Elite Fashion Falls Off Cliff: Starvation, Murder, S&M Sex All The Rage

The top fashion designers are all going insane.  After many years of pushing starvation fashions, they have now descended into the bowels of hell to feature designs that are all about witchcraft, murder, bondage and bullying.  They have these semi-slave fashion models staggering around in super-bitch high heels, snarling and covered with red goo and acting tough while they are as fragile as pre-Revolutionary Paris porcelain figurines.  The deviances from MTV sex shows infects everything ‘hip’ as they beg for an End of Times Event, aka, WWIII.


Rachel McCord bares (almost) all in an embellished jacket at Hollywood premier, ‘All About the Money’ illustrates this wonderfully:

No one in their right or wrong mind would parade about dressed like this except at the many coven events hosted by the super rich and super powerful.  This ‘bra’ is PAINFUL.  The model has to pretend she isn’t hurting.  They do this while wearing steeply spiked ‘shoes’ as they stagger delicately about, screaming like Maenads at a human feast.

Male Servants For Sale: Feminists First Serve – YouTube

All the ‘fashion designers’ are playing this game now.  The idea is, the Muslims want to cover up women so the leftists will show their titties in public.  So there!  Many demonstrations have women acting like Maenads, running around half naked, screaming at men.  At the same time, Muslims are there, handing out hajibs and telling them, they are allies.


This would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.  This is the most extreme ‘alliance’ I have ever seen and I have seen plenty in the past.

Look that these poor Hollywood entertainers!  The cloths are unflattering, ugly, sit poorly on their bodies and makes them look stupid all at the same time.  I find most fashions of this last three years to be amazingly ugly.  It reminds me of…modern art!  Modern art is all about toilets, trash, accidents, violence and hate!  Ugly barely scratches the surface, it is demonic.

This gigantic, extremely ugly ‘painting’ sold for $110 million.  The artist is dead, died young, died due to being very careless and getting sex diseases and using drugs.  This is the face of modern art, modern fashion, and how the super rich really think about humans and society.  A death cult from hell.



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13 responses to “Elite Fashion Falls Off Cliff: Starvation, Murder, S&M Sex All The Rage

  1. Lou

    Vigilant Citizen.com
    Who owns the media? The Tribe.

  2. Petruchio

    $110 million for THAT??!!! I predict whoever bought this “painting” is soooo STUPID he’s gonna be flat broke within 5 years. I don’t care if he’s a billlionaire now.

  3. Petruchio

    I can recall meeting the swimsuit fashion model Kim Alexis. Before seeing her in person I thought, ” I wonder if she’ll look skinny and gaunt?” Nope! Kim had a mighty fine lookin; body, Elaine and you can trust me on this one. I am the best Talent Scout in the Universe.

  4. Moe

    @3 Petruchio

    The Universe is a big place… 🙂

  5. She is young, eventually it becomes tough chicken flesh.

  6. Lou

    2—He died from Heroin. Warhol made him famous.
    He grew up jogging distance from where Elaine was, in Whitmans beloved Brooklyn.

  7. ziff

    110 mill ? i wonder if it was 50 , or , so the next guy gets it for 75 , a bargain for both !

  8. Seraphim

    You should have included a picture of Donatella Versace!

  9. That ‘painting’ is black magic. It is designed to call up demons. Modern art for a long time now, has been all about demons.

  10. Lou

    Modern art for a long time now, has been all about demons.–really?
    All those Jewish gallery owners?
    I mentioned to a wise old crone that the ‘Venice Art Walk’ [Los Angeles, not Italy] was ‘so many Jewish artists’ and the crone said ‘bc the gallery owners are Jews.’
    That hadnt occurred to me.]

  11. Petruchio

    @#4 Moe; But not too big for me. LOL!!!

  12. 20 acres and a mule is OK with me. I had a horse named Sparky and the ox team, Chip and Dale. We made out just fine. No need for any ‘universe’.

  13. Lou

    Hastert accused,

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