German Der Spiegel Accuse Trump Of Being ‘Nationalist’ And ‘Un-American’!

These two headlines are from the famous German magazine, der SPIEGEL.  It is a leftist rag in Germany which supports East German Frau aus Hölle, Merkel.  One headline story is how evil Trump is telling Europe it should contribute more than 1.5% GNP for protecting Europe from Putin while we spend 5% plus GNP to protect these whiny brats over there, thousands of miles away.  The other story accuses Trump of being ‘unamerican’ because he is ‘a threat to EU security’…I kid you not.  They are verrückt, diese Deutsche!


Europe has gone stark raving mad.  Month after month, screaming jihadists attack EU citizens, the governments let in millions more of these screaming maniacs and more EU citizens die this way and on and on it goes and they all vote for more welfare money for themselves while more and more of this money ends up going to illegal alien Muslim families and the governments are all going bankrupt, one by one while the leaders scream ‘We are all going to ROAST to death’ as it snows even in the Sahara desert, crops die due to severe cold, etc.


So, according to the various Humpty Dumpties sitting on the wall, Trump is not patriotic to America and he is too patriotic to America and didn’t Americans know, they are the EU elites SLAVES???  This debt slavery was pushed hard by mainstream media owners who want us to use up all our credit to support EU bosses who are all Bilderberg gangsters.


These con men and con women are pissed that the gravy train may derail.  So they are screaming at us.  The Germans irritate me the most.  These ungrateful creeps.  We should have punished them more severely for WWII crimes.  Ditto with Japan which assumes we will protect them at our own cost forever while they poke at China or make deals with China.


Now, on to a different topic.  Aging hippie artists and designers continue to destroy art and design as they die of old, dottering age.

This is the ancient ‘punk’ Brit fashion designer who had a ‘show’ yesterday that was about the ugliest I have seen and there is plenty of ‘ugly’ fashion competition these days with nearly everyone doing the ‘ugly’.  Vivienne Westwood is 70 years old and obviously has senility problems.  In the picture above, she looks like an escapee from an adult care home who is now living in a dumpster in Manhattan.

Several years ago, she looked like a crazy woman who was still living in her home.  Her fashions are evil.  The black lady forced to wear her ‘clothing’ and make-up should sue her for racism.  Why aren’t the media giants howling with rage about this poor woman with that painted face?  Selective rage always bothers me.


The young lady below is gagged.  They play with gags more and more and obviously, do black magic stuff at ‘fashion’ shows.  As well as art shows which have gone full-ugly during the last century.  These women are wearing junk that makes them very unattractive with only naked sex or S&M as the sole appeal.

Why aren’t ‘liberals’ super-pissed off at all this?  Dead silence.  But then, the double standard is their main standard.  One rule for me and another for thee, no?  The left has become unhinged and this bothers me no end.  Instead of repairing their broken hinge, they seem to have taken an ax to the dangling door and are smashing it to splinters and setting it on fire.


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7 responses to “German Der Spiegel Accuse Trump Of Being ‘Nationalist’ And ‘Un-American’!

  1. Moe

    Adopt Putin’s perspective: the West is crumbling, let it self-implode.

  2. Claudeeyah


    I wish it would hurry the hell up, Moe! I have been watching this f*cking train derail since the late sixties. Implode, already!

  3. Jim R

    The hatred is visceral, it has nothing to do with common sense. He is an un-American Nationalist, who is a stupid, evil genius! A hot-cold Communist Nazi. A clever scheming village idiot.

    They are just throwing the contents of the garbage can against the tile wall of the kitchen to see what will stick. And probably counting on WWIII to bury everything after so they don’t have to pick up the garbage.

  4. Moe

    @2 Claudeeyah

    Patience, Grasshopper… 🙂

  5. Yes, every year now, a global warming vessel has to be rescued from thick ice sheets surrounding these. It is getting to be monotonous. I hope the next such Love Boat be left on the ice and they can drag it home like those explorers 150 years ago.

  6. Petruchio

    Imho, one should not be offended by doddering old fools like Vivienne Westwood. It’s the people who take her seriously are the people I worry about. Vivienne Westwood is just a symptom of of sick, decaying Society.

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