SJW Reality Winner Wanted To Cause Terror Then Flee To Muslim Country


The New York Times has a tiny side story about Reality Winner, a SJW young person who went to school to learn how to be a revolutionary terrorist.  She actually openly talked about doing terror attacks!  This is being studiously ignored by the US mainstream fake news but overseas, we get some of the true information.  To get the big story, we go to England where the Daily Mail has it in full.


‘I want to burn the White House down’: NSA leaker Reality Winner, 25, is DENIED bail as prosecutors claim she may have stolen more top secret information, was fascinated with Islamic terrorism and planned to play the ‘pretty, white girl’ card in court| Daily Mail Online


The prosecution alleged that Winner is ‘extremely intelligent’ and may have removed information from a ‘Top Secret computer on a USB drive’ while she was on active duty and stated that the thumb drive has not been located.


Obviously, this information was easy to access and download.  A lot of the ‘leaks’ are this type, not hacking jobs.  Insiders have to release it and this young lady thought she would destroy Trump if she released this information.


The government is also concerned about what other intelligence Winner possesses as she told her mother in a recorded phone conversation from prison that she ‘screwed up’ over those ‘documents’.


She was hired by the NSA and is ignorant how it works.  How funny is that?  All prison phones are tapped.  This is because even smart prisoners think they can arrange further crimes or discuss how to deal with the courts by lying and deceiving the court system and they discuss how they will do this…on prison telephones.


The prosecution stated that Winner had a fascination with the Middle East and Islamic terrorism.


The government claimed that they had found handwritten notes during a search at Winner’s home which appeared to sympathize with Osama bin Laden and other terrorists.


Many leftists flirt with treason.  They think this is a good thing to do.  It makes them very untrustworthy.


Authorities claim another handwritten statement found during a search of Winner’s home allegedly read: ‘I want to burn the White House down and go live in Kurdistan.’


Now we know how to punish her: send her to Kurdistan.


The pages also included notes on how to install Tor Browser on a computer which allows the Dark Web to be accessed and notes on how to unlock a cellphone and untie it from the provider, ‘creating a single-use burner account,’ the prosecution said.


Hillary, when she was being investigated, went to great lengths to smash, burn and destroy all her many cell phones and computers.


Prosecutors said in recorded jailhouse calls that Winner told her mother how to play her side of the story in the media.


She should have called Hillary for advice.  Hillary is busy running around the country, giving speeches to liberals and telling them, she is innocent and shouldn’t be prosecuted for her various crimes.  The media helps her by covering up news about her nefarious activities.  Perhaps Winner can do this, too.  Seems that the media is helping her by not explaining her crimes or demanding she be locked up for life.


They also said in a phone call she made to her sister that she was confident in how to ‘play the court’ during her bond hearing.


Just find a liberal judge and have them do the usual stupid.


‘I’m pretty, white and cute,’ she allegedly told her sister. Prosecutors said Winner told her sister she would braid her hair and cry in court.


And this might work if the judge is a liberal.


The hearing on Thursday came after Winner’s parents insisted their daughter is not a flight risk and should be released from jail before her trial.


Billie Winner-Davis said Wednesday she fears prosecutors will try to make an example of her daughter to show that they’re not ‘going to tolerate leakers.’


Gary Davis said his stepdaughter isn’t a flight risk. He says she has never run away from anything and there’s no reason to hold her.


The parents are delusional.  She is an open flight risk.  She is homicidal.  She is trying to conspire with foreign enemies of the state.  There is no way she should be allowed to run wild.  We won’t see liberals writing editorials about how dangerous the SWJ business is, fortunately for the rest of us, this activity is confined mainly to states that voted for Hillary.

RT News, as usual, has lots of interesting news.  Turkey is siding with Qatar in the Sunni/Shiite split going on in the Middle East.  This is highly significant.  US and NATO support of PKK Kurdish rebels has NATO splintering.  The US media nearly never talks about this split at all.  It is amazing to me since NATO is the big thing pushing for WWIII even as it falls to pieces.


In the RT News is the business of spying.  The Kremlin is correct in saying that they are hit by US hackers all the time.  Never have they blamed the government of the US for this intrusion.  Kids in Russia hacking US computers, on the other hand, is always blamed on Putin.

More news from the London Daily Mail:

The US media is avoiding talking about the Comey pal who illegally received classified information from Comey and then passed it on to a reporter in order to smear Trump.  I am not surprised he is hiding from authorities now.


This game of leaking everything all the time in a hysterical attempt at overthrowing an election is highly criminal and all parties should be prosecuted so this doesn’t happen in the future.


The left wants total chaos and social unrest and burning cities so they can get their own way.  This is highly dangerous and we can see in elections how lopsided it now is, with the cities totally at odds with the suburbs and countryside.  The cities in Europe and the US and other first world nations are hotbeds of welfare spending, cronyism and collapsing school systems as aliens flood in and unmarried/never married women have children who are supported mainly by the state who then cause crime and chaos.


These places vote for more welfare, more chaos, more illegal aliens as the previous waves of illegal aliens vote for more of the same.  Theresa May to ask Queen to form government after election | Daily Mail reports.

It looks like the US election map.  The red splotches are where there are the greatest concentration of immigrants and dying or dead manufacturing cities or regions.  And of course, liberal leftist concentrations.


Crime, in particular, drives out everyone from cities.  People who can flee, run for their lives.  This stark break between left and right is due to free trade and open immigration and the ability of citizens to flee cities being systematically destroyed by both forces.  This is probably how the Roman Empire collapsed, BTW.




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21 responses to “SJW Reality Winner Wanted To Cause Terror Then Flee To Muslim Country

  1. Jim R

    Trump’s biggest problem is he can’t find prosecutors because they all come from the same swamp. Likewise, he doesn’t even have support of the R’s in Congress.

    And, I keep tellin’ ya, they’re cranking those crazies out of an MK-Ultra dungeon somewhere. The only explanation I can see, they’re being manufactured. Maybe the first cohort of them have gone out to run colleges and schools…

  2. Ken

    Turkey is predominately Sunni. So is Qatar. Why would they take sides with the Shiites (by backing Shiite terrorists) against other Sunni countries? In particular, Syria (Shiite run) is hated by Turkey, which would logically mean that Turkey would not like Iran (Shiite), who is Syria’s main supporter. Yet Turkey is backing Qatar, an alley of Iran.

    Nothing in the Middle East makes any sense. We need to get out of there.

  3. KHS71

    Kind of like Saruman making all the Orcs.

  4. floridasandy

    strange bedfellows: (CSM)

    Indeed, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım last month portrayed Erdoğan as a descendant of a well-regarded Ottoman-era sultan. Last fall, a local AKP official controversially posted on his Facebook page that Erdoğan “will be the Caliph of the Presidency,” and that in 2023 – when the Turkish republic reaches its 100th birthday – “Allah will finish the light.”
    “Now there seems to be a new pattern of leadership: Erdoğan, Russian President [Vladimir] Putin, and Trump. They are not dictators, they are strongmen,” says Mr. Demir, approvingly. Erdoğan “is talking to people, he is doing it for the people. Maybe he is twisting some arms, but it is for a good cause.” (end)

    I think all 3 presidents are trying to root out the terrorists. Erdogan has tried to make peace with the Kurds, and accomplished some. It should be interesting if diplomacy has a place in this restructuring. It would be in the best interests of EVERYONE to have dialogue and promote peace and future tourism, which is a job/wealth creator for every country.

    Erdogan has been anti Communist in the past, and was imprisoned for a short period over freedom of speech.

  5. floridasandy

    Pluribus should get no more government contracts if Reality Winner is the best they can do.

    Seriously, couldn’t they have even checked her social media profiles?

    It is beyond pathetic.

  6. billibaldi

    @Ken – It’s complicated. 100 years ago Qatar, Turkey, Syria, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Lebanon were all one country. It was all run out of one city called Istanbul. This was the Ottoman empire.

    For some odd reason the Turks think that things should go back to the way things were and this is their first steps. The Turks are quite tolerant of the various flavors after all Turkey is ground zero of Sufism.

  7. Yes, the Turks want to bring back their empire. They encourage the invasion of the EU for this end as I have explained in the past.

  8. ziff

    re sjw’s;
    something everyone has forgotten , these black-masked discontented youth are the same anarchists of old me thinks

  9. tio

    “So what is really going on in this noxious petrodollar swamp?”

  10. We are lucky the Chinese don’t want us to go down in flames.

  11. Tacitus

    Re the U.K. Election, the split is more rural / urban, old / young, both of which could work in Labour’s favour when there is a second election later this year (a strong possibility, last happened in 1974). Also think there was tactical voting against the Conservatives, as a way of triggering a second referendum on the EU.

  12. Moe

    White, socialist traitor cum terrorist butch broad: f*ck I’m tired of these libtards.

    I need a machismo break. Here’s Vincent Fenandez: El Rey.

  13. floridasandy

    tacitus, are you British?

    Do they really want to stay in the European Union-even after being threatened with financial ruin for pulling out.

    That drunken Juncker said that he hopes it doesn’t slow down Brexit. I bet he does. 🙂

  14. Moe

    Jonathon Pie: Socialism Strikes Back

    Is it possible that May called and threw the election to have the Brexit vote recast and lost?

  15. Tacitus

    I’ve lived in the UK for 10+ years and watch European politics closely. The Brexit majority was small, with a noticeable old / young split (older favoring Brexit). I think there could have been tactical voting for Labour this election to derail Brexit. In Europe, the ECB has been printing money like confetti to get through the various elections with a buoyant economy. Once the German election is out of the way in Sept, they will move to “Soverign-backed Bonds”, which bundle the various EU national debt together in a single bond, making virtually impossible in the future for any other country to try to leave.

  16. I think the grand plan is to have WWIII and destroy civilization. After all, this is what the Bilderberg gang is trying so hard to engineer, right?

    In Russian news today, NATO planes capable of carrying nuclear bombs flew right next to Russia yesterday and were tracked by Russian military fighter jets and warned to back off and turn away or else.

  17. floridasandy

    it’s always interesting to see what regular people who leave in these countries think, as opposed to our media fed propaganda that we get here.

  18. Seriously, why on earth did they hire this obvious nut case? Her name is a dead giveaway.

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