Mid-June SNOW In California: Global Warming Is Cold

My family lived in California since the Gold Rush.  It is usually ‘warm’ there but we do have deep snow winters in the Sierras off and on.  This year was epic snow in the mountains.  California’s Snowpack, One of Deepest Recorded in State History, Now Poses Flooding Risk back in March.  Now it sits there, skiers are happy.  The snow isn’t melting faster and faster, it is snowing still!  And the mainstream media continues to howl about global warming.  Last time I looked, California was part of the ‘globe’.


Donald Trump’s stance on global warming is ‘sociopathic, paranoid and malevolent’, world-leading economist says:


Professor Jeffrey Sachs, director of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, said claims that the Republican billionaire actually believes climate change is real made things “worse, not better”, as this would mean he is knowingly “jeopardising the planet”.


Just a day after he announced the US withdrawal, Mr Trump declared a major flooding disaster in Missouri, which climate researcher Dr John Abraham suggested added to the “mounting ironies”.


I love how global warmists have to cherry pick their ‘scary events.’  It could be blizzards in June in California and they will see ‘major flood’ way off in Missouri, where few of these clowns actually live, and use this to advertise their phobias.


The ‘mounting irony’ here is how they assiduously avoid looking at the thing called ‘The Entire Earth’ to see what is going on!  For example, ice is building fast in Antarctica and Greenland but ice is breaking off in some corners of these places and so the global warmists scream, this means we are all doomed.


During ice build up events, ice on the fringes always ‘breaks off’.  Even during Ice Ages, the entire ocean didn’t freeze, only a fringe around the edges saw ice.


When Mr Trump announced the US would withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change, he claimed the rest of the world had been “laughing at us” because it was such a bad deal for America.


Professor Sachs, of Columbia University, said his speech had displayed a “bully’s bravado”.


“These ravings are utterly delusional, deeply cynical, or profoundly ignorant. Probably all three. And they should be recognised as such,” he wrote.


China didn’t laugh.  They are very pissed off.  Their long range plans depended upon the US committing suicide.  By engineering a deal whereby China can burn boatloads of CO2 creating materials, the US was to be strangled to death, run on expensive energy and see a decline in living standards and economic collapse while China merrily would continue to burn or use CO2 generating systems and rule the world.


Boy, are they grinding their teeth now.

Lucky us!  The ice in the Arctic is finally melting!  Just a week ago, it was still mostly frozen.


About other, less pressing news:  I found this video from last month whereby street people in Olympia, WA, fought and drove off  Antifa Left Wing “Protesters” Pepper Spray and Throw Rocks at Homeless People in Olympia, WA – YouTube

Do note that everyone is wearing warm gear in May, right next to Canada and the Pacific Ocean.  So much for ‘global warming’.


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16 responses to “Mid-June SNOW In California: Global Warming Is Cold

  1. Moe

    Excerpt: “Professor Jeffrey Sachs, director of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network…”

    Full stop. One doesn’t have to know any more than that Sachs works for the UN. One day Trump might really shake up the world shoud he announce a US withdrawal from the UN!

  2. KHS71

    I have been wanting the US out of the UN for the past few years. It is a useless organization made up of elite busybodies thinking that they are important because they were born to the right parents and they are smarter because they went to the right schools. If Trump pulled the US out of the UN; the elites, leftest, and media would go completely bonkers. Their screams would be worst than pulling out of the fake Paris Accord. I hope he does it.

  3. Lou

    Where in California is it snowing? And how much?

  4. ziff

    climbed , mt Sleese to the propellor cairn today , still 10′ of snow ,cairn was buried

  5. Jim R

    @Lou, it’s the light blue splotches up near Reno by the Nevada border and in very far north Cal and southern Oregon.

  6. Gurrker

    I live in the Reno/Tahoe area and have most of my life (which is longer than Elaine’s long long life). Snow in June is commonplace around here. I have seen snow at or around Tahoe in every month on the calendar. This patch of cold and blustery weather neither proves or disproves anything as far as climate goes other than the climate remains the same as it has been in my lifetime . I do suspect that the solar minimum that is now ongoing will cool things off much like the little ice age. I probably won’t live long enough to see the full effect and the consequent mental contortions that will be forced on the alarmist community. When viewing the world around us it is probably best not to make more out of events than they actually warrant, no matter how tempting is is to blow shit up out of proportion.

  7. Ahem: it is NORMAL. It does NOT happen if we are having ‘global warming’. This is why the frauds running our sciences were forced to start talking about ‘climate change’ as if this isn’t normal to have the climate change.

    The propaganda scheme was cooked up so they could claim that people who don’t see future global warming could be called ‘frauds’ and force them into saying the climate doesn’t change.

    The arguments about Ice Age cycles has been swamped by ‘climate change’ nonsense. We can see from the past that the future has an Ice Age in store for us all and that it is about due to arrive and it is vital we figure out why our planet has increasing Ice Ages. Research into how the sun operates was swamped by research into ‘global warming’ which latched onto CO2 and not the sun as the main cause.

  8. Jim R

    The whole climate change fraud is a very publicly stated reason for more bureaucracy and a gigantic one-world government, with them in charge. Affectionately known to Elaine as the ‘bilderberg gang’.

    It is the same reason they hate Russia (which doesn’t submit to that one-world crap, at least not so long as Russia doesn’t run it).

    It is also the same reason for police-state tactics of all kinds.

    It is the same reason for the various wars all over the place.

    It is also the reason they attempt to spy on everyone on the internet.

    And finally, it is the reason for all of a variety of ridiculous schemes in agriculture, medicine, patents, copyrights, movies, telecom, and transportation. (They love nuclear power plants, but hate solar, for example.)

    The bureaucrats are hungry for power, to the extent of going insane.

    And it doesn’t even have to make sense: if they gave 1shit about CO2, they would stop the wars and stop bulldozing the rain forests.

    There are a couple of scientific principles supporting their fraud: humans have increased the CO2 level, and CO2 scatters infrared. This should change the temperature (a little). It also shifts the pH of the oceans, which could be even more destructive of life. Coral reefs are suffering from it… But many, many other factors (the sun maybe?) affect the climate, however.

    And their solution for it? Financial fraud. And a gigantic worldwide government which starts wars and bulldozes forests. And spews ever more CO2. So, nope.

  9. Jim R

    One other example of a greenhouse gas is H2O. Scatters infrared, more strongly than CO2. Of course, human activity is unable to influence its presence in the air.

    And another example of dumb things the bureaucrats do that don’t make sense: they love Microsoft and Apple, but hate Linux. Politicians in Munich are talking about going back to Microsoft for all the city’s computers. Their IT department just spent the last ten years or so migrating to Linux, but now the mayor and his deputy want to hand millions of Münchners’ tax Euros over to Microsoft (every year forever), because a ‘study’ (done by Microsoft, Oracle, and one of the crooked NYC accounting houses) shows that Linux costs too much (cough, cough).

  10. Moe

    @9 Jim R

    This is fraud at its most elementary level. But what is an (uninformed, dumbed-down) citizenry to do?


  11. Jim R

    Moe, it is fractal fraud. It is at every level.

    Those citizens might not be so dumb if not for the fraudulent (at every level) ‘education’ system.

  12. Jim R

    Suggestion: instead of saying “it is a hoax” to the warmists, say “well, what are you going to do about it?” … that way you can have a nice conversation instead of a simple shouting match.

  13. Oh, just ask them where they live and why and do they have an evil car, plane or power yacht and then clobber them over the head.

  14. Jim R

    No, make them tell you how many parts per million of H2O are in the air. Then when they don’t know (and they won’t) clobber them for being stupid.

  15. Lou

    In reading up about the Globalist Tax Warming, the latest is, for the month of June: Snow in Wyoming in Nevada 8 inches of Snow for California
    Rockies, Cascades and Oregon https://www.iceagenow.info/

  16. Moe

    Elaine, thought you might be interested in this: Study blows ‘greenhouse theory out of the water’


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