Comey Lies, The DNC Grasps At Straws, McCain Dithers

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COVFEFE LIVEWIRE: Comey Crazy Sweeps Washington… Breitbart Live From Union Pub – Breitbart: Comey does perjury:

The Comey hearings are on and everyone is running around like dogs chasing their own tails.  The liberal mainstream fake news systems has put it all down on the roulette table, hoping to drive the non-Bilderberg gang President out of office.  Too stupid to see the potential backlash, they hope to cripple a GOP White House, a GOP House, a GOP Senate and a conservative leaning Supreme Court.  This coup will fail, obviously.


I listened to some of this in between mowing my fields due to this being the only two dry days this last two weeks, we learn that Comey did give memos to friends to feed to the press illegally.  Well, well, well, this reminds me of the corrupt toad, J. Edgar Hoover, an old enemy of my youth.


He was one of the leakers.  DC bled leaks like the plumbing in a slum.  Trump, being an outsider, didn’t have a grip on anything from day one and the GOP power players and Bilderberg co-conspirators did all they could to trip him up but this will backfire on them in the long run.


UPDATE 12:50 P.M. As the public part of the hearing adjourned, and Comey has completely vindicated Trump ahead of a later closed session hearing where he and senators are likely to discuss classified information he could not bring up during the televised hearing, the whole thing turned out exactly like Breitbart News Network told you it would: A giant nothing-burger. Except for the fact that Comey admitted he is a leaker, has a network through which he has leaked information designed to harm President Trump. Oh, and that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and other Obama administration officials may have engaged in serious misconduct worthy of further investigation–which Comey testified about today.


Meanwhile, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders–from the podium at the press briefing–has told reporters that President Trump is not, despite what the leaker James Comey says, a liar.


Comey ‘shared’ information illegally to a university buddy of his who is a ‘liberal’ (note all the stories about the SJWs running our schools now).

Comey’s testimony makes things better for Trump: Fmr. DOJ official – YouTube

The NY Times is already screaming for impeachment which is utterly irresponsible.  We shall see how suicidal Congress really is.  The Bilderberg gang met just this week and lo and behold, they try to engineer this event since they still hesitate to kill Trump.


Remember: he is NEVER ‘out of the woods’, he goes from one danger to the next.  These people play hard ball.  They think nothing of killing world leaders.  If agents inside the NSA and CIA want to pull another ‘let in a Marine to the US who defected to Russia and then came home and then let him have a rifle’ event, they will.


I would suggest, they are already propping open as many doors to assassins as possible which is why DNC judges in California and Hawaii and other states run by the Democrats, moved heaven and earth to allow as many Muslim terrorists into the country.  Look at how busy these are in Europe this year!


And they want us to be scared of Putin who has done absolutely nothing!

Russian news is real news.  Notice how even Trump can’t stop the stupid in Syria.



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15 responses to “Comey Lies, The DNC Grasps At Straws, McCain Dithers

  1. Lou

    Off topic. Elaine, you might enjoy this. Or it might be old news,

  2. KHS71

    What a dog and pony show. Junk. As that other candidate said recently, “a nothing burger”.

  3. ziff

    maybe they could send Madonna with a suicide vest

  4. Tom W Harris

    Gurl, u cray cray. Comey told the truth, you’re lying, and that’s the end of it.

  5. Too bad there is now a video record of Comey telling us he woke up in the middle of the night and decided at that moment, it was a great idea to ILLEGALLY leak information of an investigation to the media. 🙂

    He just put his darling foot into his mouth which is funny as hell. Now, the real investigations of the conspiracies to leak illicit information nonstop due to a non-Bilderberg gang President, designed to destroy this President, will be the next chapter in this sorry tale.

    The Democrats blew it. Big time. Mainstream media won’t tell their darlings this dire information because….they lie all the time, it is epidemic with them.

    They are so tied up in lies, they can’t do anything but continue lying until it blows up entirely in their faces. Just like the election.

  6. floridasandy

    the liberals blew it.

    democrats voted for Trump in big numbers. Liberals are completely lost. What is their excuse for Hillary’s last election loss? Obama and the Russians?

    I am not surprised that Comey would throw other people under the bus, including Loretta Lynch.

    No honor among thieves, doncha know?

    He had no right to try and impede an investigation into Hillary and he knows it. Now, both sides have no use for him anymore -so he can crawl back into the woodwork.

  7. floridasandy

    OT, here’s your globalism for you (reuters)

    An Afghan man killed a 5-year-old Russian boy in a home for asylum seekers near Regensburg in southern Germany on Saturday and was then shot dead by police, said German police, who confirmed earlier news media reports.

    and this little gem:

    An Afghan man killed his wife for giving birth to a third daughter rather than the son he hoped for, police in Afghanistan’s northern Kunduz province said on Monday.
    The victim, 28, known by the one name of Storai, was strangled by her husband — a local militia member —

    keeping it real globally.

  8. floridasandy

    i guess after Comey outed his friend during the hearing, Daniel Richman has gone into hiding:

    he is a law professor?????

    nobody needs “friends” like Comey.

  9. Yes, thanks for the information. And to think a LAW PROFESSOR did this is amazing. He can’t plead innocent due to ignorance of the law.

  10. Moe

    @4 ziff

    “Maybe they could send Madonna with a suicide vest”

    Quip of the day. 🙂

  11. Moe

    Reposted from a previous thread. (Prescient too!)

  12. What a crazy week. Things are getting fun now.

    I think I’m gonna pick another name of that Bilderburg list and then I’ll get back to you all with some details. This time I might just try to make the details a bit salacious. Makes for better reading and adult learning.


  13. Moe

    From Armstrong Economics:

    Excerpt:”…why did Comey protect Hillary refusing to record anything she said…?

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