Complete Video Of CNN, BBC In London Creating Fake Pro-Government Muslim ‘Demonstration’

CNN Caught Being Fake News – Staging A Backdrop Of Protesters – YouTube


An amazing video is online since late yesterday showing how CNN set up a staged event in the middle of the street in London.  They set up the lights, a stage prop of some flowers and then handlers brought in a few ‘Muslims’ mainly females and handed them signs and then had them arrange themselves as props while the ‘reporter’ pretended it was a real demonstration and she chided us about how mean we are to Muslims who are ‘peaceful.’


You Tube is erupting with this story and…it isn’t in the news.


Did CNN stage this Muslim protest against terror in London?; UPDATE: @CNNPR denies staging –

So, how does CNN prove they are not faking the news?  Turns out the other propaganda filth feature which is government run in England, was there:

Since the BBC was there porking away, putting out fake news as always, this is a BRITISH GOVERNMENT set up as pure propaganda to fool British citizens into thinking ‘Muslims really don’t want to decapitate or enslave everyone!’

HAHAHAHA…idiots!  This proves that the government of England and the Muslim Mayor set this up as a fake event and were allowed to go to forbidden places in the street that were shut off to citizens to pose for pretty pictures that would ‘prove’ that Muslims are now blood thirsty mass murderers.


Ergo: it was a state-sanctioned set up ‘event’ for propaganda purposes and the ‘reporters’ didn’t tell the truth about it, it was not ‘spontaneous’ at all.  Bluntly, they lied about it.

Above is a sample of a news lie which has been exposed by ‘alternative news.’  They fake nearly everything now, we used to get 50% real news.  Now it is approaching 0%.


Too stupid to see that we see how this operates (I have known all my life how it operates) they continue forwards with more and more fake news because ‘liberals’ eat this s…t for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Here is CNN’s news today:  The disrespect shown to Obama still rankles (opinion) –—the black ‘reporter’ is whining that Obama was treated badly by…certain citizens.  Then whines that it is OK to insult, threaten and decapitate via proxy, Trump who is the President and not by ordinary citizens but by media giants, big time actors, politicians and the Bilderberg gang!


He literally writes that it is OK for powerful or famous people to give out DEATH THREATS against Presidents!  This is astonishing.  I don’t recall any reporters, actors or top politicians saying Obama should be assassinated, decapitated or blown up!


CNN can’t tell the difference at all.  For they are blind, evil and full of fury and think it is OK to commit crimes.


The NYT is a criminal operation and I have a humdinger story about how they join in bullying a young lady who is a JUVENILE who disagreed with  her liberal teacher over ‘global warming’ and what happened to her.  Insane.




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2 responses to “Complete Video Of CNN, BBC In London Creating Fake Pro-Government Muslim ‘Demonstration’

  1. KHS71

    All the news that fits their views.

  2. Lou

    meanwhile, Germany: 62yo Woman Fined 1,350 Euros For Sharing Anti-Migrant Joke On Facebook … -facebook/

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