Conservative Berkeley Student Riot Victim Suing School, Another Female Student Flees Her School

General Election: Brexit – Hard vs Soft – YouTube

The above video is interesting for it explains why Brexit is life and death for the citizens of England.  Now on to the USA which is seeing whole systems collapse due to left wing hysteria and outright physical attacks.  One school after another goes off the cliff as students join with SJW professors to attack staff and other students as well as the tiny handful of teachers who say or do the slightest thing off the reservation set up by the SJW rioters.  Evergreen College is the latest one that might not even survive the chaos this year.  Then there is Emerson College which one of my wonderful readers clued me into reading her story.  It is nasty! (sorry, I lost track of the name of the reader who told me about this, had to go out and do too many things…!)


Lexie Kaufman (@TheLexieKaufman) | Twitter

Leslie fled that ‘liberal’ school which seems more akin to a Chinese Maoist Re-education Camp.  China votes to abolish notorious re-education camps several years ago!  I am guessing the staff immigrated to the US and proceeded to continue their hard work.  Actually, these lunatics are home grown monsters.


Right-of-center students at Emerson College, sick and tired of being bullied, demand change – The College Fix


“[Emerson] has been very not open to the idea of people who have different opinions and it’s really come to a boiling point over the past few months,” said sophomore Erik Picone, who identifies as a libertarian.


I am amazed that any staff or students are not far left radicals at this point.  Anyone going in who resists the brain washing either flees or is put in the hospital.  All of these goofy schools are going to close eventually due to lawsuits.


For freshman Lexie Kaufman, her first-year experience has been so “awful” she’s transferring, a decision made after she was targeted by fellow students and called a white supremacist for posting a photo with conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos on Facebook.

Aside from being called a white supremacist, Kaufman said she’s been called a racist to her face.


Name calling is OK if you are a SJW racist.  These racist children run about assaulting people verbally and physically and claim they do this to stop racism even though they, themselves, are very racist.


“It’s hostile and there’s a lot of tension, just sitting in a classroom, you can literally feel these eyes on you and all this hate if they know who you are,” she said.


This is why I left Berkeley in 1970.  I wrote an editorial in the Berkeley Barb talking about the Japanese cop who was assassinated in front of our commune.  The hate aimed at me was ferocious and I didn’t want to bother with whacking the whackos attacking me so I left to somewhere I could use a gun again.


Meanwhile, Picone said it’s not unusual for him to be called out for his gender and ethnicity.


That is racism.


Even Emerson’s president referred to the results of the election as “tectonic” in an email sent the day after, mentioning faces that “betrayed weariness, fatigue and disillusionment” on campus that morning.


The administrators and staff at these brain washing schools fan the fires and encourage riots.  All of these should be sued and arrested for insurrection and public damage.


“Some of us feel as if our identities – our very beings – are under siege – that our virtuous hope for individual dignity and respect has been profoundly diminished and altered by this election,” he wrote.


These lunatics imagine they are ‘under siege’.  This is a sign of paranoia and other mental health problems and the president of this screwy school and his staff should be hospitalized. If not, jailed.


Making matters worse, (the persecuted conservative student) said she feels she received biased grading in a diversity class because of her opinions.


Picone (the leader the conservative students) said most professors might not agree with conservative students, but that the majority will at least allow debate. However, he’s also heard of teachers shutting down conservatives. He’s experienced that himself in a literature course where he kept quiet because the professor was “so anti-everything I would’ve said.”


“It was her way or the highway. If I would’ve said anything that disagreed with her, I probably would’ve failed,” he said.


The College Fix was unable to met with Pelton or Dean for Campus Life Jim Hoppe while in Boston. A campus spokesperson said they were unavailable for interviews.


The proto-communist Maoist leaders refused to meet with students who are representing the student press.  Of course, this is a dictatorship, not a school where people learn how to deal with democracy.

Woman pepper Sprayed in Face At Milo “Protest” with Commentary – YouTube

Remember her?  Well, I hope she enjoys the money she may win, suing the state and everyone involved in her assault.  Woman pepper-sprayed at Berkeley riot files suit for $23 mil.


All the students being beaten, tortured, abused, vandalized and forced to quit schools should sue these creepy institutions.  Then they either go bankrupt or they stop this madness.




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4 responses to “Conservative Berkeley Student Riot Victim Suing School, Another Female Student Flees Her School

  1. Lou

    the lawsuit is valid. the amount to be extorted is not valid.

  2. It is called ‘a warning shot across the prow’. California’s board of regents are being sued, too, and it will wake them up to the danger of coddling and assisting SWJ terrorists has a steep price attached.

  3. Lou

    #2-as you have so wisely noted [aint old age grand?] this all seems like the Maoist meltdown of the Chinese cultural revolution.

  4. It is an EXACT repeat. The ‘Cultural Revolution’ began at the schools, not at the top, and Madame Mao was the leader of it.

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