USN Destroyer Fitzgerald Slams Into Huge Containership Off Japan

The Pentagon wanted to have a ‘show of power’ to North Korea.  So they sent all possible ships there where a spy ship with tons and tons of radar on board…sailed across the prow of a huge container ship in the middle of the night and the spy ship nearly sank and is badly crippled.  Has 330 sailors and some were killed in their bunks.  The question is, how on earth did this spy ship not see a huge container ship?  Gross incompetence is the only possible cause.

US Navy Destroyer Crashes Merchant Ship at Japan Sea USS Fitzgerald Collides Merchant Vessel – YouTube


Sea traffic has many rules.  Rule#1 is: all ships have to move out of the way of containerships and other super sized ships.  There is a reason for this rule: huge ships can’t suddenly change direction.  It is impossible.  Nimbler ships are to scout out where a container-sized ship is moving and take evasive measures.


Aircraft carriers are the same: all other naval ships must defer to these because they, too, can only very slowly change their course.  The crash of this particular ship is significant because it bristles with electronic devices for seeing and hearing everything, it is a ship that is the eyes and ears of the Navy.


How Much Does the US Navy Destroyer Fitzgerald Cost? The Shocking Price Tag | Squander


The USS Fitzgerald was named after the William Charles Fitzgerald, a US Navy officer. She is part of US Destroyer Squadron 15. The Fitzgerald is deployed to counter ballistic missile threat worldwide.


Given the resources that go into building a USS Navy destroyer, it’s clear that the costs can truly accumulate. But you’ll never believe just how much destroyers costs: Despite the fact that USS Fitzgerald Navy destroyer was built quite some years ago, it’s estimated that in 2017, the cost is approximately $1.5 billion.


What happened last night was total incompetence.  This expensive piece of useless hardware couldn’t even protect itself.  Nothing is any better than the people running things and in this case, human error or someone sleeping on the job (quite likely) caused this disaster.


This is also why playing ‘nuclear war games’ with crazy people is dangerous.  North Korea is crazy.  And quite capable of blowing up Tokyo and then overrunning South Korea (they don’t want to nuke the main cities there).


In today’s news is a story boasting about how fast we can fly military jets:

This photo was taken during the parade offshore of Asia to show off to the Russians, Chinese and North Koreans, how strong our military is.  The leaders of these countries are probably laughing right now.


Will the Pentagon pursue the investigation as to why a US ship armed with all systems for ‘seeing’ in the dark, still ran right up to a slow moving containership?


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13 responses to “USN Destroyer Fitzgerald Slams Into Huge Containership Off Japan

  1. Claudeeyah

    Will the Pentagon pursue the investigation as to why a US ship armed with all systems for ‘seeing’ in the dark, still ran right up to a slow moving containership?

    Short answer: no. We’re too busy searching for the Russian pea under Trump’s mattress. And after all, what’s a few billion here and there anyways? 🙂

  2. Yes, if there is an investigation, they will also blame Trump for this ineptitude.

  3. Lou

    I recall other tragedies. The jets that were having a good time and hit the ski lift cables in Italy. USAF planes.
    The cruise ship run aground somewhere off the coast. I think the captain was trying to impress a woman.

  4. Jim R

    All the endless pointless wars and sabre rattling has damaged morale among the US military.

    This has happened with Trump in office, but morale has been super low for a long time, as it declined quite a lot during the Obama administration.

  5. Jim R

    And Lou, the captain of the Costa Concordia trying to do a wheelie off of Tuscany to impress his girlfriend had nothing to do with the US Navy. Nor did the USN have anything to do with the Exxon Valdez.

    Except for the low morale. Apparently these two civilian captains were at personal low points in their lives…

  6. Pete

    This is not about morale LOL
    It’s about incompetence!

  7. Pete

    Jim R

    You are blaming Trump?
    On his watch?

    Sailors are feeling sad and lonely?
    Maybe crash was because tears were in their eyes.

    It doesn’t matter who is “in office”.

    It’s about incompetence!

  8. Jim R

    No, not really blaming Trump. I am saying morale sunk this low with Obama. It takes a while to turn these things around.

    But Trump does not really have control of the MIC. No president since Eisenhower has had control of the MIC.

  9. Hello, how about CHENEY???? Come on, who controls it? The Bilderberg gang and Cheney is part of that as well as the Bohemian Grove guys, for example.

  10. Jim R

    Cheney is at the very center of the controls of the MIC. Obama was (is) an obedient little puppet of it. Poppy Bush was probably pretty close to the center of it, as well. But I doubt that any of them were good for morale — always invading other countries for no reason is bad for morale. And none of them could have (or wanted to) stop doing that.

    Trump is not at the center of it, but he is being set up to take the blame for its mismanagement. He should shut it down, but cannot get enough traction to do that and make it stick.

    When it fails, it is going to be messy.

  11. Trump is a total outsider who happens to be rich. Not all rich people are Bilderberg gangsters. They are a select group and very tied to DC politics.

  12. Lou

    #5–Thanks. I had forgotten the ships name and who he was trying to impress.

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