Burn, Baby, Burn: New York Times Kills The Truth And Doubles Down On Lies



The New York Times is freaking out hugely over the news that they are fake news.  Duh.  They have been fake news all my long life and I have fought the NYT all my life and when I was the Housewife From Hell, the NYT went great lengths to not report anything and on top of this, reporters from that rag knew me personally.  Way back in the 1990s, the NYT had this forum setup which I used heavily to examine NYT lies and in 2001 someone there finally figured this out and banned me and this led to an online ‘riot’ so they killed the forums.


Then, they allowed comments on articles.  I did this to them so they banned me again and then they banned anyone who disputed their version of ‘reality’ until they eliminated the comments entirely except on rare articles and even with heavy censorship, they still get people attacking their warped version of ‘reality’ so they ban thousands of people who annoy them.


Now, nearly totally isolated from reality, they are…while allowing no debate or incoming information…howling every day about how the rest of us humans are liars and they are telling the truth all the time which is…a  massive lie, of course.  They are a propaganda machine as creaky as Pravda was when the USSR was collapsing.


Here is today’s version of Pravda lies trying to explain Watergate and how the NYT is honest and is pursuing a Trumpgate crime when the real crime is the collusion between the mainstream media giants and the DNC to smear a President based on false charges:  In Watergate, One Set of Facts. In Trump Era, Take Your Pick. – The New York Times


But whether Mr. Comey is bravely blowing the whistle on wrongdoing at the highest levels of government, à la Mr. Felt, or showboating on a nonstory is under intense debate in certain robust media quarters.


No, we are debating how the NYT and all the traditional mainstream media giants are lying, distorting obvious facts, doctoring documents, conspiring with politicians to peddle obvious lies, and so forth.  There is no debate that this is happening but of course, the conspirators committing these crimes are united in continuing lying as long as possible despite our proof they are lying.


So, too, is whether the latter-day Woodwards and Bernsteins covering the latest break-in at the Democratic National Committee — this time, a suspected cyberattack by the Russians — are worthy of Pulitzer Prizes or professional-wrestling-style body slams.


AND the NYT publishes yet another lie!  They can’t write one paragraph without lying.  This is funny as hell.


Of course, Watergate unfolded in a much simpler time in the media industry.


This is another lie.  Back in the Watergate years, we had independent local media all over the place and I used these for editorial purposes or to give news to them.  Local news always was useful to me, the Big Giants were my enemies back in the 1960’s onwards.


There were three major news networks and PBS; a major paper or three in every city; and a political dynamic in which leaders duked it out by day and dined together at night. They did so on a solid foundation of agreed-upon facts and a sense of right and wrong that was shared if not always followed.


Another lie: this is actually describing the Bilderberg gang: they were all buddies and pretended to be critics of each other but they actually conspired in secret and still do to this day, to push citizens into various wars and other events.


The Trump-Russia scandal is breaking during a time of informational chaos, when rival versions of reality are fighting for narrative supremacy.


HAHAHA…instead of nonstop fake news!  Rats!  How dare anyone publish real news?


The causes are legion: The advent of right-wing talk radio and Fox News; the influence of social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit; and the mainstreaming of conspiracy sites like InfoWars, which had almost five million visitors in the last month. By allowing partisans to live in their separate informational and misinformational bubbles, and, in some cases, to allow real news to be rendered as false — and false news to be rendered as true — they have all contributed to the calcification of the national divide.


‘Mirror,  mirror on the wall, whose the liar in the hall?  OH!  Cuss it!’  The NYT!  I can see them in front of the mirror of truth and whining about how they are not liars.


All of it gives the Trump White House something Nixon never had: a loyal media armada ready to attack inconvenient truths and the credibility of potentially damning witnesses and news reports while trumpeting the presidential counternarrative, at times with counterfactual versions of events.


This is jaw dropping.  We have videos of Comey saying the most astonishing things and the NYT then twists it desperately and provides no videos to show the reality, so they can pretend he said and did all sorts of things that really didn’t happen.  This obvious manipulation of reality is how the NYT has always operated.


They do love to pretend they are curious and fair!  When I was Mrs. Levy in NYC, the NYT went far and wide to avoid publishing anything about me and my deeds there even when I was parked in front of the UN for a month.


Then, I re-married and was Mrs. Supkis and they published my stuff and let me run riot at their website until they figured out who I really was and so, they killed all contact with unvetted humans entirely and only a few people are allowed to interact with these fools.


The most vital and trusted news source for a large percentage of “consistent conservatives,” according to Pew, Fox focused as much on Mr. Comey’s potential motives and actions as it did on the substance of his central charge: that the president of the United States sought to derail an F.B.I. investigation into ties between Russia and his former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, as Russia allegedly sought to influence an election.

Isn’t it amazing that Fox News is now the most truthful of all the major media?  I am amazed.  I expect them to resume lying about things when appropriate.

Mr. Comey’s historic testimony exploded onto the front pages of The New York Times and The Washington Post, and drove ample discussion across the major news networks as well as on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News’s straight-news programs like “Shepard Smith Reporting” and “Special Report.” But where the “darkening cloud” metaphors piled up in those provinces, there were clearing skies Friday night on Fox, as the host Tucker Carlson assured his audience: “This whole story is a hoax.”

Carlson is in the line of fire now.  The Bilderberg gang hates him but so far, has no dirt on him.  They dig and dig, hoping to find something to smear him and remove him.  Meanwhile, they forgive whatever crap Bilderberg gangsters do even if it is totally public and everyone knows about it, they continue to excuse, condone and protect themselves no matter how depraved.

Mr. Bernstein wasn’t so sure when we spoke on Friday. “The big difference between then and now is that there was an open-mindedness among citizens in the country to the best obtainable version of the truth,” he said.

This Jewish guy is complaining about how hard it is to have ‘truth’ today when we get news from all over.  For example, the Israeli sustained attack on the Liberty ship during the last Israeli war in an attempt to draw the US into the war by blaming Egypt for this attack, the heroes who survived the attack are studiously ignored by the mainstream news and the US politicians owned by rich Jewish power people.

So even today, no news about the Liberty attack!  None!  Alternative news has stories about this event and talks to the survivors today who are very bitter about how they are ignored and abused even now by mainstream news.  They are in the same boat I am in: these lying creeps pretend we don’t exist.

Now, ”more and more people,’’ he said, “are looking for information in the media and elsewhere that will reinforce what they already believe.”

HAHAHA.  Mirror, mirror on the wall…etc.

He put the onus for that on “a media culture and a political culture — and a larger culture — that is a caldron of outrage.”

Wow, and why are we ‘outraged’?  Eh?  Lies have consequences.  We were lied into going into war with an innocent bystander, Iraq, when 9/11 happened.  The lies pile up like dead bodies.  The Iraq war crimes continue to this day as does the Afghanistan war crimes.  All involved in our government and mainstream media are in collusion in these war crimes based on lies and deceptions.

Yet what will matter most is whether the special counsel investigating the ties between Russia and the Trump campaign, Robert S. Mueller III, finds any actual wrongdoing.

Maybe he won’t. But if he does, how much of the country will believe it?

Good lord.  Not a word about Clinton crimes and how the FBI is in collusion with the Obama White House to squelch the investigations and call this ‘a MATTER’.  Now, we joke that the FBI is now the FBM, but I say, it is the FIB, make up excuses for the ruling elites.

Oh, many years ago, my boyfriend in San Francisco went to the FBI to complain about them abusing me and he took away the ‘I’ from the front door and gave it to me.  I no longer have it, alas, but it was a touching gift!


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7 responses to “Burn, Baby, Burn: New York Times Kills The Truth And Doubles Down On Lies

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  2. Melponeme_k

    Tucker Carlson. LOL Who would’ve thought?

    For years he was that weirdly young looking doof who wore brightly colored bowties. Now he has moved on to regular ties, soberly colored, and is more toward the Alex Jones spectrum of news.


  3. Jim R

    Yup, Mel. In the past I couldn’t stand to watch him, he was so far out on the Tea Party fringes of the Repubs. But now he (and Alex Jones) seem much more ‘mainstream’…

    Meanwhile the New York Times stokes up on wild impossible conspiracy theories. Any day now, I expect General Jack D. Ripper’s ‘precious bodily fluids’ speech on their editorial page.

  4. tio

    Feck’em all ..

  5. Now I have to detox my eyes.

  6. Mewswithaview

    They got the wrong emperor. Nero despite is common reputation is the closer historical match. Nero upset the wrong people and got dissed for it.


  7. Nero spent money wildly and then went nuts. There was little good in him except he spent lots of money…but then that was the end of the Augustus line. A general took over Rome and stopped the internal bleeding. Nero was closer to Obama than Trump in this regard.

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