War Heats Up In Afghanistan And NATO Nations Attacked By Radicals At Home

Getting Punched With Lauren Southern At Counter Protest – YouTube:


Hilarious news: ‘We Are Change’ is a hyper-liberal media group who attended this pro-Trump rally in New York City.  The ANTIFA/deranged leftists came to this peaceful demonstration in order to attack people and ended up attacking…anti-Trump reporters working for We Are Change.  Time to change those diapers, dudes!

We Are Change | Be the Change

They should change their motto to ‘Be the Chumps’.  Too stupid to figure out after over a year of leftists attacking students, reporters, people passing by innocently, the rioting, burning, looting, physically attacking people during arguments, hitting people with bike locks and poisons, throwing explosives and making excuses for Muslim mass murderers…it has finally reached the point where these clowns are trying to kill their own media buddies!


I will die laughing.  This shows serious mental derangement.

AntiFa Chemical Piss Attack On Lauren Southern & Luke Rudkowski – YouTube

Rallies against Sharia Law prompt protests – YouTube


The Muslims joining with violent leftists is a huge mistake.  Muslims trend to being very conservative.  At the same time, Muslim terrorists are attacking NATO countries from within, relentlessly.  By siding with violent leftists who want to destroy society leads to them being joint-anti-American terrorists and this will unite people who are tired of being attacked by these two gangs, to act finally.


Fight breaks out at anti-Sharia march in Seattle and other cities with DNC mayors.


Things have not settled down at Evergreen State College June 9th Turmoil: When the Confused Collide – YouTube

NEW FOOTAGE: Evergreen Protester to Bret Weinstein “The Students Anger is Valid.” – YouTube

This very leftist professor strokes the student’s egos by telling them they are right about everything and are victims of the elites (never mentions how the Bilderberg gang operates and controls them all via ‘liberal’ DNC tools!) and that they are all very good to protest whatever but…not against him, he is one of them!


And then they attack him with even more fury.  When the video makers told the ANTIFA/pro-Muslim terror demonstrators that they were buddies not enemies, the gang attacked them physically and screamed at them and tormented them even harder!


This is immensely funny because these brats are the creation of these professors and alternative leftist media purveyors.  Being violent and childish is their chief tools now.


What is funnier, still, is how the left today is pissed off at getting people’s attention!  They do not want to be photographed or seen or talked to, whatever.  This new tactic is backfiring badly on them all but they are too stupid to see why this is a bad tactic.


DNC mayors and governors have protected and allowed violent, vile leftists to be as nasty as they please and they think, this is a victory.  Instead, it is a PR disaster for both.  The DNC is the protector of violent, anti-social rioters in the black cities and in liberal communities and so gangs of thugs now run riot in these places, I don’t see any riots in RNC run cities or communities.  These places are quiet and peaceful.


Talking about peace:  US Air Raid Kills Several Afghan Border Police in Helmand (shooting our own allies is all too common)– and in the same news cycle, Afghan Soldier Kills Three US Army Rangers, Wounds One Other.  Neither story is ‘big news’ in the US, of course.  We are seldom told what on earth is going on over there.


As always, chaos overseas shows up at home, too.  We are fighting Muslims all over the planet and they, in turn, are allying themselves with leftists and the Democratic Party to fight here in the US.  Both are intimately connected and both are causing the crisis in Europe as liberal governments there, in power due to handing out goodies to everyone, encourage and allow this to get worse and worse.


Americans voted for change but the elites won’t allow this, they have insured that the new President would be as massively entangled in ridiculous, unwinnable wars as the previous Presidents.  The Real Rulers want more and more wars for this makes them all filthy rich.  The military/industrial state is owned by members of the Bilderberg gang who got a huge shock when the USSR quietly folded and went away.


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2 responses to “War Heats Up In Afghanistan And NATO Nations Attacked By Radicals At Home

  1. Moe

    “They should change their motto to ‘Be the Chumps’.”

    Oh, this was so easy: could have said “We Be Chumps”.

    I wonder if an ad agency would hire me…?

  2. How about ‘we be chimps’. Oook.

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