Manchester March By British People Against Terrorists: Government Hates Citizens Fighting Terrorists

Tommy Robinson: Cops threaten store over “Don’t fund terrorism” sign – YouTube


Manchester, England, had a huge clash between native British people and the invaders from Muslim countries who have this odious alliance with ANTIFA terrorists.  This disgusting alliance has led to Europe being nearly destroyed, so far, thanks to Bilderberg gangsters encouraging this invasion.  The Bilderberg gang is doing this so that the natives will cling to the power brokers who will then ‘protect’ them all but it doesn’t work.  Since the gang is running this massive invasion here in the US as well, they can’t passively let the terrorists being brought in, to run riot.  So people are waking up: their ‘leaders’ are actually creeps out to enslave everyone.


Yes, the police who are told to do NOTHING about terrorists, go about England, harassing and terrorizing the people of England if they put up even the least ‘offensive’ signs.  There is zero ‘freedom of speech’ in Europe.  This doesn’t apply to terrorists or their supporters who can march around, cussing, yelling death threats and screaming they will destroy entire cities, no.


These are allowed.  Citizens fighting back are punished.  This double standard is insane.  It clearly shows us that our ‘governments’ are run by evil people who actively want us to be besieged, scared and compliant.  They even have the gall to tell us, they are helpless about stopping this alien invasion!  Trump has exposed this: every attempt he makes at stopping this alien invasion is deliberately thwarted by the DNC and their tools like liberal courts.  They emphatically want this invasion to continue.

Tommy Robinson in Manchester SCHOOLING the police before the UK Against Hate demo – YouTube


When I googled ‘Manchester Muslims march’ all I got was a long, long list of videos of a fake march where a handful did a promotional march pretending to be anti-jihad.  The giant demonstrations are all anti-British people, pro-jihad terror marches.  But if one perseveres, one can find a list of videos showing the real news.


The fight between citizens and aliens and crazed leftists doesn’t make US news at all, and it barely makes British news.  Manchester far-right protestors tussle with police | Daily Mail Online did make the British news.


Hundreds of far-right protestors led by former EDL leader Tommy Robinson clashed with police while taking part in what was intended to be a ‘silent’ rally.


But the rally quickly turned violent, and the far-right protestors scuffled with police and left-wing activists – and even brandished a pig’s head and took turns taking bites out of it.


Some of the group – which is made up of mostly young men – carried giant England flags during the protest.


The protestors was later opposed by a counter demonstration which involved a collection of anti-fascist groups.


It is not clear whether any of those in the city were injured or if anyone was arrested by Greater Manchester Police.

Muslims protest en masse against the Manchester terror attacks. – YouTube:  Tony used that title so the video would show up!  It is an anti-Muslim terror march with many citizens packing the square to protest the government protecting terrorists.


The Muslims were given a huge square to protest Tony and his supporters whereas Tony’s group was given a tiny corner and this video above shows him negotiation with the police who were ordered to  minimize the British citizen’s march and enlarge the Muslim march.


He, like conservatives in the US states run by liberal fascists, has to demand the police protect the citizens from angry aliens who attack citizens when they demonstrate against terrorists being brought in by the government to terrorize citizens.  The government, every time terrorists hit, blame the citizens, not the alien populations who harbor and protect and produce and propagandize terrorists.

Tommy Robinson: Highlights from Manchester “UK Against Hate” march – YouTube

Chaos in Manchester as Antifa clash with a March against hate in Piccadilly – YouTube

The police, in this march, deliberately push the citizens of England into a narrow line while ANTIFA terrorists line the route, throwing things at them.  No ANTIFA were arrested.  The revolt will happen when police suddenly side with the citizens and conservatives for they don’t like the ANTIFA nor Muslim terrorists at all.


In the above video, ANTIFA terrorists yell at the citizens who are kettled next to an overpass.  The ANTIFA criminal gang yells ‘Nazis’ at citizens while screaming that racists are causing them to be terrorists.


They don’t understand how they are, themselves, Nazis.  And the Muslims standing with them and using them as useful fools, are certainly ‘fascists’ because they believe they can impose their religion and political system which is, nearly in all Muslim countries, a dictatorship of various sorts.  In all Muslim countries, all other religions and people are discriminated against or persecuted or outright slaughtered.


Munich Train Station Attack: Several Injured, Police Officer ‘Shot in the Head’ as more terrorists attack European people.  A female police officer was shot in the head and may die.  Meanwhile, in Sweden, there is a Manhunt In Stockholm After Driver Rams Van Into Cars During ‘Attempted Murder’ and this is also no news for US citizens.


I find it terribly interesting that our Rulers are so openly forcing us to fight terrorists daily.  Attempts at controlling borders to keep the terrorists from moving in and out, have been utterly undone by leftist politicians supported by mainstream fake news media operations.  These media operations are mainly Bilderberg co-conspirators and some of the top newspapers and TV systems are founding members of the gang.


They seriously think citizens won’t put 2+2 together and figure out who is supporting and enabling terrorists.  What they figure is, if at least 40% of the population needs government money to stay alive, they will vote for liberals forever despite the liberals importing terrorists and this is their voting base.  So it continues.


This is why the last three election maps in the US shows clearly that cities that have large populations of welfare/foreign people vote DNC while the vast outlying lands uniformly votes against the DNC scam artists.  No society survives long if it allows barbarian invasions and destruction of major cities.  Rome was looted before the Empire fell, not afterwards. 

Note how the EU rulers are pushing to punish Hungary, Poland, and the Czechs for refusing to let millions of Muslim men and the terrorists, into their own countries.  Will they leave the EU over this issue?  Will they figure out who the real enemies are?  Will Putin save them from this folly?  Or are they also suicidal like we seem to be.


Brexit is about this invasion.  The EU wants to let Muslims move from wherever they are sent, once inside the EU they can congregate and destroy whatever cities they choose.  And Manchester and London are two cities in Britain they intend to control.  Note who is mayor of London now and his feeble, limp response to repeated terror attacks.




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5 responses to “Manchester March By British People Against Terrorists: Government Hates Citizens Fighting Terrorists

  1. Nani

    Europe is in a horrible mess at the moment. As we were reminded of yesterday, London is increasingly resembling a third world, crime infested hellhole. Shoddy buildings, increasing crime rates, more slums, and more frequent terrorist attacks has made London a rather unattractive city.

    How Labour turned London into a foreign city (read: third world hellhole):

    Then we have Germany, the industrial powerhouse of Europe, who is now experiencing a spike in crimes committed by the migrants who Angela Merkel invited.

  2. Not to mention, Sweden and France, etc. The EU leaders are forcing the people into a death march. Enough ‘native’ voters want welfare so they vote over and over again for people who are flooding the place with illegal aliens who hate European people and their culture.

    This is EXACTLY what happened to ancient Rome! Then the barbarians (my darling, violent ancestors!) flooded and and destroyed the place and took over (became the rulers).

  3. Lou

    One noteworthy reality about Europe’s current political leadership is summarised here by Phil Lawler:

    “• Macron, the newly elected French president, has no children.

    • German chancellor Angela Merkel has no children.

    • British prime minister Theresa May has no children.

    • Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni has no children.

    • Holland’s Mark Rutte,

    • Sweden’s Stefan Löfven,

    • Luxembourg’s Xavier Bettel,

    • Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon—all have no children.

    • Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, has no children.

    “So a grossly disproportionate number of the people making decisions about Europe’s future have no direct personal stake in that future.”

    If true, this is most interesting…

  4. Nani

    I wish i could disagree with what you wrote in that third sentence, but i can’t because it is true. The French had a choice where they could have elected marine Le Pen, but two thirds of them elected a Bilderberg pretty boy instead. Le Pen promised to restore law and order, and close the borders. She could have saved France from further destruction.

    The same is true in many other European countries. There are political parties who offer an alternative, but as long as the majority don’t vote them in, nothing will change.

    I have noticed how many Americans are bewildered, disappointed and irked by this cowardice in Western-Europe, and i fully understand them.

    America was brave enough to elect Donald Trump, and despite being constantly obstructed by the democrats and Bilderberg gang, he is trying to change things for the better.

    I wish him success in his endeavour to change America and the world, and maybe further down the road when Europe is bursting out in riots and civil wars, people in Europe will begin to realize that he was right all along. We are at WAR with radical islam, and illegal mass migration is a very bad thing.

  5. Jim R

    Lou, that’s a really good point. They don’t have a stake in the future.

    It makes them as useless as those hypothetical AI robots we discussed in a previous thread. The robots, of course, don’t even have a concept of the future.

    But these technocrats have already scored a ‘0’ on the Darwin scale, and why are they allowed to make decisions about the future?

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