BBC Malfunction Yesterday—Just In, Another Allah Terror Attack Flint Airport

BBC news malfuction, Ctrl, Alt, Delete – YouTube


Quick story here: BBC malfunction causes much merriment.


Report: Officer Stabbed by Man Yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ at Airport, FBI Investigating Possible Terror – Breitbart

These attacks are now daily.  This one was in the US just outside of a major Muslim run former manufacturing city, Detroit.  Jeff Neville, a police officer on duty guarding the airport from terrorists, was stabbed suddenly in the neck.  He is in stable condition today.


Update 2:57 PM: The FBI has announced a press conference to begin shortly, providing more details on the incident.

Update 2:35 PM: The FBI has released a fuller statement in which they note that they have reason to believe the stabbing is an “isolated” incident, though they continue to urge vigilance in the area.


From the British news: the Bilderberg gang running the UN wants us to pay for everything just like the EU clowns.  So, he can go to China for money to run things.  Look at the great job the EU has at running things!  They should also ask China to do everything for them, too.


Last Remaining Police Station in Migrant-Dominated Swedish Suburbs Forced to Close » Alex Jones’ Infowars:  yes, Sweden continues to commit suicide.


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14 responses to “BBC Malfunction Yesterday—Just In, Another Allah Terror Attack Flint Airport

  1. Lois T

    I was surprised (relieved?) to see that the police didn’t kill the attacker, Amor Ftouhi, age 49, from Quebec. According to this Detroit News article, even the attacker asked the police why they didn’t kill him. It will be refreshing if a case like this actually goes to trial.

    Unfortunately, the FBI took over the case right away, so we’ll probably never get to hear the whole story about possible accomplices, informants etc.

    The article also has the FBI’s criminal complaint embedded within.

  2. He was a double foreigner! Good lord, this is getting ridiculous.

  3. Moe

    Now we know how the Amerindians felt. 🙂

    Karma’s a bitch.

  4. Lou

    The financial situation in Illinois can do both. They are within a week or two of defaulting on numerous debts. The State owes 15 Billion in unpaid bills. They don’t have the money. They won’t have it in 2 weeks, and in 2 weeks their credit rating will drop to JUNK. Then, due to financial obligations, many Pension funds have to sell them. On top of that, who will buy them or any new ones? BANKRUPT. GAME OVER Illinois.

    Even if the State could get a budget together in 2 weeks, they can’t raise the 15 Billion for bills due NOW and they can’t get more. The person in charge of paying the bills, on behalf of the State, says that after paying COURT ORDERED bills, there will be nothing left for services.

    Now, the financial problems will be enough to spook (puns intended) the market, the value of the dollar and any other State in financial trouble….like all of them? BUT, when the State of Illinois can’t pay for any schools, State Universities, supplies, etc. then we enter the spooky area of Chimp-outs when the benefits are cut…..and some will have to be cut.

    There is NO WAY the State or any of the cities will cut funding to illegals.

  5. Lou

    #8—text from,

    The p—-cknuts at Youtube thought they could promote a pro-migrant propaganda hit-piece and that people would like it. They were dead wrong. They fed us a shit-sandwich and expected us to thank them, but most viewers didn’t.
    Even though the cucks at Youtube deleted scores of dislikes and negative comments, it became abundantly apparent that viewers don’t support the current third-world invasion of Europe.
    We don’t want to support nor even look at a bunch of swarthy goat-humpers, sub-Saharan shit-stainers, nor bearded followers of the pedophile prophet. We’re done with these welfare-dependent colonizers who protest on our streets against us, who rape our women, and who threaten us with death because we refuse to bow to the primitive teachings of their 7th century death-cult.

  6. All of Germany is now East Germany and it serves them right. They voted for this, they boasted about this and now…they get to be annihilated yet again. The German death wish is an amazing thing and I am half German via immigration on my father’s side. Yes, it is suicidal desires that drives Germans deep inside.

  7. Lou

    Suicide Gene? I think the jews have it [bring in 3rd world and muslims].

  8. floridasandy

    national review article on jews fleeing Europe:

    They were Danish Jews who, as children, were smuggled into Sweden. Their gratitude to Sweden has been immense. But they have now left their homeland — the country that saved their lives — to live in Spain. The city in which they lived, Malmo, has become so saturated with Jew-hatred that they can no longer live there. It was caused by, in the words of the husband, “the adverse effects of accepting half-a-million immigrants from the Middle East, who plainly weren’t interesting [sic] in adopting Sweden’s values and Swedish culture.”

    Read more at:

  9. floridasandy

    thanks for the article in post 1

    so this loser has 6 kids, stabbed a guy he never met, and now taxpayers are going to have to pay for his trial with a maximum of 20 years, and then pay to keep his pathetic ass in jail feeding and clothing him?

    that’s a tragedy. We need to deport these people and unleash them on their home countries Trudeau loves Muslims so he can have him back. If he is voluntarily announcing that he hates the US, how does he even get into the US?

    I have to say that many Muslimsimmigrant men seem the easiest for the media to brainwash. I don’t think they have the same sense of family responsibility for starters .All those clips on immigration I saw are full of young men (many probably married with children) vacating their families and starting over somewhere else. That explains the women fighting now because they really have no choice.

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