25 Year Old Female Is One NSA Leaker Arrested In DC Today

It never ceases to amaze me at how childish and incompetent our ‘spook’ systems are these days, all the people put in by Bush Jr and Obama are a scraggly bunch.  So many leakers, so many can’t handle materials correctly and this includes a certain Mrs. Clinton who should know better…it is endless.  The Russians and Chinese don’t have to even bother with spying with this level of incompetence and outright flubbing of nearly everything.  Even children can spy on the government due to this incompetence.


Luckily for me, children hacking or stealing ‘secrets’ are welcomed by me since most of these are creepy actions and should be revealed!  Of course, the mainstream media will blame Trump for all this but then, they are very creepy, too.


Oh dearie me, this supporter of terrorists won’t host Trump?  I wouldn’t go there, either.  If I were still a Brit, I would not go there at all, it is too dangerous.  Too many terrorists.  I watched this ‘mayor’ talk about the terror attacks and he talked in this flat, monotone voice with a blank face, as blank as possible to hide his true thinking which is pure evil.


No emotion when talking about people in his care being butchered and terrorized by Muslim males.  Nothing. No anger, no rage, no demands that they stop, he even said earlier, people should accept the fact that Muslim male terrorists will attack randomly on and on and on so why do anything?  I say, arrest him.


I saw him talk about arresting terrorists.  The police in Britain are barely armed.  They have no guns, only special forces have guns.  He and his ilk don’t give a damn if they die.  The PM female said we should not be too harsh with the Mayor of London, but then, she is a wienie, herself.


Much of Europe is run by these limp-wristed people who flutter about mouthing nothings whenever citizens are terrorized.  Nothing changes, the flood of illegal alien Muslim males continues unabated, this is a vast, sinking ship.  And they all hate Trump because he talks about their flaky, stupid, weak reaction to obvious violent terrors.

The fake news story is spreading to Europe now.  It better!  It happened in London!  It was designed to fool citizens into thinking some of the Muslim invaders don’t plan to enslave or kill everyone else.  Everything is being heavily manipulated now.  There is zero honesty at the top but then the top lies all the time about those stupid Bilderberg meetings.



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31 responses to “25 Year Old Female Is One NSA Leaker Arrested In DC Today

  1. floridasandy

    SK has doubled down on his immigration policy for London-DESPITE the terror attacks.

    It isn’t surprising that he wants to ban somebody with a dissenting opinion from entering “his” city. At the rate he is going Londoners won’t even recognize their city in a few years.

    I feel very sad for them.

    I’m surprised that female contractor had time to leak intelligence with all the selfie time she evidently needed.

  2. floridasandy

    Let me add that it is so typical for a weasel politician like the London mayor to try and divert attention from his own failing policies—-so his only chance is to try and unite Londoners against a common “outside” enemy.

    Total loser.

    Trump policies would have at least kept Londoners safer, but SK has his clean air agenda to work on, doncha know?

  3. The people of England could do something but mostly sit on their bums. My family contested power with the King and ended up being forced into exile and this led to coming with the Van Renssalear family to New Holland which became New York City, been here ever since the founding of the colonies in the New World.

    AND…most people who don’t want to kneel to a corrupt royal family left, too, or were deported deliberately as prisoners and now live free lives elsewhere.

    I suspect WWI and WWII killed off most of the braver males, too so England’s genetic evolution has favored those who can’t fight and stay at home. This might explain why they are all so passive as foreigners invade and butcher them.

  4. Jim R

    The whole story has the smell of fakery about it.

    The fact that it was ‘leaked’ by that ditzy ‘contractor’ means your are supposed to believe the “Russians hacked the election” story.

  5. Moe

    EMS quote: “I suspect WWI and WWII killed off most of the braver males, too so England’s genetic evolution has favored those who can’t fight…”

    If accurate this would also apply to the Germans, Russians and Japanese, who suffered great military personnel losses through the 20th century. Also France and other European nations during WW1.

    Though undemonstrated, I’m inclined to agree with this. The elite of course would be cognizant of this effect, and would desire the elimination of genetic predisposition for courage.

  6. Lou

    I suspect WWI and WWII killed off most of the braver males, too so England’s genetic evolution has favored those who can’t fight and stay at home.–War favored shortness, as the tall ones went to the front.
    That has changed.

    Why are men weak? GMOs, Fluoride, Chemtrails, Plastic poisoning.

  7. Lou

    If accurate this would also apply to the Germans, Russians and Japanese–what about USA and Canada? No dead in WWs?

  8. Moe

    @7 Lou

    Yes, them too. I’d get writer’s (keyboard) cramp if I noted all losses in the past century.

  9. Moe

    @6 Lou

    “Why are men weak?”

    According to George Carlin, ’cause we’ve become ‘pussies’.

  10. John

    Unwarranted slur Elaine. I despise Khan as a faux left careerist, but to slander him as a supporter of terrorism based on nothing more than his heritage is immoral.
    You criticize his flat and unemotional tone. A point to note maybe, but for me actual words and deeds are carry more weight than crocodile tears and histrionics.
    People are encouraged to emote about attacks on national media and, whilst the events were horrible folks, who were a days drive away and had no-one they even knew, much less friends or relations affected are sympathised with and entreated to “stay strong”. Back when the IRA were savagely bombing England, crowded pubs no less which are very close to home for English people, this sort of hysteria was not a feature.

  11. Lou

    #10–he did say the price of living in a big city is terrorism–so he is pro jihad.

    DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ brother not on Seth Rich case–

  12. floridasandy

    I don’t think anybody is slandering Khan because he is a Muslim, rather they point out that he is encouraging immigration in London, and ALSO paying people to leave.

    How will that ever work out for the citizens, especially the taxpayers?

    You can’t have it both ways if you are a decent leader, which he clearly is not. Only the media is pointing out his Muslim ties as the problem. It is rewarding people to come, take some taxpayer money, and then leave.

    that’s why he is a jackass, not because he is a Muslim. (although I am sure that doesn’t help his objectivity!)

  13. Mewswithaview

    Regarding that 25 year old I reckon she is a patsy, a nobody being used to keep the failing Russia narrative going.

  14. She was a new hire and was not vetted very well. She wanted to deep six Trump and instead, will have 20 years in prison to think about the dangers of being an SJW.

  15. Mewswithaview

    Consider the material she leaked serves to keep the Democrats narrative running and Hillary Clinton has been active lately . . . I’ll also bet the so called material has no basis in fact. #fakeintel


    I reckon the “handler” gave that material to the 6 candidates knowing at least one of them would leak it. We will likely never know what the profile of the other 5 candidates who did not leak this. As you say she is going to jail for a long time due to her own stupidity.

  16. She will still go to prison. What a fool.

  17. Moe

    @ 6 Lou

    Why are men weak? Too many feminists…

  18. Jim R

    If, as I suspect, “she” is nothing but a cardboard cutout, then “she” will not mind spending 20 years in jail. I expect that whoever is in those pictures will simply quietly disappear and not be in the news any more.

    The whole story was cooked up to keep the stupid “Russian hacker” narrative alive. It is barely on life support at this time.

  19. She was very stupid. They are very stupid. This whole business is stupid. Infantilism reigns everywhere now.

  20. Jim R

    cardboard tends to be stupid…

    This ‘Reality’ will fade from view and disappear. Perhaps as soon as next week, she will never have existed.

  21. floridasandy

    reality bites

  22. Moe

    If (pseudo)-Reality is a cutout, she sure is one batty libtard cutout. I have trouble accepting her cast as a liberal.


  23. She isn’t the only looney hired by our spooks.

  24. Lou

    #20–The guy who ‘attacked’ Jimmy Comets Pizza Shop was an actor w an IMDB.
    And what happened to the young wanna be terrorist in Santa Monica, last year? The ‘gay pride’ wanna be killer.

  25. floridasandy

    Really Moe, you look at those comments and don’t see a trained politically correct SJW liberal, desperately trying to fit in ????

    It is unbelievable that she got clearance to do ANYTHING related to the government. That contract needs to be terminated because they know nothing about vetting.

  26. Jim R

    Is there a similarity? Coincidence? I have no idea…

  27. The female robot has camera eyes. Don’t do the smoochy smoochy with it. 🙂

  28. Lou

    JR–It is unbelievable that she got clearance to do ANYTHING related to the government. / Unless she is manchurian.

  29. Petruchio

    @#17 Moe: Why are Men weak? Let’s take the Workplace as an example of why men are weak. At ANY time all a female has to do is say she is “uncomfortable” with something about a male co-worker. And it can be ANYTHING that makes the woman uncomfortable. All it takes is just ONE comment from the male the female deems inappropriate to start the trouble. Of course, the male has to be a WHITE male for this to REALLY work. Non white males are a little more of a challenge. Much of the Legal system is aligned against the Males. The System is supposed to be Innocent until proven Guilty, but with Men it can be and often is the opposite or worse: Guilty No Matter What the Facts Are. So what you have here is a situation where the people who get to make the charges against someone are ALSO the same people who get to decide Guilt of Innocence, you have an extremely unjust System.###Personally, it’s going to be fun to watch this System work against the ‘Muslim Rape Invasion’. If women think a semi-rude or crude comment is bad? Well…you man hating feminists aint seen NOTHIN’ yet! These Muslims don’t care if you call them Sexist or Misogynists. And you won’t have the anti White Male tools to use against these Muslims. The saying is: “A Liberal is only a Liberal until they discover their Daughter(s) are having SEX with a non-English speaking illegal immigrant. ” Then the “perspective” changes.

  30. When I did construction work for a living, I had to convince the men that they didn’t have to walk on eggshells all the time. After a while, when I got a reputation, men enjoyed working with me but in the beginning, none of them wanted to because they thought I, a former hippie chick, would faint if someone swore around me. Damn! 🙂

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