New York Times Lies About Why Voters Are Angry

How We Became Bitter Political Enemies – The New York Times

has a long ‘article’ trying desperately to explain what is going on now and there is zero mention of what is really going on, the utter failure of liberalism.  Instead, they blame voters of voting the ‘wrong way’ due to alternative media and Fox News!  Oh, if only the NYT and WP and ABC/CBS/etc. had a firm monopoly on information, why voters would happily vote for Stalin and Mao!  It is the crummy business of non-liberal propaganda that is destroying our ‘unity’.  HAHAHA.  They hate the internet which allows people to have choices.  And they imagine that people are happy with the status quo.


Before I tear into the NYT article, here are two headline stories from that dirty rag:

Yes, it is even acknowledged by the NYT that Mueller is very biased and is focused only on destroying Trump.  Therefore, he should resign.  The NYT should demand it, all the major mainstream fake news media should demand he resign and none will do this because they work for the Bilderberg gang and are owned by the Bilderberg gang and that gang wants Trump destroyed for he is not one of THEM.

This news confirms that Mueller is definitely out to get Trump, he has zero interest in Hillary’s many obvious crimes.  Also, note the story of black students from Flint going to a ‘safe place’ aka, a white community, to throw a prom.  Good lord.  I remember when proms happened at schools!  We, the students, did the decor and made the music.  It was ‘ours’.  I was once run…by other students…for prom queen when I was the chief troublemaker in school years ago and my prom queen candidate speech was this, ‘If you vote for me, I will punch the prom king for you all.’  I nearly won but the Principal canned the vote.


Back to today: the media wants to punch the prom king, President Trump.  They are whaling away at him.  Less than 24 hours after a DNC killer with poor aim desperately tried to assassinate the entire GOP leadership in Congress, the media and Democratic ‘leaders’ (sic) are back to attacking Trump and the GOP as if nothing had happened.


The NYT, a major player in this game of fake news/constant attacks is…attacking Trump and the GOP today in nearly every article as per usual.  So they featured today an astonishing story about how nasty things are now and…pin ALL the blame on the Republicans and other news sources not run by the Bilderberg gang, naturally.


It wasn’t long after a gunman opened fire on members of a Republican congressional baseball team on Wednesday that the emotional calls for unity began.


Speaker Paul D. Ryan described the shooting as “an attack on all of us.” The House Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi, said it was “an injury in the family.” Gabrielle Giffords, the former Democratic member of the House who was shot in 2011, pleaded for civility. “We must stand together,” she said. “And serve together.”


AND the ‘standing together’ ended abruptly less than a few hours after saying that garbage.  The DNC had zero intention of stopping the ongoing battles.  They are desperate to get rid of Trump, the outsider.


Their appeals, however fervent, are working against a historical headwind. Democratic and Republican voters don’t just disagree about the right way to reform health care or the true intentions of President Trump. Many despise each other, and to a degree that political scientists and pollsters say has gotten significantly worse over the last 50 years.


At this point, the NYT ought to have a map showing how voting is really happening.  It would clearly show that the Democrats have appeal ONLY in major cities with the ‘higher the welfare class numbers/more foreign or minority people/illegal aliens’ there are, the more they voted for Hillary.

Election 2016 County-Level Results, Mapped in 3D – Blueshift clearly shows DNC support’s concentration points:

Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, El Paso and Boston stand out with LA being this highest concentration of Hillary voters.  Indian reservations and the ‘black belt’ voted for her, too.  But the vast majority of of the countryside didn’t vote for her an the concentration of illegal alien voters in cities run by Democrats who use these as their voting base, stand out starkly.  This is why the DNC and the media giants show zero interest in how many illegal aliens voted and yell at the rest of us that none voted or only a few which is an outright lie.


The lies are infuriating.  Congress should be investigating why illegal aliens are allowed to vote to keep our borders open to more illegal aliens!  This is an invasion.


Mr. Iyengar doesn’t mean that the typical Democratic or Republican voter has adopted more extreme ideological views (although it is the case that elected officials in Congress have moved further apart). Rather, Democrats and Republicans truly think worse of each other, a trend that isn’t really about policy preferences. Members of the two parties are more likely today to describe each other unfavorably, as selfish, as threats to the nation, even as unsuitable marriage material.


Note how the propagandists discuss the election as ‘people who don’t like each other’ rather than ISSUES.  It took two dizty female reporters (sic) to write this tripe.  As I recall, Trump was against demonizing Russia and starting WWIII and Hillary was gung ho for WWIII.  That was the turning point in the election!


What is very funny to me is, the very same cities that voted heavily for WWIII were ones that are big targets for nuclear annihilation.  The reason they voted for Hillary wasn’t her eagerness for WWIII, it was for welfare money and open borders.


Surveys over time have used a 100-point thermometer scale to rate how voters feel toward each other, from cold to warm. Democrats and Republicans have been giving lower and lower scores — more cold shoulder — to the opposite party. By 2008, the average rating for members of the other party was barely above 30. That’s significantly worse than how Democrats rated even “big business” and how Republicans rated “people on welfare.”


Note that the reporters writing this article dare not look at polls concerning say, illegal aliens and how people think about this situation.  This is deliberate, of course.  I am betting that one of the writers of this article is either an immigrant herself or her family came recently and he went to school here.


He writes for the Washington Post and Atlantic Monthly, etc.  That is, they all use the same crew, there is no ‘independent news’ they are all in the same exact boat with the same reporters, etc.  Niraj graduated from school only ten years ago.  Immediately, he became a ‘big reporter’ and his naivety shows.


That is OK but were they LEGAL immigrants?  I would love to know about that.  But he won’t tell us, I am betting.  BTW, I went all over the place trying to find out where this ‘reporter’ was born and it is totally hidden except he talks about India a great deal and mentions knowing India so I am betting, he is an immigrant from there.


This article, written by people with little life experience, glosses over how Obama was elected, don’t show any maps that explain how cities voted different from suburbs and the entire countryside, how this has changed over the last 35 years when we had very ‘mixed’ voting maps and it never explains the true reasons why this division has come about: the Civil Rights Act and how it was used to force school integration which co-incided with the removal of all discipline in the schools.


I went to school in the 1950s.  We got beaten literally when we misbehaved and if mom was called in, we got a second major smack down.  It was dangerous to defy authority.  By 1975, this was totally gone.  And when my own first child went to school in NYC, it was physically dangerous for her.


In third grade, the children of the slums were so out of control, they were literally rioting in the classroom when I showed up suddenly.  The teacher was cowering…literally…behind her desk and the kiddies knew me as the Housewife from Hell and immediately stopped in their tracks and sat down!


Oops.  I had to withdraw my child and send her to an expensive school to undo the damage to her.  I began ‘Save Our Schools—SOS’ and then suddenly, gave up and fled when it was obvious, this would never pass.


The liberals all, uniformly, send their own kiddies to private schools in ‘blue’ cities.  In NYC, they rigged things under Bloomberg and Giuliani who were not DNC people (Bloomberg is Bilderberg, though) so that ‘public’ schools could be ‘chosen’ and they did this knowing that Manhattan and Park Slope would send their kiddies via chauffeurs and maids to the ‘good’ schools while slum kiddies would continue to go to the local dives.


Reporters at the mainstream media knew all about the school disasters and made up all sorts of goofy stories blaming everyone but themselves for the disaster.  Black schools in the 1950s were not violent, the kids there were kept under control via the means used by my own childhood schools: we were understandably scared of our teachers and if we wanted to cross them, had to be very devious about it for any display of cheek or defiance was crushed rapidly via being hit.


Rule of thumb and I bet all readers here remember this rule: if the teacher is annoyed, they hit you with the flat of the ruler, if pissed further, the edge of the ruler and if very pissed off, the metal edge.  We all thought this was rather funny and would boast about it in the school yard when playing ‘dare’ games.


Now, teachers are hounded, attacked, even killed.  Fellow students who are not black are beaten, harassed and abused violently.  Principals and even cops who now have to be inside schools full time, end up in the hospital as students attack them mercilessly.


This cannot go on.  It isn’t happening everywhere, it is happening nearly entirely in DNC-run cities.  Sane voters look at that mess and say openly, ‘No way in HELL do we want more of this.’  Black and Hispanic voters don’t want this, either, but they do want goodies showered on them so they vote for the goodies and shrug when their kiddies end up in prison or dead.  More from where they came!  That is the literal attitude.


Back to the NYT article above:


 That negativity appears to have fed a growing perception that the opposing party isn’t just misguided, but dangerous. In 2016, Pew reported that 45 percent of Republicans and 41 percent of Democrats felt that the other party’s policies posed a threat to the nation.


Seems reasonable to me.  After 2001, we went to war because we were attacked by a bunch of Saudis and assorted others.  The solution to that event was to let in millions of illegal and legal aliens and some of these continued to attack us and we now have more and more attacks from aliens of various degrees.  So the ‘solution’ was wrong and many voters are pissed about this obvious truth which the mainstream media avoids like the plague.


Independents, who outnumber members of either party and yet often lean toward one or the other, are just as guided by fear. More than half who lean toward either party say a major reason for their preference is the damage the other party could cause. Only about a third reported being attracted by the good that could come from the policies of the party toward which they lean.


Independent voters swing one way or the other depending on many factors.  They voted for Obama, in the past, and many now regret this which is why Congress is now run by Republicans.  This fact irritates the NYT staff no end.  This wasn’t supposed to happen!  They move heaven and earth to win, they desire open borders and deindustrialization.  They hate workers in industries and they want elite rule.


What baffles me is how our schools are being systematically destroyed by liberals.  They pursue policies that are killing them off.  For example, universities have degraded the role of professors to the point of turning them into near-slave labor with zero job security unlike outright slaves.


Instead of stopping this move, leftist teachers are desperate for employment and their job is to train even more desperate students who go deep into debt to become semi-slave labor in turn and to destroy and remove their own professors so they can labor for near zero pay.


The STEM section of schools still has real professors and not a gaggle of helpless ideologues trying to stay alive.  There, the STEM students want real jobs and the teachers have to teach real science.  The other half, the liberal arts, has degenerated badly into pure ideology and very poor methodologies which infests everything to the point of collapse.


This is the power base of the DNC: schools pushing for deadly, malfunctional systems that are systematically driving people into destruction.  From the 1950’s: students taking the National Merit Scholarship Exams.

And here is our future rulers, taking exams in China:

The US cannot continue educational suicide forever.  Look at who is breathing down our necks!  And the Chinese know what happens when students take over, they survived Mao by the skin of their teeth.  It nearly destroyed their civilization.




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6 responses to “New York Times Lies About Why Voters Are Angry

  1. ziff

    Mark Steyn :: ” if you are wearing a mask and assaulting people YOU’RE ! the fascist ”

  2. Moe

    “Rule of thumb and I bet all readers here remember this rule: if the teacher is annoyed, they hit you with the flat of the ruler, if pissed further, the edge of the ruler and if very pissed off, the metal edge.”

    I went to Catholic school, taught by nuns. For disciple they used a ‘strap’ which looked like a healthy piece or section of industrial belt.

    In grade 8 I had the principal, the head nun, as my teacher. One day she gave me three strappings, not undeserved. When she called me up to administer the fourth for further jacking around, I escaped out the open window behind me and went home. When I returned the next day, she promptly administered the ledgered beating.

    PS: I hated that woman. Until I finally started to clue in to her English grammar instruction, which I was weak in and which she excelled in teaching. I recouped several deficient years of grammar instruction in six months.

  3. Dennis Roe

    I’m one of those angry voters and I see how they’re treating the guy I voted for. It’s a rigged game. All my ancestors are rolling over in their graves at this state of affairs. We’re at the mercy of incompetent assholes, none of whom bear responsibility for their decisions.

  4. This is a subject for a bigger story, ‘How to discipline boys (and the wilder girls)’. I was beaten by parents and teachers and…by high school, had tremendous self-discipline and roared ahead of other students especially girls because I took school seriously!

    AND…I wanted to get out of my parent’s home, fast!!! HAHAHA. My goal which I set in 1964, was to get out of high school by 1967 and so, in two and a half years, succeeded in getting a university scholarship!

    Then won the German prize. The point is, I was motivated. How odd is that? I was very motivated. My siblings were not nearly as hammered on except for one brother who moved in with me when I got my own home at a very young age.

    Today, the students beat the staff, mothers, each other, and are happy because THEY are doing the beat downs, not the adults. This sends them all to prison or an early death, being stupid. It doesn’t make them smarter.

  5. floridasandy

    mark steyn nailed it, and they are no different than the terrorists in the middle east who hide their identities as they try and destroy their own countries. .

    in pathetic news, the students are taking over the schools and the weak little teachers keep trying to pacify them:

    Teacher unions were never designed to protect the students, and now they students need protecting from themselves—– and there is nobody to do it. Teachers were never fired when they were incompetent or engaged in criminal behavior-now we have teachers who want to be the friends or possibly the lovers of the students, and actual education is taking a beating

    school vouchers are the answer—–to let the good teachers thrive, and the bad teachers fail. Parents would actually get to CHOOSE where their child attends school, and be more involved in the educational process. The students might actually learn something that they would be interested in and then education wouldn’t be such a challenge for them, and their futures would look so bright they would need shades. :).

    Leftists would have their usual meltdown. They are entirely predictable at this point.

  6. The entire educational system is collapsing internally. Students don’t learn if you coddle them too much. They have to have critics who look over the shoulder and push them to do better.

    Right now, I am training a puppy. She can be deliberately very naughty. I speak to her sternly and even give her a little spank on her furry bottom and tell her to go outside.

    No one else is doing this. Guess what? She sticks to me like glue. Now, I am teaching her to obey other people. She always wants to break the rules with everyone else. If a dog can figure this out, certainly humans can.

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