Reality Winner Is Big Loser In Dirty Leaks Game

Reality Winner Psy-Op: The Intercept Rats Out Deep State NSA Contractor Shill and Top Secret Leaker – YouTube

Federal contractor Reality Leigh Winner arrested for sending classified NSA intelligence to news outlet: Trump has to stop the flow of leaks.


What a name!  Reality Winner is today’s biggest loser.  Her parents are probably ‘hippie’ types.  Well, she stepped on this landmine.  She will spend much of her misspent youth in prison now.  This ‘leak’ was a liberal scheme to frame Trump by connecting him to Russia yet again.  Unfortunately, Wikileaks leaders have no idea that this is a scam, not revealing important information of people committing crimes.  It is ‘dirty pool’ not ‘information we need.’


A 25-year-old federal contractor is facing charges she leaked a classified National Security Agency document to a news outlet in May.


The charges against Reality Leigh Winner came about an hour after the publication of a story based on an NSA document detailing Russian attempts to hack American voting systems in 2016.


President Trump has been pushing Justice to go after leakers inside the federal government, which he has identified as “the big story” when it comes to Russia’s involvement in the 2016 presidential election. Winner’s arrest could signal the federal government is going to aggressively investigate and prosecute individuals who send classified intelligence to news organizations.


Trump and other Republican allies in Washington have made pursuing leakers one of their top priorities, but Winner is the first to face charges for releasing classified intelligence.


There was no proof of tampering.  They WANTED proof and they engineered it so they could ‘prove it’ but it isn’t real.  Guess what?  If it WAS ‘real’ it would have been already produced and something done long before today.  This is part of the system of lies set up by the NSA agents who were out to destroy Trump when he suddenly won an election they all thought was ‘in the bag’ via cheating with Hillary.


Reality Leigh Winner Facebook page – Fire Andrea Mitchell!


She also posted this just before the November election, about the bogus Russian collusion story:

Note that this young lady is big on Bernie and big on coddling Muslim males.  She is definitely a SJW, Social Justice Warrior associate and this is the gang that is extremely violent and is pushing for an open revolt and hope to have help from Muslims in terrorizing Americans.


(223) News about reality leigh winner on Twitter


She is trying to overturn an election.  She is not a whistleblower at all.  She deserves the punishment that will be her fate. People must stop leaking ‘bad stuff about Trump’ nonstop.  This is wrong on every possible level.  No government can function with constant leaks from spies and other nefarious people.


Leaking NSA spying on the President should be done only to embarrass the NSA, not the victim.  This Reality chick was leaking to harm someone, not stop the NSA from spying or committing crimes against humanity.  Of course, Assange can’t figure out the difference.


A good You Tube examination of Reality’s crime: Reality Winner, Fiction Loser — A Patsy? – YouTube



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4 responses to “Reality Winner Is Big Loser In Dirty Leaks Game

  1. melponeme_k

    She is a casebook example of poor parenting. She was simultaneously coddled and allowed to shift for herself intellectually while growing up. Her parents probably thought her sass was cute and didn’t correct her when it became obnoxious in a teen.

    There are numerous pictures of her half dressed, showing off her masculine looking physique. Why would a woman want to look that built?

    Assange has poor taste in women and the spooks probably have a whole dossier on his preferences. Does the man really think Pamela Anderson isn’t being debriefed about him?

  2. Jim R

    Apparently they are cranking them out of an MK Ultra basement in suburban Virginia somewhere.

  3. It appears more and more that an army of SJWs are now going into high gear, egged on by their teachers and the mainstream media giants, to destroy the US and terrorize citizens.

  4. Lou

    #2–What happened to that James Howell? from the mid west?
    Last year he was going to shoot up Gay Pride in LA. Was caught in Santa Monica.
    We dont hear about him.

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