24 Hrs: Mainstream Media Now Blames TRUMP For Bernie Voter Assassin

It doesn’t take even 24 hours for liberals to blame Trump for things…Bernie supporters do!  Everything is the fault of Trump.  Absolutely everything.  We all knew this would happen, it is inevitable.  GOP Congressman Sanford happens to be a Bilderberg guy.  So naturally, like some other top GOP clowns, he hates Trump.  A lot of the GOP hates Trump.  He is an outsider.


The great deflector: After revelation that HE is under investigation for obstruction of justice for firing Comey, Trump falls back on an old favorite with all-out attack on ‘Crooked Hillary’, saying she smashed phones and bleached servers


Trump’s complaint about ‘obstruction’ follows a bombshell Washington Post report that special counsel Robert Mueller was focusing on possible obstruction of justice related to the Russia investigation and Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey.


The ‘bombshell’ is yet another LEAK.  DC is like the Titanic married to the Pearl Harbor Attack.  Everything is sinking due to leaking.  The despair and fury of the Real Rulers as they throw everything possible at Trump and it turns out many of these ‘leaks’ are outright lies, of course.


‘Why is that Hillary Clintons family and Dems dealings with Russia are not looked at, but my non-dealings are?’ Trump asked on Twitter.


He doesn’t know that one has to be silent when being treated this way.  They are poking at him.  I know how this works, when I won every time I visited his joint in Atlantic City, the response was to attack me, not be cheerful, I didn’t make off with too much money but grandstanded while doing it with the staff who thought my ‘win’ were funny.


‘Crooked H destroyed phones w/ hammer, ‘bleached’ emails, & had husband meet w/AG days before she was cleared- & they talk about obstruction?’ Trump asked, combining his attacks on Clinton with gripes about the evolving Russia investigation.


Bilderberg gangsters can steal, rape, murder and be obnoxious and destroy whole civilizations and no one is arrested, not even Nixon, for crying out loud.  NO ONE is arrested and charged which pisses me off for my father was one of the people who testified against the Nazis at the Nüremberg War Trials.


The tweet revived two attacks from the 2016 campaign, that a Clinton aide destroyed some of her multiple communications devices, and that her team used software to get rid of old emails.


Obstruction of justice, it is a slam dunk and naturally, her magic ‘get out of jail free’ card has been played so often, it is tattered and worn.  Trump has no such card, of course.


It also accuses, without evidence, Clinton of directing her husband Bill Clinton to hold his infamous Phoenix airport tarmac meeting with then-attorney general Loretta Lynch.

Put him and Lynch under oath and see how they lie.  Look, we have no idea what they cooked up that day on the hot tarmac but we do know the kitchen was open, hot and they ate something there.  Most likely, a soul cooking.  Eh?


DNC run states and cities are going bankrupt, fast:  Unable To Pay Bills, Illinois Sends “Dear Contractor” Letter Telling Firms To Halt Road Work On July 1 | Zero Hedge


The state of Illinois has not passed a budget for close to three years.


Free trade that is mainly gutting US industries has worked its wonders, right?  And now our former big, powerful cities are hell holes.  Score a win for the DNC.


Arguably it’s just as well because Illinois budgets for decades have been nothing but a moth-eaten collection of lies, one time deficits repeated endlessly, and financial wizardry statements designed to disguise Illinois’ real problems: failure to rein in spending coupled with a very business unfriendly environment.


When a huge hunk of the population is on welfare or prison or other anti-social systems, and when out and loose, run around systematically destroying everything, you go bankrupt especially when all the manufacturing businesses are sent overseas.


As Illinois’ bond rating careens towards junk, Illinois Unpaid Bills Jumped to $14.3 Billion. Today, the state told contractors to halt roadwork other than that required for safety.


I remember when NYC went off the fiscal cliff.  I had to run my own police patrols to stay alive.  I had to battle some very serious dangerous people who were armed and ready to kill.  I worked with the Federal Investigators to put a number of DNC clowns in prison because they were all criminals.


Five Illinois Universities Rated Junk


The number of administrators in Illinois’ universities grew by nearly a third (31.1 percent) between 2004 and 2010. At the same time, faculty only increased 1.8 percent, and the number of students only grew 2.3 percent.


ALL our Universities are going to go to hell, they run on pure debt.  Student debt is now over a trillion dollars and the degrees for most are increasingly worthless.  The dead wood inside of the administration has quadrupled in the last two decades and is accelerating.


When the students systematically destroyed Evergreen College, they demanded that the administrators hire more ‘PC Police’ and they will, they certainly will!  This is all over the place, just like our rulers fight Trump nonstop even when assassins are shooting at the GOP, the howling mob screams for Trump to be stabbed, beheaded and smashed.


As our manufacturing cities die, the liberals demand we import millions of angry Muslim males who will slaughter us even more than before and they have killed many thousands already, over 3,000 on 9/11.


NOTHING is being done to stop this unfolding collapse, nay, they want now to speed it up.  Pushing for WWIII is a great solution if you hate humans.  And they hate us, they are not liberals, they are devils.  And this is no joke, they now openly pray to The Devil That Is Death We Trust:

Sigh.  This was published by myself way back in 2007.










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5 responses to “24 Hrs: Mainstream Media Now Blames TRUMP For Bernie Voter Assassin

  1. Ken

    Off topic.

    The jury cannot agree on convicting Bill Cosby. He’s going to get off. Shades of OJ Simpson. Just because he is a famous black man he will not get convicted. I’m losing faith in the judicial system.

  2. Jim R

    You had faith in the judicial system, Ken? Hahahahaha!

  3. Moe

    No way the average ‘Flyover’ citizen is falling for this BS. So the function of these types of attacks on Trump is to further the hostility of the disaffected: Democrats, leftists, Sanders groupies, Hilleryites, etc.

  4. The NYT has a whiney article today on the top of the front page, freaking out that there is opposition to their rule! 🙂

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