US Liberal Media Has Gone Insane

Hundreds injured in Turin stampede after bomb scare during Champions League final (PHOTO, VIDEO) — RT News:

I got this news from Russia.  I find on a daily basis, RT News is a good source of real information about the world.  I see news about this terror event which was not a bomb but hysteria due to all the terror attacks, this news is in England’s papers but not the top US propaganda rags.  Why is that?  Well, we are not told much news at all but let’s go to my favorite ratty rag, the NY Times, to see how they view events or rather, how insane they have grown over the years.

The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia

No news about the stampede.  Tons of room for anti-Trump attack stories!  They have less news about the London attacks than I had here on my little blog.  I suppose they had to fly over three reporters to get the ‘stories’.


Of course, they adamantly refuse to send reporters to real stories in New York City.  Examples go back in time!  When I and dozens of Chinese students camped out next to the UN for a MONTH while I negotiated with Bush Sr. and the Chinese dictators, for amnesty for all Chinese students stranded in the US which the Chinese demanded, they all be deported.


The New York Times, three blocks away, didn’t bother to send even one reporter!  I was not surprised.  This is normal for them.  They pick and choose what the fret about and it is purely ideological.


One of their favorite hobby horses right now has been ‘climate change.’  These blatant liars have changed ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’ because it is getting colder and colder and ice is growing at the South Pole and Greenland at a fantastic rate.


The NYT focuses on all sorts of trivia to avoid discussing the obvious cooling going on, no mention of that nearby star, the sun, for example.  There is a crack in one of the great ice sheets surrounding the South Pole so they focus on that and not the build up of this ice sheet at the interior which is forcing out the ice on the edges.


All sorts of dirty tricks are used to propagandize ‘global warming’ but they can’t fool people.  If it is cold, we notice it.  I wonder if it will get up to 60 degrees F today, in June!  This is barely ‘warm’ much less, ‘hot’.


People won’t believe in global warming if it is getting obviously colder.  It snowed in Mexico last week, for example.  It snowed in the US, too.  And in Russia.  And all over the place where it isn’t supposed to snow at the end of May but no mention of any of this at the NYT because it busts the ‘global warming’ scam.


How G.O.P. Leaders Came to View Climate Change as Fake Science – The New York Times  goes to great lengths to attack people who aren’t enamored with the idea that we are going to roast to death when it is quite cold.

Since Mr. McCain ran for president on climate credentials that were stronger than his opponent Barack Obama’s, the scientific evidence linking greenhouse gases from fossil fuels to the dangerous warming of the planet has grown stronger.


McCain is from my home state of Arizona.  Named that way because when my great grandfather came to Tucson before the Civil War, it was warm there and got hotter and hotter during the long warm cycle from 1900 peaking in 1930, to 1940 when it slid into a cold cycle.  April « 2009 « Roy Spencer, PhD who is being attacked for being a ‘science denier’ published this:

McCain came to Arizona way back when I LEFT Arizona 45 years ago.  He came when it was so cold there, I slept with a fur coat blanket in my little house in downtown Tucson because I had very little heating there!


I went to Value Village to buy up old fur coats that Northern ladies leave behind due to not needing them but during the 1960’s to 1970’s, it got very cold in Tucson!  This showed up mainly at night.  Brrr.  So McCain’s memories about Arizona are based on him arriving in the coldest year and it got warmer and warmer so being a person with no long family memory of weather, he was easily tricked into thinking this would go on forever.


It is now done, Tucson is getting colder again just like NY.


Scientists have for the first time drawn concrete links between the planet’s warming atmosphere and changes that affect Americans’ daily lives and pocketbooks, from tidal flooding in Miami to prolonged water shortages in the Southwest to decreasing snow cover at ski resorts.


These ‘concrete links’ are actually paper thin.  It is all doctored graphs.  The graph above, from a real scientist who has been hounded out of his university by religious global warming fanatics who are also destroying schools in all sorts of creative ways now, the graph shows how it is not warming all the time at all.


The only way to get a graph showing warming is to fake it by ‘cooling the past’.  The tools of the Bilderberg gang are relentless about this.  The difficulty of fooling everyone via creative graphs collapses if they are getting colder and colder!  The rulers of the planet still haven’t figured this out, so far.


That scientific consensus was enough to pull virtually all of the major nations along. Conservative-leaning governments in Britain, France, Germany and Japan all signed on to successive climate change agreements.


This ‘consensus’ is fake.  It is enforced via attacking and destroying any scientists who disagree with the dogma.  It is criminal.  The attacks are quite vicious.  Note that the NYT never, ever lets any scientists who disagree with this fake consensus, to debate this in public.


No, they enforce consensus via brutal repression of information and publishing outright lies easily proven to be false.

Yet when Mr. Trump pulled the United States from the Paris accord, the Senate majority leader, the speaker of the House and every member of the elected Republican leadership were united in their praise.


Because they are hearing from voters who are pissed off that global warming is fake.


Government rules intended to slow climate change are “making people’s lives worse rather than better,” Charles Koch explained in a rare interview last year with Fortune, arguing that despite the costs, these efforts would make “very little difference in the future on what the temperature or the weather will be.”


Again, he tells the truth.  The NYT spends thousands of words after this paragraph, attacking Koch and anyone else who doesn’t cling to the fake story about how ‘climate deniers’ don’t understand ‘climate change’.


This infantile propaganda regime only fools leftists who have serious problems with coping with reality.  No one believes there is no ‘climate change,’ we all are very aware of not one but a number of ‘Ice Ages’ which are terrible, cold times.


We are very aware of the length of every Interglacial cycle and that is, they rarely last more than 10,000 years.  And many of us are very aware that our present Interglacial is roughly 10,000 years, too.


The Little Ice Age should scare everyone but the global warmists praised by the NYT Bilderberg owners have decided there never was a ‘Little Ice Age’.


This criminal attempt at rewriting history included making the Medieval and Roman Warm Periods colder, too, even denying there ever was any warm cycles at all.


The fallout from these frauds is obvious: their attempt at destroying billions of people’s lives will not be forgotten.  They will be cursed by humans struggling with global cooling in the not very distant future.


This spring, the NYT did remark that it snowed in the Sahara and then they claimed this was ‘rare’.  Then it snowed again and again.  These later snowfalls were ignored by the NYT because it destroys the concept of us getting hotter.


‘La, la,la, I can’t hear you, ‘ strategy of the NYT and its buddies won’t work if it is snowing in June!  But then, they lie about nearly everything now so who is going to notice these big, fat lies?



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10 responses to “US Liberal Media Has Gone Insane

  1. Eric Blood Axe

    I check the sunspots every day, they are not common, solarham is a good site

  2. tio

    You might like to watch the first minute and a half ..

  3. Petruchio

    I don’t think the US MSM are insane. Propaganda is what they do and they don’t have a Plan B. Once the Propagandist has lost his audience, it is damn near impossible to get them back. The US Media owners apparently do not realize this–probably because it is an unpleasant reality.

  4. Lou

    3-Agreed. The title should be, ‘Jewish media has stepped up propaganda’.
    Nothing insane in their agendas. Well, allowing mussies in to kill us [and them]. Yes, that is nuts.
    Even ‘National Geographic’ is whining about ‘Deniers’.

  5. Reality always has the last word and the last laugh. If we are going into a cold cycle and I say we are, no one will be whining about global warming in ten years.

  6. Wow, thanks for that news, KHS71. I appreciate all the news gathering here by readers. One cannot get all the news easily because most mainstream news is nonstop lies at this point.

    CNN should be banned for this sort of criminal activity for it is criminal to deliberately lie about the news so that criminal terrorists can run riot.

  7. Petruchio

    @#4 Lou: actually the Muslim migration serves to protect Israel. If these angry, military age Muslims stay in their native countries they are a.) closer to Israel and b.) much more likely to to target Israel . If dispersed to other countries around the world, these angry Muslim men are somebody else’s problem. Nice allies, huh? But hey… Israel is the ONLY democracy in the Middle East, right?

  8. Correct, Petruchio. And it is stupid, worse than stupid, suicidal. If Muslims take over Europe and its nuclear bombs, Israel is glass.

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