‘How To Stop A Knife Attack’ Video Is Poor Advice

Matt Fiddes on how to survive a knife attack – YouTube


After the rash of knife wielding Muslims screaming ‘Allah’ the Daily Mail ran this story about how to protect yourself from a knife attack. I have been attacked by knife wielding, gun shooting thugs more than once in my life, hell, quite a few times, actually, and have tons of experience in this field of battle.  I was not allowed to use a gun in nYC so I used other tools at hand, successfully.  The video about this matter is BS.


Two leading security experts have joined forces to provide Britons with essential defence tactics which could be live-saving in the event of a terrorist attack.


Former White House protection expert Martin Brown, 41, and self-defence expert Matt Fiddes, 38, have created a film to help the public defend themselves.


In the video, Mr Fiddes holds a fake knife and attempts to jab Mr Brown as he gives advice on how to avoid getting injured.


Point #1: the ‘knife attack’ in this video is weak.  People using knives hurl themselves on their victims.  I know this from first hand experience.  Usually, they scream something such as ‘I am going to kill you deader’.  Which is an exact quote of one knife killer I had arrested years ago.


In the video, the ‘victim’ throws away his backpack to ‘slow down’ the criminal.  I teach people to NEVER do this, you are throwing away your protection.  You hold it in front of you while you yell, ‘You are under arrest!’


Honest to god, a huge number of criminals attacking people have been arrested more than once and this triggers a response in most of them: they flee.  It really works like a charm.


Crazy Muslim terrorists won’t listen to that information, they don’t care, they are suicidal.  Yelling, ‘I am being attacked! Police!  I am being attacked!’  at the top of the lungs has a much greater effect than ‘What are you doing?’ or ‘I don’t believe this’ or other astonishment words.


The Voice is the top defensive weapon.  In the above video, at no time does the ‘victim’ make a racket.  All the criminals I arrested in NYC over the years were ‘tagged’ by their victims screaming.  We would appear at lightning speed and snag the criminal.


I went around the neighborhood, teaching people to make loud noises when they are under attack.  The criminal element is always very noisy when attacking each other which made it real easy for us to tag them whenever they indulged in fighting each other which we forbade.  No, no, you can’t beat each other to death in our zone!


Back to the video: the man with the backpack should not throw it away, you use it as a shield while yelling the words above  which alerts others to your situation.  If one has to throw something, grabbing a trash can and hitting the perp with it works great, I can attest to this personally.  It is also fun.


If you retain a hold on the can, you can hit two or more times.  If there is no hope of cops showing up, you scream, ‘Run for your life, I am going to kill you,’ which I used regularly in Tucson back when the cops refused to protect us at all and I had to deal with criminals single handed.


We ended  up being very violent with criminals when the city finally gave up and began to give us some protection.  Namely, we used guns which you can’t use in New York City or London, etc.  I was very annoyed about that when living in NYC but then, within two years, I had the cops working closely with me and no longer needed a gun to survive.


The only time I threw something of mine at someone to stop them was the guy hiding in the bushes in his underwear in LA who was shooting at me and I threw my suitcase at where he was hiding to flush him out.  He jumped out and ran.  With the help of the police, we caught him.


The #1 weapon when attacked is the voice. Saying the right thing immediately is the only way to really have an effect and saying, ‘You are under arrest’ usually triggers criminals.  They hate being arrested and if given a choice, they run.


Suicidal maniacs, on the other hand, a gun is most useful because it is you will die with him or kill him first sort of event.  Having police stop suicide attacks is better than trying to survive one.  That is, nearly all the attackers in the US and EU were known to the police beforehand and often were very well known and yet ran riot and no one tracked them at all.


And this happens even as the government is illicitly tracking ALL of us using these terror attacks as an excuse but no matter how extensive the spying and probing of the entire citizens, we see one attack after another and usually done by the same types of people.  The DC terror attack was a homeless man who worked for DNC candidates during the last election.


That, too, was not ‘out of the blue’ but rather, ‘as expected due to propaganda regimes’.  The Muslim attacks are due to Immans urging followers to attack.  It is also not ‘out of the blue’ it is a direct result of words spoken by the leaders of these insane people just like Kamikaze Japanese pilots were not natural killers, they were propagandized into being human bombs, they were trained by the people who taught them that this would be a road to paradise.


Once the leaders of the Japanese Kamikazi surrendered or committed suicide, the attacks stopped and never resumed.  The same with the Immans.  If they are preaching death attacks, they should be arrested as accessories to these crimes.  If entire countries like say, Saudi Arabia, allows Immans to preach this sort of terror, they should be punished.


The entire reason the section about Saudis enabling the 9/11 attackers was ‘top secret’ until public demand forced them to release a small amount of information, was because our government is in collusion with the Saudis to cover up their involvement in world Muslim terror attacks.


This is why Bush Jr. allowed only Saudis to fly after 9/11 so they could flee and not be questioned about how deep their involvement in the attack really was and I assure everyone, it was very deep indeed.


This is also why the CIA assisted in creating the fake 9/11 ‘bomb in the buildings’ stories to cover up the fact that the Saudis were allowed to run this attack with zero interference by the government while the entire time, the CIA was very aware of the pilot training going on next to Jupiter Island in Florida which is an enclave of the Bush clan there and this went on while Jeb Bush was running Florida.


There is the most easy way to avoid being mugged or attacked by screaming maniacs and this is to deal with them all BEFORE they rampage, not after.  Or carry a gun or sword.  I love sword fighting and once, long ago, after leaving a tournament where I fought with swords, I was still carrying the sword on me and had done so for several days nonstop and didn’t notice I was still armed and the guards at the airport stopped me and I said, ‘What? OH!  I forgot I am armed!’


And yes, once in NYC, at sword fighting class I was running, a criminal decided to mug some poor citizen and we surrounded him with swords drawn.  More NYC fun.

Knife class total martial arts Swindon – YouTube

I just found this video.  The London police are being taught this?  Oh my.  The tactics here are useless.  If you side step a knife wielding person, you HIT HIM IN THE FACE.  Hard.  He cannot see after this.  Then you put him in a choke hold but this is now forbidden by cops…but I would say, anyone with a weapon should be put down violently, not softly.


This isn’t demonstrators who are flailing around, we are talking about violent thugs with weapons.  The other thing is, if you can hit someone on the arm who has a weapon, you do NOT STEP BACK, you are committed to the fight which means who take firm hold of the arm and violently twist it so they can’t aim or hold their weapon.  If necessary, bit them and I have.  Now, we have to worry about diseases so can the biting but it does work.


Mostly, you knock them down, when they are no longer on their feet, they are weaker and this is why they should have street fighters like me teach these classes…I have in the past.  The main rule of thumb is, once someone is within your ‘personal circle’ that is, less than an arm’s length away, you cannot flee, you have to fight and fight hard which the elderly can’t do which is why having safe streets is tons better than constant battles with armies of crazy, lunatic, amoral, deadly criminals who won’t stop.






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12 responses to “‘How To Stop A Knife Attack’ Video Is Poor Advice

  1. Jim R

    …was because our government is in collusion with the Saudis to cover up their involvement in world Muslim terror attacks.

    Close, but not quite exactly correct. It was in collusion with the Saudis to commit the terror attacks. Because “we need a new Pearl Harbor”. Their exact words, written before the attacks took place.

  2. Moe

    What society fails to teach, especially to women, is that the best defense is offense. But without training, there is little effective offense. Two well-known self-defense (should really be called self-offense) instructors are Peterson and Larkin.

    Below are a couple of videos from Tim Larkin’s ‘Target Focused Training’. To summarize, Peterson and Larkin teach people to maim and/or kill in self defense. If you don’t believe this is necessary then you are a potential victim.

    Quite frankly, almost all people will recoil from the level of violence that Larkin demonstrates and advocates. That is precisely why we are subject to victimization, because we have difficultly responding to violence with an equivalent or greater level of intensity. Be forewarned that you need to develop a killer instinct to be effective. When necessary, you need to think and act like the ‘bad guys’. Most people are unable to do this. I would have sent my granddaughter for this training but i know she would be repelled and could not incorporate it.

    Larkin has incorporated teachings from Jerry Peterson’s SCARS Institute. Both can be found on YouTube.

  3. Stay away from crowds and public places if possible.I’m always on the lookout …there are enough standard crazy people on the streets without terrorists.
    Situational Awareness…I always think of that poor kid who got his head cut off on the Greyhound bus..If he had taken off his headphones and checked out his seatmate he might have thought of moving seats (or buses!)

  4. If you are too aggressive, you get nailed by the System. This is why I always let the aggressor strike out at me, first. I have a LOT of hand to hand combat experience and the place I first fine tuned that was with training horses and such when a child. Hunting helps a lot, too, you learn how to wait to strike, you can’t do it too fast.

    Fighting in armor was a huge plus. You get used to very close contact battles and learn how to do ‘kill hits’ reflexively.

    I used to spend many holiday/weekend time teaching and fighting medieval style. Even ran around Manhattan in full armor, joking, ‘This is the new jogging gear for women’.

    A big hint: it is all about HEAD SHOTS.

  5. Moe

    @ 5 ems

    I’d rather take a chance with the system than hazard suffering grievous harm or death.

    It also depends on where you live. If you are in New York, you have a much more difficult chance of claiming self defense than if you are in Florida. Check out Florida law on violent or lethal self defense.

  6. JimmyJ

    My son’s ju jitsu sensai recommends running away itself as a martial art. I’d love to be brave in the face of a knife attack but unless I’d have a clear advantage for immediately disabling the threat, I’m gone like the wind.

  7. CK

    The best way to stop an attacker with a knife is to shoot him at distance and then take his knife from his now cold dead hands.
    The second best way is to shoot him/her/it close up; then take its knife from its cold dead hands.
    Other ways involve using a bullwhip, a Tazer, various Chinese or Japanese marital arts or martial arts toys or a refurbished Flamethrower.
    CK’s second rule of gunfights: Always pack a knife for when the idiots with the guns run out of ammo.

  8. CK

    CK’s first rule of life: If you go looking for trouble, you will find it; if you don’t go prepared for trouble, it will find you.

  9. Way back in the late 1960s I once stopped an attack using a HARMONICA…it was dark, I yelled at the man who wanted to attack me, ‘THIS IS A GUN…BAM!’ He screamed and ran.

    The harmonica was silver metal clad and I knew how to hold it as if it were a gun barrel. Psychological warfare really does work.

  10. Lou

    This is also why the CIA assisted in creating the fake 9/11 ‘bomb in the buildings’ stories——–THERMITE?

  11. There was none. Stop it.

    Buildings built badly collapse. That is the nature of construction. Hollow buildings that have a mountain of cement piling up due to being smashed fall fast. Duh.

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