Suicidal Bilderberg-run NATO Wants WWIII With Nuclear Armed Russia

News — RT: NATO in Syria is a diplomatic and military disaster.  NATO is there to overthrow the government on behalf of radicals who are very similar to the ones in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc.  They are there to destroy the most liberal of the Muslim dictatorships while NATO protects the worst Muslim dictators on earth who enslave women and non-Muslims and fund terror attacks in Europe and the US and across the globe.  This is utterly insane.


Saudi Arabia attacked us on 9/11 with the help of some Egyptian radicals.  They were all allowed to leave the US on 10/11 even as the entire country was on lockdown.  This lockdown is seldom mentioned today.  The claim was, our government was uncertain if there were not MORE Saudi terrorists.


But then they let all the Saudis flee in private jets!  None were questioned about 9/11.  Soon afterwards, the fake ‘bombs in the building’ story was concocted to hide the Saudi royal involvement in the 9/11 attacks and the commission to examine the attacks willfully made top secret, the section of the report pertaining to the Saudis who cooperated with and enabled the attackers.


I go to Russia Today for news every morning because they have real news, not fake news.  More Muslim men are attacking in Europe, it is now daily.  The jihad is on and it won’t stop until all the illegal alien Muslims are removed.  This distasteful remedy has to happen unless people are suicidal and don’t care if they die and civilization destroyed.


The WWIII fanatics are definitely of this group: they want to destroy Russia and are willing to destroy all of Europe and much of the US in this suicidal quest.

Every day, the NATO fliers kill civilians in Syria.  Much was made several months ago about Assad doing this.  Oh, the dead children!  They were plastered all over the place and then we NATO bombed back, more children died, the Russians showed this and all they got was a big, loud raspberry of contempt from US and EU media giants.


The Bilderberg gang doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Syrian dead children if they are not propaganda points.  We kill them…who cares?  This outrageous indifference and even hostility towards victims of NATO bombing is criminal.

The above move is all about the Bilderberg gang taking over everything outright instead of sneakily.  The Germans, in particular, are keen on having no more control by other countries, in the military matters.  This is the outright ‘we are now Deutschland’ massive coup against the nations of Europe.


Germany finally will get, via sneaky ways, what it dreamed of for 100 years: total control of Europe’s military might only that ‘might’ is mighty weak now.


I will now assume, knowing Germany very well indeed (ich bin halp deutsch!) they will then take all the Muslim men and make them soldiers to fight for Germany.  Ja, dass ist gut!  Too stupid to figure out what will happen next…they will do this stupid thing.  I think there is no stupidity as dumb as these super powerful people who have no one around to tell them to stop.


The other day, Breitbart had an article about these clowns:  Leaders of Europe’s Top Four Economies Have Zero Children Between Them and no chance of having any in the future.

What a collection of ‘leaders’!  They don’t even look like ‘leaders’ they look like bureaucrats.  The only one that looks like a politician is a young man who looks more like a TV game show host.  Compare these to Putin: VISUAL EDIT: Why Putin is the world’s most powerful leader | Daily Mail Online back in 2013.

No, Obama could do the same but he thought he was the chief butler in the White House which is why he bowed deeply to everyone all over the planet.  It really was sad to watch.  I remarked about that some time ago.





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12 responses to “Suicidal Bilderberg-run NATO Wants WWIII With Nuclear Armed Russia

  1. floridasandy

    it is mind numbing how incredibly stupid our CIA directors have been:

    He said this should be done covertly on an interview program. 🙂

    it can’t be bad having Comey gone, and Morell gone.

    it is interesting how none of the leaders have children (Macron marrying a rich older woman) and won’t-they don’t have to worry about future generations, do they?)

  2. Melponeme_k

    None of those leaders shown have normal drives. Because if they did, well we wouldn’t be speaking about them as leaders. The elites purposely pick the most broken puppets because they have to be controllable.

    As far as WW3 is concerned. They are not worried. They think they are special people with magical powers. Radiation won’t affect them. They seriously believe this, they really do. There is just no way to deal with that kind of cult like, religious, messianic craziness.

  3. Moe

    @2 Melponeme

    “They think they are special people with magical powers. Radiation won’t affect them.’

    I find it difficult to believe these elites could be delusional regarding these effects. Pleae tell us how you make this determination.

  4. floridasandy

    I think they are too stupid to think ahead, I really do.

    They go day to day by polls and popularity, and will turn on a dime-most of them.

  5. Claudeeyah

    They truly believe they are above the fray. We are riffraff and deserve to die. The elites salivate over our impending massive die-off. All they can conceive of is that with less of us there will be more for them. They will emerge from their bunkers and find beautiful, sandy beaches with nobody around but themselves. No more traffic jams and no more peasants using up “their” energy. The recent behavior of young Conrad Hilton Jr. I offer as a case in point. About a year ago or so, he was apprehended for being belligerent on a commercial flight and called the other passengers and crew members “peasants”. This is how they view the world.

    They have the all the arrogance that pride allows. They do not have to work for a living and they own everything and control things. That (to them) makes them superior and the exceptional people who deserve to live. Everyone else, Russians, the lower classes, Muslims, are merely tolerated until we get exterminated. I don’t see it so much as stupidity as abject lunacy.

  6. Melponeme_k

    @ 3 Moe
    “I find it difficult to believe these elites could be delusional regarding these effects. Pleae tell us how you make this determination.”

    Oh, Moe, that would require a whole book of crazy. The elites just don’t believe in Luciferianism, they have a whole potpourri of beliefs picked magpie like from many myths and religions from around the world. Alchemy/Neo-platonism/Hermetics is the main motif they love. They use it in books, films and tv shows continually to inculcate in us the belief that there just special people out there (themselves) who are so great, so wonderful, so MAGICAL that they deserve to rule.

    You have to step back and look at our culture and the symbols. You need to start reading the woo woo stuff. Believe me, I thought I reached the ultimate of crazy with the Alchemy but then fell into a whole other vat of crazy with Luciferianism. But the crazy doesn’t stop there. It involves Alien mythos! I fear the crazy is so deep the bottom can never be touched. I’ve given up trying to find it because the elites themselves are so far gone. It’s a wonder any of them can function without drool bibs.

  7. Indeed! And they believe in raping CHILDREN and I was raped…These crazy cultists run Hollywood and are very dangerous.

  8. Moe

    @6 Melponeme

    You’re not making me feel any more secure! But I do feel a lot less ‘crazy’ compared to those you’ve described! 🙂 Thanks for that.

  9. Tacitus

    OMG there’s another Tacitus …… Pat Lang’s site has 2 good articles recently: 1) there was no 17 US intelligence agencies’ agreement on Russian hacking; and 2) delusional US underestimation of Putin’s resolve.

  10. Pete

    Whenever you hear all 16 US intelligence agencies agree. you know
    the guv is pushing lies to get what they want.

    The EU army will be run by Germany.
    Willkommen to the Fourth Reich!

    Sieg Heil!

  11. Well, Merkel is twice the man that the new boy President of France! 🙂

  12. Moe

    And Golda Meir was twice the man Merkel is! 🙂

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