Afghan Fighter Infiltrates Main Base, Kills Soldiers…England Fire Toll Over 50 so Far

Again and again, the Taliban and ISIS kill soldiers via ‘allies’ who are on the base, gunning down people.  Trump has been told, we MUST stay in Afghanistan and Putin is shaking his head, Trump has been forced very hard to be hard on Putin who has brains unlike our rulers, and so we are stuck in Afghanistan, bleeding away but then, the dead Americans are ‘trash’ the rulers hate, you know, gun using citizens who believe in fighting.  Best kill them in Afghanistan rather than have them at home, fighting here.


Many people died in the tower fire in England.  This fire, which was an inferno due to poor choice of building materials, means the builders are at fault and should be fined, and if they knew that this was flammable, should be charged.


Those poor pooches searching the ruins!  Seriously, the handlers really do this: they have someone pretend to be hurt in the ruins and the excited dogs ‘find’ them and are happy, tails wagging.  Otherwise, the dogs, finding only bodies, grow moody and unhappy and cease eating after a while.


Of course, if we use rats to find bodies, they would not be even slightly bothered by this…the loss of life in this fire is like the 9/11 deaths: things were made much worse by building design/material choices.  This is why we have building rules.  The problem is, when the government is the builder and the WTC buildings were a government project, not private, they do whatever they please, rules are for the rest of us.


This is why we have so many ‘government built’ disasters.  Cladding in London high-rise fire also blamed for 2014 Melbourne blaze | UK news | The Guardian reports.


DUH.  It is plastic!!!  This is ridiculous.  I knew about the dangers of this stuff years ago.


Aluminium composite panels have a polyethylene or plastic core and an aluminium coating. It is a cheap building material widely used worldwide to clad high-rise apartment buildings.


In a report into the investigation of the Lacrosse fire, the Melbourne metropolitan fire brigade said the rapid vertical spread of the fire was “directly associated” with the external cladding.


“Had the external wall cladding been of a non-combustible type, the likelihood of fire spread beyond the level of ignition would have been greatly reduced,” it said.


One would imagine that putting up fire proof exteriors would be ‘duh’.  Of course!  What on earth caused them to build high rises with highly flammable exterior materials?  All buildings with this death trap construction should be reclad with something sane.  But this would require some political nerve.


Initial reports from the Grenfell fire suggest the gap between the cladding and the external walls of the building acted as a chimney, funnelling flames up the side of the building.


On top of all that, they built the exterior with a gap.  I am baffled at the stupidity here.  It doesn’t insulate the building, it has near zero protection value if something bad happens aside from fires, why on earth?  Oh, it is cheap.  Cheap is the sole factor here.


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17 responses to “Afghan Fighter Infiltrates Main Base, Kills Soldiers…England Fire Toll Over 50 so Far

  1. Petruchio

    Off topic but the Judge in the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial has declared a mistrial. More later….

  2. Ken

    Someone from the press should interview the jurors and see what the real story is. Like was done after the OJ trial.

  3. Mewswithaview

    The city council in the UK had an old building that they wanted to tart up, without spending much money, lowest bid wins and that’s what they got. There would have been fire officers and other officials signed off on this, and so far they have so far deflected the blame onto the contractor. Lets wait and see what the investigation says.

    Afghanistan is just a protection racket at this stage.

  4. The contractor was following orders. It is who ever did the bids for the ‘work’ that is guilty. They should have hired someone who understands buildings. I know how fires work on buildings because of hanging out with people who investigate fires and having the fun of rummaging through fire events with them as a guest.

    This fire could have been foreseen easily.

  5. tio

    “This fire could have been foreseen easily.”

    Of course, that’s why that particular form of cladding is illegal in most civilised countries. I do believe that building fire regs were watered down by parliament around a decade ago, the fact that ~80% of Tory MPs are landlords had absolutely nothing to do with it.
    “The country is, fundamentally, run on the cheap. Cheap wages, borrowed money, skimped and half-finished schemes, leaky pipes, overloaded cables, inadequate training, rotten basic education, ancient infrastructure stretched to the limit and then beyond.

    And much of it is controlled by unaccountable companies or bureaucracies that cannot be contacted, whose owners are often thousands of miles away.

    Your late train (yet again), your moody broadband, your absent, invisible police force, your potholed road, your dodgy bank and your unreachable phone company, are all part of the same thing – a country living beyond its means that thinks it is richer and more important and more civilised than it is, and so neglects the basics of life while concentrating on how it looks.”

  6. billibaldi

    The New York Daily news just ran a series of articles on the heroin epidemic in New York. It costs 2 million dollars to deploy one soldier to Afghanistan for 1 year. The US government deficit is $440 billion. How long can this last?

    The scuttlebut is that the increased deployment of troops to Afghanistan is because the Taliban have entered the Heroin business and the stuff is leaking out via Iran and Pakistan.

  7. Original cladding on the high rise had asbestos in it which is fireproof and safe once it is encapsulated.
    Was replaced with a “green” alternative hahahahahahahahahaha.

  8. I REMEMBER VIETNAM! And guess what: lots and lots of dope out of there! Same thing: we go to war in places where it is easy to smuggle drugs and…it ends up here in mountains of trouble.

  9. Christian W

    @ 7 tio

    The scuttlebut is that the increased deployment of troops to Afghanistan is because the Taliban have entered the Heroin business and the stuff is leaking out via Iran and Pakistan.

    That’s bullshit. I remember the beginning of the US invasion of Afghanistan. The Taliban had almost completely stopped all heroin production in Afghanistan because it was Haram, against Islam to use opium. The US entered the war specifically on the side of the drug/war lords who wanted free flow of opium. That is the basic fact of the matter.

    Blaming the Taliban for the Opium epidemic is a red herring. The opium epidemic is 100% the work of the US + Afghan non-Taliban war lords.

    An interesting side note. NORTH KOREA is also a major producer of opium. Of course the US does not appreciate competition.

  10. Petruchio

    @#2 Ken: the Prosecutors have already said they will Re-try. As far as the jurors go, I’m guessing at least some of them were Black. I’m further going to go out on a limb and suggest that it was a black juror or jurors who refused to change their vote from “Not guilty”. It only takes ONE juror to get a Mistrial. Big Achievement for the Black Community huh? A serial BLACK rapist who first drugged his 100’s of victims gets to (potentially) walk free. That’s really sticking it to whitey. I bet it doesn’t matter that many of Cosby’s victims were also Black women. As for the Prosecutors, I hope they weren’t thinking like the Simpson Prosecutors did: that they had a Slam dunk case and all they had to do for the trial was to just show up and present their evidence.

  11. floridasandy

    Taliban equals NO poppy production.

    it’s a religious thing.

    Has anyone seen the jury decision breakdown in the Cosby case? I never thought it would be a slam dunk because all the women waited so long, and some never reported it—plus they kept seeing him. That’s a tough call, although I am sure everybody does think he voluntarily drugged women to get sex The question would be was consent given for the drugs in every case, or did he slip drugs into women’s drinks? His wife is unbelievable to show up and start grandstanding after all the crap that her husband pulled.

    Why are there so many women victims out there? We are starting to look like we are the weaker sex. 🙂

  12. Generally, NATO supports dope dealers in wars.

  13. Christian W

    NATO? It is a long standing British Imperial practice, later taken over by the US.

    Back in the days of Queen Victoria the Brits forced Indian farmers to grow opium instead of food crops. Millions starved while the Brits pushed opium on the Chinese. When the Chinese tried to stop the opium epidemic in China, the Royal Navy attacked.

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