Evergreen State College Students Run Wild With Baseball Bats

LORD OF THE FLIES: Video of Evergreen State College SJWs In Pack With Bats Harassing Students – YouTube


The Evergreen State College continues to brilliantly illustrate the destruction of modern education after SJW fighters join with their radical Maoist/anarchist leftist ‘teachers’ to cause social and political collapse.  The schools let in anyone and everyone because it makes more and more money from student loans but this ‘free for all’ costs an arm and a leg and is very destructive.  Cheap staff labor is the other side: sane people don’t want to work in schools anymore.  So only far fringe leftists get hired at low wages and awful working conditions.  This is very explosive and this school is the outer tier next to US Berkeley, of utter destruction.

Naima Lowe drops F-bombs on white colleagues at Evergreen State – YouTube


The incredibly fat black woman spewing out obscenities with every third word is a ‘teacher’ at this school for dummies.  The other ‘teachers’ stand around, mute, while this monster bellows filth at them.  Finally, a teacher speaks up and asks her to stop and gets a sewer full of filth from this crazy woman who is systematically destroying the school.

Nolan the Evergreen College Chalk Rebel – YouTube

The woman in a wheelchair is with several SJWs carrying base ball bats who intimidate other students in this out of control ‘school’.  The ring leader, it appears, is this black student who dresses in astonishing ways with the weirdest hair does, he wears see through tight black summer clothing that looks strange on him, he is nuts.


The Rise of ‘Chalkman’: One Evergreen State College Student Refuses to Cave to the Mob | Heat Street


Well, he also runs around campus with his gang, menacing other students using baseball bats, all of his gang uses these and they tell other students, they will be smashed if they do anything wrong.

Death Of Evergreen State College – Campus Evacuated – 2nd Day of No Classes – State Funding Jeopardy – YouTube


So, the school is now closed.  I hope it doesn’t reopen.  It looks like a scam school that hands out degrees to semi-literal, psychologically damaged orphans.  I spoke too soon, seems that the administrators have chickened out and reopened it so the riots can continue.

The Course Catalogue at Evergreen State College Is Bonkers | Heat Street reported in the last hour:


Students at Evergreen State College are currently masterminding their own lesson in political unrest. In case you missed it, a student mob attacked and berated a professor, beginning a downward spiralthat has left the school shuttered and security so tenuous that there are roving bands of bat-wielding vigilantes keeping the peace on campus.


Professor Bret Weinstein, who kicked off the descent into madness by objecting to a plan that would have booted white students and professors off campus for a “Day of Absence” organized by the school’s minority community, alluded to Evergreen’s insular atmosphere in his interview with Joe Rogan. But to truly grasp how, well, insane, Evergreen State College actually is, you have to go to the course catalogue.


For starters, students at ESC don’t receive grades—they receive “narrative evaluations” that give them feedback on their performance while preserving their self-esteem. Such an approach, Evergreen says, allows professors to take stock of student performance as a whole and take students’ skills and abilities into consideration when awarding the pass and fail. (Students, by the way, also get a say in the process.)


Here is some of the New Wave magic silliness that passes for ‘classes’:


This coming fall, for example, you can take a number of classes that count as biology, but actually aren’t biology at all. They include Reproduction: Gender, Race and Power, or Dancing Molecules, Dancing Bodies, where you’ll use the art of dance to communicate with your body and understand the chemical processes within.


Sounds like Hogwarts as run by the Hogwarts houses: Slytherin kiddies.

Billy and Mandy – S2E01 – Toadblatt’s School of Sorcery – YouTube


OMG…I just learned that Matt Groening went to school at Evergreen College way back in the 1970’s!  He is the creator of The Simpsons and Futurama which has ‘losers’ as ‘heroes’.  Figures!



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30 responses to “Evergreen State College Students Run Wild With Baseball Bats

  1. They need bats as it appears there is not one bicep in that group of freaks.

  2. They are bat boys looking for batman.

  3. Floridasandy

    Snowflakes do melt

    Yikes! This is so much bad publicity for the school.

  4. Christian W

    Trump, with his Saudi ISIS buddies, just attacked Iran.

    Trump also bombed the Syrian Army again in Homs southern Syria, deliberately, having warned the Syrian Army it is not allowed to move freely in it’s own country.

    Heil Trump.

  5. tio

    “The cornerstone of the political correctness that dominates campus culture is radical feminism.” Phyllis Schlafly

  6. floridasandy

    I would blame weak men before I would go after radical feminism, although it is contributory. It is still mostly men determining policy at these schools.

    I liked the sign in that Simpson clip,

    Yale University
    The Harvard of Connecticut

  7. tio

    Any of this sound familiar?

    not too many links per .. so

  8. tio

    No sane male would even consider a career in education at this point, which makes me wonder about the ones that do .. AHAHAHA.

  9. tio

    Having just said that I do have a friend who did it but lasted less than a year, but he is a happy-clappy so his motivation was solid.

  10. floridasandy

    your point, Tio? From your link: Feminist Pedagogy is employed most frequently in Women’s Studies classes,

    Clearly, radical feminism contributes to unrest and bad behavior on campuses, and the spread of VICTIMIZATION, but policy is still mostly determined by males. Expelling would certainly be the answer, but they like that gravy train.

    you can’t cause trouble on campus if you aren’t enrolled. Outside agitators should be banned, as well, since they have no dog in the hunt.

    Leadership is weak.

  11. tio

    Leadership is non-existent at this point.

  12. University ‘leaders’ are LOOTERS. They sit there at the top, collect huge wages and gigantic pensions and then run off leaving the places a mess. The more students, the higher the student debts, the richer the guys at the top. THEY ARE ALL CONS.

    They are stealing money and putting children into debt slavery for nearly no useful degrees or whatever. They are all evil and should be arrested as frauds but instead, they pretend they are ‘teaching’ and ‘improving’ students, not enslaving and looting them.

  13. Petruchio

    @#15 Elaine: Imho the real scandal is that they have gotten away with it for this long and continue to rip everybody off. Shows you how corrupt the entire System is….

  14. Petruchio

    This is all part of the elites Plan to eliminate the White, non-elite Race.

  15. Lou

    Evergreen State College is looking for a new “Director of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution” in case you know of any Bubbas or Bubbettes who might want to apply—-


  16. I should send in my resume. ‘Former Housewife from Hell, put many in prison. Had six politicians arrested, one suicide. Have phone, will work from home just like in Brooklyn.’

  17. Lou

    Clinton strategist now heads ‘Global Policy’ at Air BnB and Obamas campaign leader works at Uber.
    Do YOU Task rabbit?

  18. Uber is collapsing. It is a wretched business and it puts people in grave danger. Air BnB is destroying housing in NYC and SF. What they do is, rich investors buy condos and then use them as ‘hotels’ with the other people living in the buildings having to cope with out of control aliens and wild parties, prostitution, etc.

    NYC is slowly working to outlaw this business.

  19. Lou

    Wild parties can be controlled by calling the po po [police] and hookers use hotels and motels as ‘cat houses’—so I dont see how Aiorbnb is at fault.

    However there is an all too humorous story in ‘The New Yorker’ may 15-2017, on ‘The Sharing Economy’ –by Heller. Titled ‘The Gig is Up’.
    More like the Un Economy, if you ask me.

  20. Lou, darling, you obviously never lived in NYC.

    Now…in my own case, once I had control of the local precinct police civilian council and got my buddy in place as the precinct captain, THEN we could stop wild parties when necessary. Otherwise, it is a free for all in NYC.

    Now, in the exclusive Manhattan towers, they have doormen who keep the rowdies out. We didn’t have that luxury.

  21. Lou

    Elaine, my dear, I lived there 1950s-1980. With some breaks, so about 20 years.
    The Governor / Congresscritter lived at 2dn and PPW. Peter Hammil
    bought that house when Hugh moved to a co op on PPW.

    My dad was a policeman. Homicide dept.

  22. I knew Pete Hamill. Ahem….he was one of the fools who refused to report any news when he KNEW ME PERSONALLY since 1968!!! For 20 years he refused to say a peep.

    Park Slope was two places: deep inside, they lived in this bugged out cocoon. I lived where the burned out streets were that were full of criminals. I had to fight crime daily while deep in the Slope, everyone went about oblivious to reality. Bedstuy was exactly one street away from me, the north side of Flatbush Avenue.

    It never ceased to amaze me how clueless people were when only a few blocks from total hell.

  23. Lou

    Were you at 3rd avenue or 4th?
    And the other side of Flatbush was ‘beyond the pale’.

    Remember the Theater at 7th avenue and Flatbush?
    There was a bowling alley below it.

  24. Lou

    Basquiat was from Flatbush? Jean-Michel Basquiat was born in Brooklyn, New York, on December 22, 1960, shortly after the death of his elder brother, Max.

  25. 321 Prospect Place which is a two block little brownstone street from the 7th Avenue subway to 6th Avenue which was a burned out wreck back then. It was filled with criminals, violent gang warfare and arsonists and we got rid of everyone of these idiots, systematically and brutally. It was VERY brutal, our little war.

    And the liberals screamed bloody murder at us while we did this. To hell with all of them.

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