Trump Assassinated In ‘Julius Caesar’ Shakespeare In The Park Play

Trump Assassination Porn: NYC Shakespeare in the Park – Julius Casesar Stars Trump Stand-In


The actor pretending to be Trump/Caesar is stabbed to death by mainly BLACK actors and doing this is very racist.  The stupid liberals who came up with this new interpretation of Shakespeare’s famous play probably don’t understand that the end of Caesar was the end of the Republic.  So what they are ‘saying’ is, blacks will assassinate Trump and then…we will have an emperor who will kill all the assassins!  WTH?


‘President Trump’ Gets Stabbed To Death In Modern Day Version Of ‘Julius Caesar’ – YouTube


Shakespeare is a very dangerous playwright.  His series of plays about the War of the Roses and the early kings and queens of England are searing examinations of power, money, religion and psychosis.


His ‘historic’ plays are my favorites.  He has an unflinching view of the threats and insanity of pure power politics and how brutally these play out on the world stage.


Because the modern liberals have to flatter themselves, they mock Trump by comparing him to a heroic, difficult, very intelligent Roman who, seeing the collapse of ‘democracy’ decided to take firm control but was not ruthless so he let the Senate continue to deal with things until they turned on him, violently.


The result was a very violent civil war with Romans killing Romans and this created a dictatorship which handed total power to a really insane family who produced legendary, insane rulers like Caligula and Nero.


Play sponsors pulling out after President Trump look-alike killing scene in ‘Julius Caesar’ | reports.  The boycotting of stuff continues. The liberals played hardball in this regard and now conservatives, who have greater purchasing power, are retaliating.


Notre Dame Terrorist received EU-award for complaining about racism against migrants – The Old Continent reports.  Ack.  So, the terrorists in England and France were offered security jobs, jobs in places where lots of people transited, they were coddled and canoodled all over the place.


40-year-old Farid Ikken, the terrorist who attacked police officers with a hammer outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris yesterday, had lived in Sweden working as a journalist and received the “EU Commission’s National Journalist Prize Against Discrimination” award in 2009 for a report in which he discussed alleged racism towards migrants. The article “For me she was always Kristina” won the prize in the category that highlights the connection between poverty and discrimination.


Ikken originated from Algeria and came to France in 2014. Before that, he had lived in Sweden for several years, where he obtained his Master’s degree and also worked for several Swedish media outlets in 2009 and 2010. Upon winning his prize Ikken stated: “it has been gratifying that attention has been paid to such important topics as discrimination and diversity.”


And this is the end result of ‘diversity’.  The Muslims don’t want no stinking ‘diversity’ they want ‘DIVISION’.  And subjugation, it is part of their basic religion.

Antifa Left Wing “Protesters” Pepper Spray and Throw Rocks at Homeless People in Olympia, WA – YouTube

This is a very funny video.  ANTIFA annoyed the street people who gathered together and began chucking all sorts of stuff at the black garb kiddies who were finally forced out by the police when the kidding gang retaliated with chemical warfare, being cheaters.


Facebook Wants to Determine Users’ Emotions by Taking Secret Photos

This news is HORRIBLE.  They claim they won’t use it but guess who will?  The CIA, the NSA, the buddies that are going after Trump and who are using the mainstream media to destroy anyone who dares to cut their budgets or change their tactics.  And they hate all of us who are not Hillary bots.


Facebook has filed a patent for a system that would allow them to tailor user experience by analyzing users’ emotions. Using the front facing camera on a person’s laptop or smartphone, the platform would take temporary photos of the user to determine their emotional reaction to stories they see on on the social media site and adjust the content accordingly.


The social media platform would increase content that people respond positively to, and reduce the frequency of content they respond negatively to. Even though there is already technology in place to curate a user’s news feed by taking note of what pages are unfollowed and other factors, the new system would assist in automating the process.


Big Brother is Facebook which I NEVER use, I hate Facebook.  My kids and other relations all use it because they are naive.  I grew up being watched by the government so I am very leery of using obvious trap systems like Facebook which also mines one’s activities to sell information to corporations.


Lecturer ‘stalked student while wearing a bra and heels’ | Daily Mail Online  This story is ‘funny’ and ‘disgusting’ news.  Kind of reminds me of living in Berkeley and San Francisco.  I once had a man try to climb into my bedroom window there and I threw a knife at him but I had a migraine headache and missed.


The next day, I was talking to a buddy in a certain um…’gang’ and heard a man nearby describe how a bitch nearly killed him by throwing a knife (I am very good at knife throwing, practiced the art for years).  I and my friend caught the dude and had fun with him…


A Stanford lecturer has been accused of stalking the home of his former student while dressed in women’s underwear.


Mark Veregge, would allegedly visit his victim’s home in San Francisco, California, in the middle of the night- sometimes in just a bra and heels, but always in women’s underwear, CBS San Francisco reports.


He would then allegedly creep up to his student’s car and check to see if it was unlocked, before heading back to his car and driving off.


One guy doing that to me, I chased with a baseball bat and my rabbit, Killer Rabbit, ran after him trying to bite his heels.  He ran faster than my rabbit.  I was yelling, ‘Come back here!  I need to talk to you.’


Many places in the US, due to lack of funds, nearly always in DNC run cities, the cops no longer come for nonviolent lurkers.  Back in the days when NYC was going bankrupt, they never showed up, either.  This is why we had our own patrols and took down criminals, ourselves.


I once lived in Albuquerque many eons ago, and…my truck was stolen…and rolled down a mountainside…and the cops got it back for me so I had a very badly dented truck but it was a 55 Chevy and still ran just fine!  Albuquerque Becomes America’s No. 1 “Hotspot” As Car Thefts Soar | Zero Hedge


Note this map of worst car thefts: they are where there are huge Hispanic and black cities that have poor patrolling due to them sliding into bankruptcy.  No surprise to me.


Where I live now, you can leave anything around and no one touches it and everyone has guns.  The few times a foolish person tried to come by my mountain to give hassle, the dogs and guns worked just fine, no need to call the cops.  I have a backhoe so getting rid of the remains isn’t all that hard, but we have to report this, of course.


On the other hand, I now have permission to kill any bears if they try to break into my house again.  This is probably why they aren’t back, so far. I guess they figured this out.  Smart bears!  I wish them well, just don’t bust down the back door, OK?


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9 responses to “Trump Assassinated In ‘Julius Caesar’ Shakespeare In The Park Play

  1. Moe

    Snyder: ” Lacking any kind of a positive message to share, the left is in the process of self-destructing as they show the entire world how intellectually and morally bankrupt they truly are.”

  2. Petruchio

    “His ‘historic’ plays are my favorites.” I don’t suppose I have to say which Shakespeare Play is my favorite.@@@I think one of the main purposes of “Diversity” and “Multiculturalism” is really about creating as much turmoil in a Society as possible. The elites want us ‘plebs’ fighting amongst ourselves to the point where we don’t notice what our “betters” are doing. They are a bunch of overindulged, overly sheltered brats who never had to earn an honest Dollar.

  3. The left can’t see any good in anyone except themselves and they have no mirror to see all the zits on their ugly mugs. This is by far, the most repulsive part of their aura of invincibility. They really think they are good people even as they start WWIII.

  4. floridasandy

    Quote:–And despite all of the public outrage that we have seen in recent days, Time Warner, the New York Times and the New York City government plan to continue funding the production (end quote)

    Same leftist losers. New York is losing population, NYT is losing advertising (forcing “voluntary” layoffs, and Time Warner=well what can you say about Time Warner:
    (pick any headline)
    Failed mergers litter the landscape, including Time Warner’s disastrous AOL union Oct 28, 2016, or Time Warner Cable Fails to Deliver Promised Internet Speeds, or As it stands, cable subscriptions are being dropped at a pretty fast clip, Time Warner being sued, etc.

    People are getting tired of all their negativity, and they are still engaging in magical thinking See how that plays out for them, as the plebes are actually rebelling against all this negativity. A lot of the protests are actually staged. .

    We are seeing a lot of transplanted New Yorkers moving here to Florida, where the weather is better, we have lots of beaches and theme parks, and the cost of living is a lot cheaper–with less regulation and BS. If hey don’t like as much heat as we offer, they stop in the Carolinas or Georgia.

    So keep it going, DiBlasio ,you are really improving our economy. 🙂

  5. Melponeme_k

    Typical that the stage people didn’t understand the play. They actually portrayed something as all too true but didn’t know why.

    There used to be more street wise people in the craft. But they have been hounded out by people who would literally sell their souls for some stage or screen time.

  6. Petruchio

    @#6 Melponeme_k: It all boils down to who controls the business. The same “ethnic group” controls the Production and the Casting in the Entertainment Industry. They have a very distinct bias towards their own and a harsh negativity towards….well, shall I say it? Non-Jews. And of course,as an aside, these jewish folks are very anti_Union. This is why they CONSTANTLY hire folks from outside of the US, such as the UK and Australia to name just two places. The khazarians are always promoting an agenda, their own.

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