High Today Only 48 Degrees In June! More ‘Global Warming’

The high today for me is 50 degrees but here my thermometer at noon shows below 50 degrees.  This is JUNE. I am stunned at how cold it is, my heater is on.  Google news top stories today are all about global warming.  They also use the words ‘climate change’ in the mainstream media lunatics in DC and the dying EU.  I live in New York and even as it is the coldest April/May/June in the last 25 years.  No mention of this in the news even though NYC is cold and many media mouthpieces live here in this same state.  Brrrr…

The media fake news  machine is screaming about global warming today.  ‘It is REAL’ is the news.  I want these clowns to come here to my home and say it to my face.  Then I can have them arrested as terrorists for they are trying to scare me when it is very cold.


I am not alone in this, many of us are waking up to the reality, something isn’t right here.  Where is the warm weather?  I look at news stories from the Middle East and Europe and everyone is hugging coats much of the time.  We get a few warm days here and there, maybe three to five and then it is back to weeks of cold weather.

The yin/yang of weather continues.  When half of the continent is warmer than usual, the other half is colder than usual.  ‘Global warming’ has to mean all the planet, not various localities.  While dissing Trump for pulling out of the #ParisAgreement, the EU’s CO2 Emissions Are On The Rise | Watts Up With That?


According to new data published by the European Environment Agency (EEA)…the 0.5% increase happened largely due to increasing demand for transport – better fuel efficiency in the sector was not enough to offset this.


The report suggests a slightly colder winter across Europe also contributed to increased emissions, due to higher demand for heating.


Road transport emissions, which account for about a fifth of total EU greenhouse gas emissions, increased for the second year in a row, by 1.6 %. Aviation emissions also increased by 3.3 %.


So, as I reported months ago, Europe, too, is having colder weather much of the time.  Waves of warm weather will swing over Europe for a week or two and then the cold slogs back in and it is grindingly cold for weeks and weeks.  Eventually, the warm weather in California will reach NY and I will have warmth again but then California will be cold.


It snowed last week in New Mexico and the mountains around Flagstaff, AZ, for example.  That is not normal for this time of year.  Too bad the news media giants can’t report this news in a sane way.  Do they really think they can fool people who are very cold?

On another note, I was googling for dogs that look like my cute little mutt and got this story:  Group of New York dog owners roam the city tracking down rats | Daily Mail Online reported two years ago:


 New York city officials declared war on rats earlier this year – and they are being helped in their quest by a group of dog enthusiasts and their four-legged friends.


The Ryders Alley Trencher-fed Society (R.A.T.S.) is a group of owners who take their dogs out to hunt rats in New York City.


Members of the independent group venture out on night-time excursions to allow their dogs to do what they do best: hunt and kill vermin.


Terriers are traditional ratters!  This dog is cute.  Looks like Queen Victoria’s pooch.

Here is my own puppy, Skyler, in the snow which she loves.  Good to have a dog that likes winter with things getting colder each year, no?


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12 responses to “High Today Only 48 Degrees In June! More ‘Global Warming’

  1. Jim R

    80s in south central Texas. But in other years, it has been 100 by this time.

  2. Dennis Roe

    Lookin good, Skyler

  3. Melponeme_k

    In NYC, we went from spring to about 3 or 4 days of summer than straight into fall. Its wet and cold all the time.

  4. Lou

    I always found NYC weather strange. Lots of snow pre 1970, then mild winters in 1970s,.

  5. Mr Bill

    Here are two videos which are in direct contradiction to the insane positions of the MSM and the ongoing propaganda machine pushing the IPCC / global warming / climate change / NWO agenda. I found both videos to present well articulated challanges to the MSM hysteria, including some intriging historical factors related to the evolution of this global warming / climate change / NWO.agenda. I have done no more research other than watching the videos, so I cannot, at this point, confirm whether the contents reflect truth or propaganda or something in between. In this case, I go toward truth, primarily because I percieve both of these presenters have a high integrity in their fields.

    The first video below features John Coleman, long time meterologist and founder of the Weather Channel. The second video features James Corbett of The Corbett Report. Both presenters took similar postions on the IPCC climate change issues, arguing that the wholw IPCC project is actually a fake pseudo science scam to promote an international political agenda spearheaded at the UN by Maurice Strong, a protege of David Rockefeller. The political agenda in question is implimentation of the New World Order.

    I thought both videos certainly gave an entirely different perspective from the official IPCC dialog. I felt both were worth my viewing time.

  6. Ken

    Totally off topic.


    I was just notified by my bank that a payment I sent to you in March, via on-line checking, was returned as non-deliverable. I sent it to 209 Greenhollow Road, Petersburgh, New York 12138. Was this not the correct address?

    I do not use PayPal.

  7. Ken! That is the correct address. I cannot understand why it was not delivered! Was it to Elaine Supkis? If you have a different name, it might confuse the post office which is very rural and easily confused thinking the name was wrong.

    Please try again and if it doesn’t work, tell me. Thank you a great deal in advance!

  8. Ken

    No. That’s the name I used. I sent it again. Supposedly you should get it by the 13th.

    They send these in non-descript envelopes. Don’t throw it away by mistake.

  9. Seraphim


    Are we in for a bout of nostalgia? Ah, the Ice Age scare of the 70s! We were young, in our prime. I feel young again.

  10. I wait patiently! Thank you ever so much.

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