California Genius Politicians Can’t Figure Out Why Black Kids Do Terrible In School

75% of black California boys don’t meet state reading standards was in California news three days ago.  Since California seems to be the biggest state (aside from my home state of NY) to go off various social and political cliffs.  Unlike where I live, people in California are in a blessed land that doesn’t have much, aside in the mountains, winters.  This is why my family moved there in 1849 and it is a nutty place which is why we all left until no one is there anymore.

Across ethnicities and economic status, girls outperform boys on English in standardized tests.


Yes, girls do ‘better’ in general but not in specifics.  When we look at the very top of intellectual abilities, we females fall short of the top males, 100 to 1.  I know because I competed in that giddy high level when I was in school and usually was one of a tiny handful of girls to win against the top boys.  And I never did this in math related contests which irritated me no end.  My brain: DUH.  El stupido.


Three of four African-American boys in California classrooms failed to meet reading and writing standards on the most recent round of testing, according to data obtained from the state Department of Education and analyzed by CALmatters.


The average girl usually gets a ‘free pass’ by being simply cooperative and repeating information as per fed by teachers.  Girls are usually ‘teacher’s pets’.  I was not one of these, I asked way too many questions and showed unlady like impatience.


Boys do poorly trapped in desks.  They have lots of energy and a more rebellious nature.  They evolved to explore and hunt and go into danger while girls evolved to hang out with the tribe and never stray, period, and to be useful to their mothers.


More than half of black boys scored in the lowest category on the English portion of the test, trailing their female counterparts. The disparity reflects a stubbornly persistent gender gap in reading and writing scores that stretches across ethnic groups.


AND…there is a race gap.  AND the people at the top of the dog pile are Asians, not Europeans, below that are the South Americans and at the bottom, the Africans and other outlier tribal groups that prized pure survival against the odds like the Inuit who have ‘street smarts’ for living in very dangerous conditions that would kill most other humans.


During the last dozen Ice Ages, Africa was the Garden of Eden, it had near zero glaciation.  Ditto, the Amazon except it had no Great Apes so none evolved there.  It only had howler monkeys and such.


The phenomenon is nevertheless worrisome because it may compound other educational disparities California has attempted to close for decades, without success.


NO one has ever closed this gap.  It isn’t possible.  It is like expecting Chinese students to excel in basketball or football.  The only reason black males end up in college is mainly via either sports or they get a huge boost in their scores whereas Chinese students are punished for high scores and excluded deliberately for ‘variety’ otherwise all the top schools would be mostly Asians.


“If boys don’t read as well as girls, and if that persists all the way through K-12, it means when you reach certain thresholds like college, it places the males at a disadvantage,” says Loveless. “The ability to read well has a lot to do with the ability to get into college and the ability to do well while you’re in college.”


Even Asians who are recent immigrants and have the learn English, do better than most black males by a million miles.  You can’t lead a horse to water and you can’t for black males to master English if they have no motivation to do this.  By lowering the bar on language skills for blacks who are excellent athletes, they are content with this.


A few excel in language skills but the bulk do not.  This is endemic to their mental construction thanks to evolution.


“Part of this may be structural, in having texts that aren’t relevant to the experiences and legacy of African-American boys,” said Chris Chatmon, founding executive director of the African-American Male Achievement program at the Oakland Unified School District. “When a lot of the curriculum you have access to isn’t familiar, or doesn’t acknowledge your past or your present, you have a tendency not to be engaged with it or want to read it.”


That is utter BS.  Iranian students who come to Europe or America often excel in language skills very quickly.  The Iranians have had a series of civilizations going back 5,000+ years just like China.  When Europe was barbarian, Iran was highly civilized.  Iran has several thousand years of civilizations compared to Europe.


Both China and Iran can have 1,000 year ‘dark ages’ when conquerers destroy civilization or enslave the population but usually these last less than 1,000 years.


While the state makes it relatively easy for parents to look up the test scores of African-Americans at local schools, the data is not broken down by gender. So it may be difficult to identify schools where black boys are performing well, as well as schools that are struggling.


This is deliberate.  They do not want anyone to see what is going on and the hopelessness of making black males become intellectual giants.  Jews, for example, have had a written language going back 2,500 or so years whereas Africa had it only in Egypt and the Mediterranean fringe for the same length of time, Egypt having hieroglyphics for 5,000 years.


South of the Sahara desert, there was really no written languages, no history, no real math, no major buildings.  Why?  South Americans came over there 12,000 years ago and built cities and civilizations from Arizona and New Mexico all the way down to Peru.  But not in Africa.


Egypt’s greatness was due to its proximity to the Indus valley and the Mediterranean civilizations including the Minoans on Crete.  And when that world collapsed, it fell all the way to destruction losing language, writing, building of cities, everything ‘civilized.’  Egypt survived by the skin of its teeth.


“The state should report this data,” Ryan Smith, executive director of the education reform advocacy group Ed Trust-West, said via email. “One of the consistent things we find in our research is that schools and districts closing gaps for students of color tend to do more with data, not less.”


These gaps never ‘close’.  They manipulate the tests and dumb them down, etc. hoping to scrape out some sort of Potemkin Village idiot solution.


The data limitation is not unique to California—detail is lacking in many other states’ public-facing test results. A spokeswoman for the California Department of Education said producing more detailed data is under consideration, but “schools and districts already have the capacity to create student results by all kinds of cross-tabulations.”


They studiously avoid doing anything sane for fear it would confirm reality.  They want the APPEARANCE of ‘progress.’


Finally, many point to how schools are structured—a lack of sufficient recess to allow high-energy boys to blow off steam, reading materials unrelated to male interests and a predominantly female teaching workforce. But Loveless cautions that those arguments stem less from empirical research and more from old-fashioned stereotypes.


These SJW females want to cut men’s balls off.


And again the gap persists in foreign education systems, many of which are radically different from ours. In addition, international and state reading tests are routinely tested for gender bias.


That leaves researchers like Loveless without a conclusive answer.


Loveless is clueless.  Deliberately so!  There is no way they will explore the obvious.  They do not want to fix anything and raising the IQ levels of people with low IQs is like leading a donkey to water and not expecting it to lash out and kick you in the stomach and then bray ‘he haw’ and I have handled donkeys.  They are stubborn and funny, at the same time.

California’s high school graduation rate passes 80% for first time – LA Times: 2014!  Glorious news!  All the donkeys went to the water tub and drank but then kicked the teachers in the stomach, attacked each other and destroyed the water tank but they drank!


Although disparities remain based on students’ race, socioeconomic status and English skills, the graduation rates for Latino and African American students are increasing more rapidly than those of their white and Asian peers.


They can get a 100% graduation rate by passing everyone even the ones in prison or dead.  Just like voting in Detroit during the last election!  I once worked for a university and they did everything in their power to keep students who were paying over $10,000 a year back then, to go to school.  The last thing they wanted was students to quit.


The graduation rates were lower for Latino and black students across the country: 76% and 68%, respectively, graduated in 2012. The percentages were roughly the same in California, based on data from 2013.


And the solution is…to never punish kids who are rioting, attacking each other, stealing stuff and screaming obscenities and abusing teachers while ignoring their lessons.


“We have to be honest that this is a matter of equity and that we have to change the opportunity equation,” said Education Secretary Arne Duncan. “All of America’s children are our children.”

As Graduation Rates Rise, Experts Fear Diplomas Come Up Short – The New York Times notices the obvious:


A sign in a classroom here at Berea High School, northwest of downtown in the largest urban district in the state, sends this powerful message: “Failure Is Not an Option. You Will Pass. You Will Learn. You Will Succeed.”


If only the teachers are issued guns and can say this while jabbing it at the students. I taught my wild stallion, Sparky, many lessons and he turned into a very fine working horse.  I used a whip and other learning ‘aids’ and even slapped him on the nose when he would try to bite me.  We ended up getting along just great indeed, very affectionate.


But training him was pure hell.  Our schools threw away most training tools and the children know this and take advantage of this and all too many get more and more arrogant and end up dead or in jail.  This is stupid.  It is not helping them, new teaching methods are a total disaster.


By one measure, Berea, with more than 1,000 pupils, is helping more students succeed than ever: The graduation rate, below 65 percent just four years ago, has jumped to more than 80 percent.


If you hand out degrees like candy, everyone can pick one up.  These degrees are useless, of course.


But that does not necessarily mean that all of Berea’s graduates, many of whom come from poor families, are ready for college — or even for the working world.


DUH.  They are a fraud.


According to college entrance exams administered to every 11th grader in the state last spring, only one in 10 Berea students were ready for college-level work in reading, and about one in 14 were ready for entry-level college math. And on a separate test of skills needed to succeed in most jobs, little more than half of the students demonstrated that they could handle the math they would need.


So the high school classes were worthless.  The solution has been to give them loans to learn high school or lower class materials and then hope they go to a university.  The drop out rate for this is near 100%.  The kids end up with two or more years of debt and no skills.


If they can’t pick it up by age 18, they aren’t going to suddenly become capable a year later!  Some people, after a rough life, do turn around and learn.  When I worked with men in prison in New Jersey, they were all over the age of 30 and all were very quick, cooperative learners.


States also vary widely in diploma requirements. In California, South Carolina and Tennessee, the authorities have recently eliminated requirements that students pass exit exams to qualify for a diploma. Alaska, California, Wisconsin and Wyoming demand far fewer credits to graduate than most states, according to the Education Commission of the States, although local school districts may require more.


See?  The article admits all this is designed to hand out fake diplomas.  In New York, when I was young, they had the ‘regents program’ for college bound kids.  Now, they let anyone in.  I remember vividly competing for scholarships and winning the right to go to a major university at age 16.  It was really hard work!  Now, they take any warm bodies.  It is embarrassing.


Just 6 percent of black students and 15 percent of Hispanic students scored ready for college in math, with only slightly higher rates for reading. In one poor rural district where most of the students are African-American, graduation rates have risen to more than 85 percent, yet not one student scored high enough on the ACT to be deemed ready for college in reading or math.


And there is our proof of complete fraud.  These schools shouldn’t even bother with the final two or three years of high school.  They are working at junior high level skills so why have the fiction of being high schools?

On a side note, Another terrorist stopped in East ham – as illiterate or crazy Muslims systematically destroy Europe.


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20 responses to “California Genius Politicians Can’t Figure Out Why Black Kids Do Terrible In School

  1. Lou

    ‘The Bell Curve’ by Murray.and Herrnstein.

    The Libs hated it.
    But the libs ruined Shockley.

  2. Moe

    This is a good one…LOL

    “They manipulate the tests and dumb them down, etc. hoping to scrape out some sort of Potemkin Village idiot solution.”

    Potemkin Village idiot solution! Ha, Ha.

  3. Moe

    So what is to be done with the genetically mis-endowed? They are not responsible for their inadequacy (unless one believes in reincarnation and tribal/group Karma).

    Forget about enumerating the endless list of school failures, nothing will change there until the liberals are outed for the frauds they are. That still leaves us with the problem of an intellectual underclass.

    And that opens another can of worms. It is this class in the US and the migrant (Muslim) class in Europe that are most successfully reproducing. Society can’t afford a dumbing-down of the populace (an event that is already occurring): how can this be interrupted?

    Europe is probably doomed, so forget them. It’ll be a Caliphate in 50 years, or less. (Some wag projected this and identified that a Muslim France and Britain would possess nuclear weapons: I would like to think that ain’t gonna happen, that those weapons will be taken out but look at Pakistan, no intervention there).

    But perhaps the US would have a different outcome. Eventual collapse with a huge, unsupportable underclass. Fragmentation perhaps. with the devolution of the country into different countries, possibly accompanied by a race war. Or a “Final Solution” that addresses the issue in a draconian but direct manner.

    And the Darwinian answer to these developments would be that societies which fail to adapt and evolve would die out, just like species that so falter. The populace might still exist, though truncated in numbers, but advanced social structure would be gone (think Africa).

    A more likely scenario would be that successful countries would dominate/conquer the weaker. I’m sure the Chinese would favorably countenance occupation of ‘Merica/Canada to relocate a hundred million or more of their population. Would have to eventually kill off most of the indigenous population (we have seen this before: recall the term ‘Manifest Destiny’) but that never stopped conquerors in the past. (A simpler scenario would be China’s occupation of Russia’s far east, but Russia presently is no pushover. China might have to look abroad).

    From a broader perspective, the world’s weak, intellectual or otherwise, will eventually have to be eliminated from the gene pool if the human race is to survive. Shades of Alduous Huxley! Or our present elite.

  4. Melponeme_k


    London Mayor states that he has no money to protect the people of London in his care. He needs to be pulled from office. The UK also needs to look into voting reform the same as all western countries. Because I’m sure there were some illegal alien ballots cast for this fool.

  5. Melponeme_k

    Just a few short years ago, I would have cared deeply about the people who can’t keep up in today’s world which is changing from a labor to an intellectual IP world. But now I’m too tired and getting too old to care.

    Whatever happens, it won’t be nice. Whether robots become AI (unlikely) or not (likely), they will still be taking on the lion’s share of manufacturing. And with the advent of 3D printing, it will mean we won’t need too many robots for manufacturing either.

    Most of us will be making a living through intellectual work in whatever jobs are left and self employment. Blogs like this are an example. What I do know is that we have to start building a reimbursement infrastructure now that protects US, the CONTENT CREATORS. Right now all of our work enriches Google, Facebook and the rest without them having to pay us a dime.

    For the ones that can’t do this? I don’t know. Don’t know. But there sure are a lot of them out there, too many to all be on welfare.

  6. Every few decades, empires need major wars to thin the herd.

  7. Jim R

    “Potemkin village idiot” … haha, I like that phrase.

  8. Jim R

    And, this is one of the biggest evils of nuclear weapons. A real, all-out war is no longer fashionable. We have these little conflicts, and sort-of scripted events, but not actual war.

    So we descend into idiocracy… and radioactive no-go zones sprinkled all over the planet, near where people once used electricity.

  9. Lou

    #3- Chinese move to take over Africa.

  10. The Chinese told me years ago, once they figured out capitalism in the real sense, not theoretical sense, that they would use this new tool to conquer the world. I warned the CIA of this plan and they thought I was joking (this was way back in 1982).

  11. Petruchio

    An off topic, but related subject: a news report (from RT?) that details how it is MORE expensive to send someone to a State Prison in California than it is to send a student to Harvard. The real problem with Government is not that it is inefficient. The REAL problem is there are too many Looters in Government! There isn’t enough money for everyone to rip off.

  12. Petruchio

    @#10 Elaine: That’s because the CIA has always been run by a bunch of ultra spoiled rotten rich kid Ivy Leaguers who think belonging to Secret Societies like the Numbskulls and Boneheads makes them invulnerable. These guys couldn’t get a job as Chief Dog Pooper Scooper of any City based on their own merits. The CIA is a laughingstock of the Intelligence Community. They are known as “players who can’t play”. The CIA just goes around murdering people. That’s all they do.

  13. No kidding, I saw all that up close and personal all my long life! 🙂

    By the way, I was too bratty for the CIA. They hated me. BTW, my father was Office of Naval Intelligence. The smarter guys.

  14. Lou

    Zero students at six Baltimore schools test proficient in English or math

    “teachers at five schools received a zero on the latest round of standardized testing: Booker T. Washington Middle School, [Frederick] Douglass High School, Achievement Academy at Harbor City, New Era Academy, Excel Academy at Francis M. Wood High School, and New Hope Academy. … At Frederick Douglass, 185 students took the state math test last year and 89 percent fell into the lowest level. Just one student approached expectations and scored a three.”

    “In 2013-14, a total of 659 Baltimore City school employees made at least $100,000 in regular and additional earnings combined – and that’s not counting the untold cost of insurance and other benefits. Those 659 employees were paid a combined $68 million in regular earnings, plus another $5.8 million in additional earnings, totaling $75 million,” EAGnews reported at the time.

    All but eighteen on the list of 659 in the ‘six-figure club’ received ‘additional earnings’ – including 125 who were paid at least $10,000 for unused leave, various types of bonuses and overtime pay.

    The sky-high salaries, however, did not have the desired effect.

    The same standardized NEAP test results that showed only 14 percent of Baltimore City fourth graders could read proficiently in 2013 actually decreased to just 11 percent last year”

    Guess they’re keepin’ it real even at a tender young age.

  15. Learning begins at home. Since nearly 80% of black families are broken families headed up by women, the discipline and desire to succeed has collapsed. And many ‘white’ and ‘hispanic’ families are seeing fewer and fewer children living with their fathers and this social malaise will get worse, not better.

  16. ConsiderTheGoalsOfMothers

    «There is no way they will explore the obvious. They do not want to fix anything and raising the IQ levels of people with low IQs»

    The only somewhat documented “ethnic” difference in IQ is that of hebrew religion people being somewhat higher on average than that of everybody else.

    «Since nearly 80% of black families are broken families headed up by women, the discipline»

    In a previous post some years ago you have reported some related facts that relate to this and are far more illuminating as to kids who are in social care and assigned to families:

    * When dark-skinned usian kids are moved to a family with a light-skinned mother, their school performance rises soon to the same as most light-skinned kids.
    * When dark skinned usian kids are moved back to a family with a dark-skinned mother, their school performance falls soon to the same as most dark-skinned kids.
    * When light-skinned kids are moved to families with a dark-skinned mother, their school performance falls soon to the same as dark-skinned kids.

    Put another way, on the “tiger mom” scale, light-skinned mothers score higher than dark-skinned ones (and most yellow-skinned ones higher again).

    «and desire to succeed has collapsed.»

    My tentative interpretation is that dark-skinned mothers are no less motivated by the desire to see their kids succeed than light-skinned mothers, but they push them to succeed in a different way than school results: my impression is that they push them to succeed as “cool guy in the ‘hood” instead, that is reproductive success rather than economic success. I reckon that the most likely reasons may be:

    * dark-skinned mothers assume that regardless of success at school, their children will be economically discriminated, and therefore they may as well target reproductive success from the start.
    * cultural reasons influence dark-skinned mothers to push their children towards reproductive rather than economic success.

  17. Lou

    Its said that babies raised in grim X USSR orphanages lose an IQ point a month, while there [or something like that].

  18. Lou

    Learning begins at home. I disagree. It begins in the brain. The environment, while important, is second.

  19. Petruchio

    @#13 Elaine: There are some dedicated people at the CIA who take their Oath seriously. Guys like Ray McGovern and Michael Scheuer. However those two are no longer employed by the CIA and I can safely assume there have been others who left because of the crud and criminality at the top. All you need to know about how bad the CIA is that the Bush Crime Family had a hand in it from Day One. Harry Truman said signing the CIA into its existence was his WORST mistake as President.

  20. My father predated the CIA, was Navy Intelligence during WWII. FDR chose his position because FDR was Navy. The CIA came out of the Army section.

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