Mainstream Media Freaks Out Over Being Called ‘Fake News’

The unrelenting flow of negative and often fake news stories about Trump continues.  It has totally consumed the major media outfits.  They can’t see anything except through the lens of ‘How much can we hate Trump?’  I always thought our mainstream media was stupid but now they are insane and stupid, a bad combination.  They are furious that millions of citizens think they are insane and stupid.  So they fight this with more fake news which is insane and stupid!  HAHAHA.

The New York Post had an honest front page!  Congratulations!

During the last election, CNN got all huffy and puffy because Trump ran an amusing ad showing the media as lying about nearly everything.  ‘How dare you!’ wailed the staff at CNN.  CNN should be aware that millions of us make fun of them all the time and it is too easy, like shooting fish in a barrel.


This week’s latest episode in ‘For Whom CNN Fakes’ in London should shut down that propaganda operation once and forever but…the mainstream news mostly covered up this story by refusing to report it and non editorialized about how evil fake news is when the BBC and CNN indulge in faking an event.


Daily, I look at mainstream news hoping to see some sanity but it gets only worse and worse.  The more Trump succeeds, the more insane the mainstream media.  They nit pick like crazy, they blame the difficulties Trump is having, forming a government, on him and not on who it rests: Congress and the fake media attacks.

HAHAHA.  I swear, the fake news people have a plot to make us all die laughing at them.  Trump is out of control?  The entire left has left the room and gone bonkers outdoors, attacking everyone and threatening to burn down DNC-run cities!  The Muslim terrorists are certainly out of control, no one at the top who is loved by fake news mainstream media is lifting a finger to stop terrorists.


I love how the Washington Post claims that Britain is showing ‘substance and strength’ unlike Trump when the befuddled government rushes around AFTER an attack to arrest lots of ISIS terrorists it let into the country due to insane policies put in place with full Bilderberg support.


I don’t call this ‘strength’.  I call this ‘shutting the barn door after the horses ran off.’  The mainstream media can’t tell a single story without screwing it up due to ideology.  If millions and millions of Americans are worried about letting in Muslim terrorists, the fake news doubles down screaming ‘bring in more Muslims or else!’


These New York/California media giants are losing their audiences in the rest of the country at lightning speed.  It will destroy their business and they are too pissed off to see they are shooting themselves in the foot.


The New York Times editorial page mirrors the Washington Post’s lineup of insanity but goes one further, praising communism!!!  HAHAHA.

It is yet another dark, dank, COLD day on my mountain.  It hasn’t been this cold in summer since the volcanic eruption of Mt. Pinatubo.

From last month:  No, Trump campaign. You don’t get to call CNN ‘fake news’ on CNN. – The Washington Post


So CNN wasn’t about to allow the Trump reelection campaign to run an ad that contains a brief passage calling the media “FAKE NEWS,” a term hatched to describe deliberately fabricated stories designed to push a political viewpoint. The ad inventories a number of Trump actions that it cites as part of his 100-day “success,” including a tax-cut plan, the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil M. Gorsuch and other stuff. Then: “You wouldn’t know it from watching the news.” At that point, this image quickly appears:

Campaign Executive Director Michael Glassner has issued a statement on the matter: “It is absolutely shameful to see the media blocking the positive message that President Trump is trying to share with the country. It’s clear that CNN is trying to silence our voice and censor our free speech because it doesn’t fit their narrative.”


Though CNN is a 24/7 network with some big names on staff, it lacks the power to censor the Trump campaign’s free speech, which is alive and unedited on YouTube.


I love how the Washington Post has to openly lie about…a story about the media lying about Trump!  They huff, ‘Trump can go on the internet, we don’t have to show his ads or give him any equal time, so there!’


Just because Trump can appear anywhere else is no excuse and these liars know this.  What they are doing is openly trying to manipulate the public so that they vote against their best interests.  The media billionaire owners don’t want to give voters what THEY want, they want the Presidents to give THEMSELVES stuff!


This is why they openly lie, censor and attack those who oppose them.  This open animus is beginning to backfire, millions of Americans are now very angry with the mainstream news and now assume (correctly) that they are being fed propaganda.


YouTube to offer fake news workshops to teenagers – BBC Newsbeat

What Google did back last month was, bring together a gaggle of SJW college students and said, ‘Censor the internet! Mark Dice strikes again, popping their bubble that everything else is fake news, not mainstream media: ‘Top 10 Fake News Stories of 2016 – YouTube

So, the mainstream media claims that Trump can go onto Twitter and You Tube so they have no obligation to present the news fairly.  But You Tube and Twitter are both run out of California and the West Coast liberal cities and they tried several times to prevent Trump and Trump supporters from using Twitter and You Tube.


The campaign to pull ads from You Tube has ended, by the way.  I notice now the pleasant period when no ads appeared has ended.  There are ads all over the place now.  Even sites run by anti-Trump/anti-mainstream media has ads.  Good lord, they even reappeared at Alex Jones sites on You Tube!  HAHAHAHA.


This attempt at group censorship run by big money giant corporations has collapsed just like the SJW efforts of football TV broadcasters who peddled the Black Panther/ANTIFA entertainment moments has tremendously backfired hitting the NFL right in the pocketbook as infuriated audiences shut off the TV and left the room.


The boycott of the football TV shows worked and it was organized online by citizens who are extremely pissed off about corporate America colluding with the DNC to impose a dictatorship on the rest of us.


Right now, the mainstream fake news is peddling the story that TRUMP continues to bring in Muslims when it is the judges on the West Coast supported by the mainstream media giants, who forced him into doing this.  They never, ever mention that salient fact which is typical of propaganda: leave out important details, blame the victims, etc.

I just got that story from the London Daily Mail.  The Mail has daily stories about how stupid Trump is and then comes up with this amazing, horrifying story showing rank incompetence at the top of the British government due to the ideology that they shouldn’t stop Muslim male terrorists.


Far from protecting everyone, they turn a deliberate blind eye!

More shocking news: You Tube adamantly refuses to censor videos of terrorist Muslim leaders telling followers to attack citizens!  They refuse to censor black thugs at their site, too.  But they tried to censor Trump and the alternative news sites.


The ads have returned, the boycott has ended but You Tube never apologized for the mess they created in their attempt at silencing the President and the rest of us citizens.  In the comments to these articles, citizens of England rage about this incompetence, the stupidity of the Bilderberg gang that rules England and Europe as a whole.


Those are the ones responsible for the Muslim invasion!  They are the ones who lie about everything!  They are the ones who control our information except we have the internet and can circumvent their propaganda.


Oh, and these liars are continuing to lie about the weather.  It is so cold and gloomy on my mountain, this is scary cold now.  I am very worried about climate change…towards the looming cold cycle.  This is another propaganda point: they changed ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’ because they knew we are going into a cold cycle.


I noticed this year, the ‘scientists’ (sic) who pushed ‘global warming’ have announced that CO2 causes global cooling, too!  Further insanity from an insane crew of liars.

The Democrats want to let in millions of illegal alien Muslim males.  How is Hillary going to do to stop these terror attacks?  Why, bring in a few million more!  And the other story is about how mean Trump is for trying to stop these terrorists.  England let them all in, gave them council housing and welfare money and then jobs where these terrorists could attack better.


Good lord, this is so…insane.  London rookie cop suffers life-changing injuries after attack because he and the other cops have no side arms thanks to liberals demanding they be disarmed!


Yes, London police can’t stop terrorists with knives and swords.  The liberals said, if cops were disarmed, the citizens wouldn’t attack them.  This was insane, it continues to be insane, it is still official policy to keep cops in England helpless whenever jihadists attack.  Why, oh why?  When will the Brits revolt against this stupidity?


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8 responses to “Mainstream Media Freaks Out Over Being Called ‘Fake News’

  1. ziff

    its coolish here in bc too.

  2. Lou

    You Tube adamantly refuses to censor videos of terrorist Muslim leaders telling followers to attack citizens! –Jews have been attacking civilization for a long time, using Blacks and Muslims.
    What do you think that poem on the Statue of Liberty is about?
    Its not at the airport in Israel.

    It is cold in Los Angeles. I dont remember a cold June, in 38 years here.

  3. Claudeeyah

    Here in the South, where normally oppressive heat would cause air conditioners to be running 24/7, it breezy and pleasant, similar to mid April to very early May. Thanks, Climate Change!

  4. Suusi M-B

    Theresa May’s primary responsibility since 2010 has been security.She will do anything to please the Saudi’s and Qatari’s She so loves their money.

    It seems your trump is no better.

  5. hans

    2 of the terrorists were married to decent white women. what prompts such women to marry hardcore terrorists and face abuse and beatings.

  6. Claudeeyah


    Short answer: white self-hatred and abject stupidity, with a side order of degradation of Western society.

  7. Suusi M-B

    Or someone treats them decently for the first time in their lives and they get suckered in. Once married no turning back.

  8. The males outside of the Muslims won’t marry because if they are divorced, they are taken to the cleaners, big time. But Muslim men marry because they have total control over the female. Their religion actually encourages this for it is a form of slavery, since the women have few rights.

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