Over 60 Villagers Burned To Death In Forest Fire Inferno: All Unnecessary Deaths

Forest fires kill 57 in central Portugal , Pedrogao Grande, wildfire, Figueiró dos Vinhos, – YouTube


Tragic fire in Portugal illustrates how dangerous it can be if people don’t know what to do in a fire emergency.  The tower fire in England is also a harsh lesson now that we learned that there was confusion and chaos that led to many dead in that terrible fire.


Boy dies in Portugal fires that kill 62, many burn in cars | Daily Mail Online

Rodrigo Rosario’s grandmother said the youngster’s body had been found next to a car in which his uncle had burnt to death.

Many people died in their cars while trying to escape the flames in the Pedrógão Grande area, according to government sources.

The boy and his uncle were found near the spot where the fire broke out in Pedrógão Grande.

Before the fire, we can see that high-octane burn pine trees line all the roads here in Portugal.

This is a common effect of forest fires: the trees are singed and some have branches that burned but the trees usually are still very much alive, they evolved to have fires sweep them periodically.  But the cars all burned ferociously.  This is because they all had volatile fuel in the tanks so they literally ‘blew up’.


The fire began with a lightning strike.  All over the US where there are forests we  have watch towers to look for fires, most of which are started by lightning.  Not all, of course.  I recall in my own childhood, a guy got lost going up Sabino Canyon in Arizona.  To call for help, he lit a fire which rapidly became a forest fire.


We, at our ranch below, noticed the smoke and called it in then we got on our horses and headed towards the canyon.  Soon, helicopters from the air force base came lumbering in and they found the guy and he was put in jail because he did something stupid.  When lost on a mountain, go downhill!  It is pretty simple.  I was taught this at age 5 when we moved to the McDonald Observatory in Texas.


The people panicked in Spain.


Burnt cars block the road between Castanheira de Pera and Figueiro dos Vinhos, central Portugal, pictured today. The prime minister António Costa has called the fire ‘the biggest tragedy of human life that we have known in years.’


In Castanheira de Pera, I found this:

There is this body of water at the Praiadas Rocas, for example.  In any forest fire event, going to water is #1, trying to outrun a fire especially when the wind is to one’s back, is highly dangerous and the chances of being stuck in a traffic muddle is very high.

There was no large body of water in Figueiro dos Vinhos.  But there is a large stadium surrounded by a parking lot which doesn’t burn.  I grew up in very dangerous places, mainly mountains, and in Tucson, we were the ‘fire department’ back when virtually no one lived where our ranch was.  I learned how to use an ‘Indian tank’ to fight fires.  This is a big tank of water you carry on the back and use a pump-wand to aim water at the base of a fire.


We were under orders, as children, that if any fire were to happen and it couldn’t be put out, we were to jump into the swimming pool.

This town nearby the two above towns is on a river.  Always run to rivers when there are forest fires and go into it.  Make sure your head is wet!  The only way to avoid panic and doing the absolutely wrong thing is to have practice.  I grew up with lots of fire drills.  It was considered highly important.


Over time, people get lazy about this.  I remember all those childhood fire drills we went through.  Many tragedies happen because people have no idea how to shelter from fires.  In the recent tragedy in England, people ran to elevators in a fire and all of them died.  You never should use an elevator in a fire.


Others ran inside or spent time trying to save items of interest.  This is fatal, too.  Nothing is worth one’s life.  I remember all the nuclear war drills, too.  We stopped those.  I feel there should be tornado drills, many times people die because they don’t know how to shelter even if there are tornado alarms.


During WWII, elaborate systems were set up and run by local and national governments for all sorts of disasters/wars.  And our parents drilled us mercilessly on all this.  Now, everyone seems way to relaxed about rules for disasters and become victims.  And governments are responsible for pushing people to exercise ‘what to do’ so they don’t panic.


Fire Drills – YouTube: video for kids in Oregon pine  forest, how to escape fires

The video gives no information about what children can do if there is a real fire.  I knew all the ins and outs of fires when still well under 12 years of age, frankly, by 10 I knew all about fire safety especially forest fires.


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20 responses to “Over 60 Villagers Burned To Death In Forest Fire Inferno: All Unnecessary Deaths

  1. Claudeeyah

    Wow. That video was pretty lame, but not surprisingly so. We’ve dumbed down everything else, so why not fire safety. Gotta love the negro fire man, rapping about “what to do”. I kept waiting. No exit plan, no “what ifs”, only “plan to meet somewhere outside” – a good idea, but….to quote Clara Pellet from the old Wendy’s commercial, “Where’s the beef?” Or to update in today’s parlance, “Where duh beef be at, mo fo?”

    When I was a child, we were taught “stop, drop, and roll”, if our clothing ever caught fire. And to feel the door of our bedroom to see if it was hot or warm. If so, leave the door shut and exit a window. Am I the only one who remembers these crucial safety tips? Jeezus, tap dancing, Kee-rist!

  2. Ken

    Off topic, but a pet peeve of mine.

    A recent article focused on an increase in earthquakes in Yellowstone National Park. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-17/scientists-warn-current-yellowstone-quake-swarm-could-rip-guts-out-america

    As part of planning for a potential disaster, some time ago the US government paid billions of dollars to some foreign governments to take in US citizens in the event that the “super volcano” blows up in the next 10 years.

    South Africa was approached to see if they would take in US citizens in distress. (Probably because they speak English). They refused. The reason given was that they didn’t want any more white people. It would “destabilize” the country.

    No one made a fuss about this blatantly racist attitude. Similarly, likely each and every one of the third world countries who are sending millions of their citizens into Europe and the US would never consider allowing millions of racially different Europeans or Americans into their own countries. They would erect walls and shoot us on sight.

    Yet no one ever mentions this. Europeans and Americans are expected to throw open their borders to people from other nations who would never, ever adopt similar policies. The double standard is so ingrained into western society that no one even notices or complains. And no one noticed or complained that South Africa does not want white people.

  3. Moe

    Off topic: Condor returns to rescuer, good news for a change…


  4. Predator birds (condors started out as predators) have great memories. My baby crow I rescued and raised would greet me outside years later whenever he heard my voice. It was very amusing.

  5. Christian W

    Things are moving rapidly in the ME now.

    The US shot down a Syrian jet that was on a bombing mission against ISIS.

    Iran launched missiles against ISIS in Syria (to warn off the US about what will happen in case the US escalates).

    Russia and Syria have joint border patrols on the Jordan border the US is using to invade Syria.

  6. Christian W

  7. Ken

    Wasn’t one of Trump’s campaign promises to get us out of the middle east? This is so messed up.

  8. Lou

    #2–you are new to the reality of the world. It is the (((tribe))) that is doing what it can to destroy Whites and our homelands.

    This–I don’t know what it is about public transportation that channels the inner african to act out so demonstrably.

    One of the most startling videos I have ever seen was a black rapper from the U.S. and his entourage riding the Tokyo metro. His crew videotaped him strutting through the cars, swinging from the handrails, and muh-dik’ing while they howled noises that sounded like it was direct from the Serengeti. The movements are indicative of something with direct and recent lineage to primates. It is astonishing.

    The poor Japanese passengers had no idea what to make of it. It was as if a wild animal had been loosed from a zoo. They just silently stared in amazement.

    James “King Tight” Blackston in Japan

    … The kicker???

    This same handrail swinging simian was convicted for raping and strangling to death a white teenager from Ireland, which, occurred on the very same Japan trip. He only served 3 years and is back in the U.S. hanging out with Snoop Dogg now.

    These things are nominally human.
    Or—-Anonymous said…
    All casting in advertising and entertainment is done with mind control in mind.

    Just look at the popular long-running British sci-fi TV show “Doctor Who”, which was revived about 12 years ago. For those unaware, “The Doctor” is a time traveling alien who always journeys with a human companion or two, and those were traditionally young women. Since the reboot by the BBC, The Doctor’s companions have consisted of a:

    1) White girl (who has black boyfriend)
    2) Gay white man
    3) Black girl
    4) White girl (who The Doctor first met at her wedding…to a black man)
    5) White girl
    6) White girl (who has black boyfriend)

    and finally the current, and logical iteration…

    7) Black lesbian

    Yet I could get past all this obvious casting manipulation until last night’s episode, where they traveled back to 2nd century Scotland and found that a Roman legion stationed there had been almost completely slaughtered by an alien creature that sucked out their bones. But that wasn’t even close to the most unusual aspect of the show. It turned out the five remaining Roman officers consisted of two whites, two sub-saharan blacks (one of whom was gay…duh), and a pakistani!

    Does the BBC believe that the average viewer who has heard of the “Romans” will think that Roman army was made up of a mix of whites, blacks, and middle easterners (their dream of utopia in modern-day Britain)? Of course not, but the BBC hopes by suggesting that this was the case, people will cease to care about the truth regarding European history.

  9. Lou


    The PTB have unleashed with full force the Third World populace, including the American negro, to destabilize and destroy what our forefathers have built. And the icing on the cake is that we have about two generations of whites who have bought into the “White Privilege” meme. It is absolutely astonishing to see the amount of clueless whites who see nothing wrong with open borders, multiculturalism, and the nanny state. The Free Sh*t Army folk who wanted (((Bernie Sanders)) are pissed off at TRUMP, not Hillary, who had her minions work overtime to thwart his ambitions for the presidency.
    We see it in France, we see it in England, and we see it throughout Europe and Australia.
    Negroes are a constant drain on resources and a bane to any civilization that has hopes and aspirations for advancement. Unfortunately, we have (((rulers))) who have decided over the span of 70 years or so to use these genetic dead ends to destroy what is left of first world Western civilization.

  10. Lou

    One noteworthy reality about Europe’s current political leadership is summarised here by Phil Lawler:
    “So a grossly disproportionate number of the people making decisions about Europe’s future have no direct personal stake in that future.”
    “• Macron, the newly elected French president, has no children.
    • German chancellor Angela Merkel has no children.
    • British prime minister Theresa May has no children.
    • Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni has no children.
    • Holland’s Mark Rutte,
    • Sweden’s Stefan Löfven,
    • Luxembourg’s Xavier Bettel,
    • Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon—all have no children.
    • Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, has no children.

    “So a grossly disproportionate number of the people making decisions about Europe’s future have no direct personal stake in that future.”

  11. Lou

    The book, ‘Into the Cannibals Pot’ [by a Jew] admits Jews took down South Africa;
    You folks in the states are having the same problems as we’re having over here,although we are in the minority..(4.5 mill at the last count)..
    we also beat you in every aspect in the crime stats.60 murders every day,
    a woman is raped every 30 seconds,
    car hi-jackings etc..I could go on,but I think you get the picture?!!!

    the only solution to this crime onslaught is total seperation.our dumb previous government put a name to it..APARTHEID..which was bloody stupid as we became the pariahs of the world

    .the elites wanted our minerals,so this system had to go and in its place we found ourselves with a marxist/terrorist government that is stealing us blind and wants the white man gone aka murgabe in zimbabwe..(Another failed african state)..

    You guys should learn from our experiences as you are now a majority and give these f$¥kers not a morsel as they will take and destroy.They do not build, they only consume!!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now..(We have a similar one in south afica called mike smith political,and its well worth a read!)

  12. Lou

    Off topic,

    All of those things, the bugs, eating poop, cutting and bleeding, playing “doctor,” are used in satanic ritual abuse. Kerth Barker’s books on the subject are heartbreakingly in alignment with this stuff. It’s a level of evil that good people have a difficult time believing because it’s so far removed from human decency, it’s unfathomable. And rightly so. Just take heart that vengeance is God’s, and these things won’t go unpunished.


  13. About Roman Britain: yes, there were African ‘black’ (Saharan) soldiers in Britain. The Romans did this deliberately: to patrol the distant borders, they NEVER used the ‘natives’ because these might revolt, they shifted people around so they were ‘mixed up’ populations.

    So Celts from Britain, for example, were sent to say, modern day Bulgaria to guard the borders.

  14. Ken


    I didn’t realize that you were from South Africa. It is amazing what a global reach Elaine’s blog has garnered.

  15. Petruchio

    @#12 Lou: I was always a little confused as to why, of all the countries in the world with cruel, murderous leaders, World media would focus in on South Africa, even using the word ‘Apartheid’ in print. It seemed to me that South Africa was being singled out for abuse when other, worse countries escaped any criticism–such as Israel.

  16. South Africa’s dictator just announced it is near time to eliminate all the Dutch Boers.

  17. Jim R

    Does that mean the Pentagon will be dropping “Humanitarian” bombs on SA?

  18. Petruchio

    @#18 Jim R: That’s the US War Machine for you. Spreading Democracy one bombing run at a time. Now remember Boys and Girls. These Bad Guys in the World HATE us for our Freedoms!!! And no fighting in the war Room….

  19. Moe

    @16 Petruchio

    It was all BS. Though one might disagree with apartheid tactics, SA was occupied, not colonized, by the Boers. Africans were late-comers. Speculatively, perhaps the Boers felt much as the White-flighters of the US, who abandoned inner cities for the suburbs. No-one wants to live with a feral underclass.

    US doesn’t have to bomb SA, they’ll destroy themselves. The template is Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).

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