DNC Leader In California Attacks Gay Republicans

Democrat Vice Chair Verbal Assault on Gay Campaign Volunteers – YouTube


Every day there is more and more proof that ‘liberals’ are really racist and hate gays and other problems that is, if someone supports Trump and is gay or black, they are physically and verbally assailed, cussed, hit, smashed by ‘liberals’.  The hysteria with with liberals attack anyone who isn’t on their ‘side’ is criminal.  Women who support Trump are attacked viciously and beaten up by men and women screaming that conservatives let women be beaten up!  This illogic is stark and shows the effects of propaganda on the mind, that is, ‘mainstream fake news’ is producing insanity in liberals.


Remember during the election, the story of the DNC guy smashing the Trump star on the sidewalk of the stars in Hollywood and then a black woman camped out there to protect it from further vandalism:  Hillary Voters Attack Homeless Black Woman For Supporting Trump – YouTube

Violent leftists attacked her there!  They beat her up!  The brutality on the left has been constant and very underreported.  It nearly never makes the front page news of mainstream media.


Here is really funny news.  Trump told the EU leaders they had to do much more to support their own protection from Russia.  They openly refused to do any such thing, they want us to do everything for them as per usual.  Now this, from Germany:News — RT 

HAHAHA…so, the Russian pipeline plans to send the fuel elsewhere is biting hard!  Germany demanded Trump not be friendly with Russia, the entire EU Bilderberg gang howled about this, the US media giants and most of Congress demanded a Cold War with Russia and Hillary demanded a Hot War with Russia…so we are fighting Russia by surrounding East Asia with ships that we can’t seem to pilot very well…

And Poland continues to be bashed by Germany for not allowing millions of angry, hostile Muslim males into the country!  HAHAHA.  Poland says openly, they don’t want them and Merkel said she will punish Poland and the conservative party is being punished for saying what the citizens are yelling at the top of their lungs.


So…we have several forces at work here all totally at odds: Russia is supposed to be evil but Germany needs Russian gas so they are buddies but…gas is evil is has CO2 problems and Germans think they will roast to death due to this but they are freezing to death, it is getting colder, so they need gas for heating and industry…HAHAHA…Germany hates Trump for saying CO2 is OK and we can use Russian gas…HAHAHA…which makes HIM evil.


And Germany is ordering Poland, the second victim of the Nazis, the Czechs were the first victims of the Nazis and they, too are being attacked by Germany for not taking in more Muslim invaders…the fury against Germans is rising even as Muslim terrorists attack and rape Germans and Germans go to prison for saying online, ‘I don’t like Muslim invaders’ and so forth: the Bilderberg gang has gone totally insane.




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8 responses to “DNC Leader In California Attacks Gay Republicans

  1. Jim R

    Like Mousie Dung.

  2. Lou

    The congressional baseball practice shooting is example of left-wing terrorism. Also ambush in Dallas last year that left five officers dead is an example of left-wing terrorism,and the black U.S. Marine Corps veteran who shot dead three police officers in Louisiana’s capital last year, specifically targeting them, as police said, is also left-wing terrorism.
    Is 3 more dead attorneys in D. Wasserman-Schultz’ district also left-wing terrorism?
    —via Takismag.

  3. zifff

    hey, just saw this comment on utoob ,, will settle the problem

    ”Trump should declare himself as a woman and proclaim that he’s the first woman president!”

  4. Pete

    The EU is the Fourth Reich.

    Germany wants to reverse Brexit to keep the Brits inside the Fourth Reich.

    Merkel plays along with US but wants Nord Stream II.

    Nord Stream II will make Germany the nat gas HUB for
    all of Europe. Germany is the strongest economy in Europe
    and now they will be the gas hub for Europe.

    Sieg Heil!


  5. Putin is pulling the EU Bilderberg tail now. I wonder if their latest plot is to make him die, laughing?

    Seriously, he is a top chess master playing with people who can’t do even hop scotch, much less, devious games of intellect.

  6. I love anything and everything that is written well… yeah you got some good content going on there for sure.

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