NY Times Reporter, Peters, Writes Total Lies About Comey Hearing

Alex Jones – The Truth About Comey Hearing Exposed – 06/09/2017 – YouTube


The dying New York Times has this big, fat article as their big news story today about how all of us online commentators are lying about the Comey hearings.  That is, we are all ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘fake news’ and guess what proof this stupid newspaper shows: NOTHING.  Not a single video or actual story.  It is all the ‘interpretation’ of the NYT writers, not one iota of any proofs except for a tweet by Mr. Posobiec, taken out of context.


A Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theorist, a False Tweet and a Runaway Story – The New York Times  Here is the ‘example’ the NYT is using to ‘prove a lie’:

It reminds me of this: ‘Who do you trust, your lying eyes or me?’ Groucho Marx joke.  The NYT dares not put on the video where Comey said all this.  Unhappily for the reporters writing this fake story, we do have extensive access to the actual hearings and can hear, with our own ears, what is being said there!


It mattered little that Mr. Comey had said no such thing. The tweet quickly ricocheted through the ecosystem of fake news and disinformation on the far right, where Trump partisans like Mr. Posobiec have intensified their efforts to sow doubt about the legitimacy of expanding investigations into Trump associates’ ties to Russia.


Look at how the NYT is convinced STILL about the ‘Russian commies are buddies of Trump’ storyline. Sane people thought that was finally buried and dead three days ago when it was obviously a false story.


No, the NYT is doubling down on this matter and it reminds me of the past when the NYT wrote total, utter lies about Iraq and foisted an illegal and illicit war on us all and killed a million Iraqis and this was a war crime and no one has been arrested for this crime including the top NYT reporters and the publishers of that warmongering rag.

Comey Hearing Highlights: His Testimony Doesn’t Add Up – YouTube


This clearly shows, with obvious clips from the hearing in DC and I watched it entirely, that correctly delineates who said what and when.  The NYT dares not publish this real stuff for it makes mincemeat of their storyline.


But as the journey of that one tweet shows, misinformed, distorted and false stories are gaining traction far beyond the fringes of the internet. Just 14 words from Mr. Posobiec’s Twitter account would spread far enough to provide grist for a prime-time Fox News commentary and a Rush Limbaugh monologue that reached millions of listeners, forging an alternative first draft of history in corners of the conservative media where President Trump’s troubles are often explained away as fabrications by his journalist enemies.


Note how Mr. Jeremy Peters lies.  This ‘reporter’ leaves out many salient facts.  He is assuming we all saw that ‘offensive tweet’ and spread it far and wide.  The idea that the rest of us also watched the hearings is kept out of this story.  The hearings that day had a HUGE audience of millions, not a handful.


So Peters’ lies about where we get our information is done to smear everyone else.  I even doubt that Peters even saw the same hearings I saw, from his description of what happened, it being totally false that the hearings hurt Trump, not Comey and the DNC clowns.


In this fragmented media environment, the spread of false information is accelerated and amplified by a web of allied activist-journalists with large online followings, a White House that grants them access and, occasionally, a president who validates their work. The right-wing media machine that President Bill Clinton’s aides once referred to as “conspiracy commerce” is now far more mature, extensive and, in the internet age, tough to counter.


I remember many misreporting by mainstream media which was all lies.  That is, going into various illegal wars, for example.  They all lied about ME more than once.  They conceal information they absolutely know and they do this with malice and intent to harm, too.  I have seen this first hand, nearly all my long, long life.


They are liars.  And fakers.  And peddle garbage with a straight face.  Non-mainstream media can lie, deceive and fake stuff, too.  Humans do this!  But to prove something is a lie, you need proof.


The NYT refuses to open the doors to reality in this case today because they know there are videos of what really happened in Congress during the hearings and adamantly refuse to show these online.  I show videos here all the time, why can’t these clowns figure out how to do this, too??? Eh?  HAHAHA.


GotNews.com, a website that often misrepresents media accounts of the Russia investigation to cast Mr. Trump in a more favorable light, repeated the claim but also raised the possibility of a more serious offense. Mr. Comey, the site said, might have perjured himself if he had claimed in a memo — as outlets including The New York Times have reported — that Mr. Trump pressured him to call off an investigation into Mr. Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn.


Sounded to me like Comey said many really bad things such as admitting he would change the name of the FBI to FBLie.  I joke.  He said Lynch,  Attorney General of Obama told him to lie about investigating Hillary last summer.  Even the silly CNN had this headline:  Comey: Lynch asked for Clinton investigation to be called a ‘matter’ and not an ‘investigation’.  


So, instead of telling the public that Obama and Lynch wanted him to conspire in killing an investigation and to lie about it, he did as they demanded and didn’t say a peep.  This meant he conspired with them to cover up a CRIME which, for the top FBI director, is a GRAVE CRIME along the lines of the Nixon cabal level sort of crimes!  Duh.


The next day, the perjury question was the subject of an article on InfoWars, the home of Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist who has called the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks an inside job and questioned whether the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., really happened. InfoWars had almost five million visitors in the last month.


Alex Jones, like the NY Times owners, has various burrs under his saddle and silly stuff he has to peddle, they all do this, it is perfectly human to do this sort of silly stuff.  But whenever the NYT talks about ANYTHING, they dredge up all sorts of stuff to defame whoever they are discussing while studiously avoiding talking about the issues and proving their case.


In this case, their ‘proof’ is NADA.  They are openly lying about what was said two days ago, they ignore the fact that tons of evidence is online showing exactly what was said two days ago and they think that they can get away with lying about all this, they are deranged, evil and insane all at once.  Sieg Heil!  They will Hail Mary and throw this deflated ball to the goal line which is to unseat an election which they lost due to being creeps and liars.

Infowars Nightly News LIVE: Top Highlights From Comey’s Testimony – YouTube


Here are more stories from the same ‘reporter’ who has serious issues with reporting the truth about anything: note how he claims right wing white men are attacking ‘conservative speakers’ when the truth is, it is left wing radicals on campuses attacking anyone who isn’t ANTIFA including liberal professors who won’t obey their orders!



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2 responses to “NY Times Reporter, Peters, Writes Total Lies About Comey Hearing

  1. JimmyJ

    I like Scott Adams’ metaphor of “two movies on one screen” to describe what he refers to constantly as the Cognitive Dissonance of the Liberals.

    I marvel at how the elites have so successfully setup the entire western culture to self destruct over a simple difference in cognitive bias. But I vaccilate between thinking it’s gotten away from them or that they are in control all the way.

  2. Moe

    Putin offers asylum to Comey. LOL

    Putin is the yardstick by which to measure realpolitik. After retirement, he should consider becoming a stand-up comic!


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