn on pretty lights and lay down mountains of flowers and then do it all over again and again to infinity.’

There are THREE terror events at the same time just like in Paris last year. We still don’t know what is happening at one of the terror events.

This is why liberalism is dying rapidly.  On the live feed, people are yelling while cops tell them to lay down and cower under benches, etc.  The policies of the present regimes are a total failure.  France will be hit, next, because it has a very weak Bilderberg leader.

London Attacks: Update on incidents – YouTube

HAHAHA.  I hate to laugh but the names of the Bilderberg gangsters are known to enough people that there is no excuse, allowing them to run things.  Today’s meeting is talk about TRUMP and…MUSLIM TERRORISTS.


Why can’t these clowns talk openly about these two topics? Why do they have to surround themselves with an army of security to have an ‘honest talk’ that is SECRET???  Why the secrecy???  We can suspect collusion.  They are deliberately leaving an open door to Muslim terrorists ever since August, 2001 when the terror plot was protected by the CIA at Jupiter Island, Florida.


Keeping the EU people scared is of highest importance.  London, home base of repeated attacks, is run by a Muslim radical who hates Christians and wants to take over England.  The DNC is run by…a black Muslim who hates whites and I know his top buddy who runs the biggest mosque in Newark, I tangled with these guys in the past and know them EXTREMELY well.


They hate everyone and hope to enslave or kill us all.  And now they run the DNC.  Good luck with the next election!  I also know the Saudis: they want to rule us.  It is painfully obvious.  But then, the Chinese told me they would do this, too!  What a shock!

From England:  London Bridge Attack: Do Liberals Have a Brain? Or a Soul? – YouTube

The US and EU people better wake up before they are destroyed or enslaved.

This just in:

And more news from Russia:


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6 responses to “More London Muslim Terror Attacks Kills Many At London Bridge Next To Parliament

  1. Lisa

    Another human sacrifice to the bloodthirsty god allah. There doesn’t seem to be much difference between islam and the Aztecs:

  2. Ken

    Expect the media and liberal politicians to once again proclame that violence committed in the name of Islam has nothing to do with Islam. And they will do this with a straight face.

  3. Lou

    Post this kind of stuff in UK and Canada and end up in prison.

    ‘this is for Allah’ –No, it is civil war.
    ‘Mediterranean’? –In EU, they are called ‘Asians’.

  4. floridasandy

    we have a strong leader here in America to deal with this, and millions of supporters to help him.

    I really see America now as the last bastion of safety for the citizens.

    At the first report, I heard the reporter say that they couldn’t say if it was terrorism or not. 🙂 You can’t fix stupid.

  5. Lou

    London Has Fallen: Muslim Population in England Increases 6900% from 1939 to 2017–In Muslim Population in Europe: 1950 – 2020 by Houssain Kettani, we learn the England had a Muslim population of .1 percent in 1939: United Kingdom

    Estimates for the Muslim population increased from 50,000 or 0.1% in 1939, to 100,000 or 0.2% in 1951, to 750,000 or 1.2% in 1971, to 1.25 million or 2.2% in 1981, to 1.5 million or 2.6% in 1991. According to the 2001 census, the total population was 58,789,187, out of which 1,591,000 or 2.71% were Muslims. [International Journal of Environmental Science and Development, Vol. 1, No. 2, June 2010 ISSN:2010-0264]

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