Manhattan Judge Lori Sattler Loses $1 Million In Email Realestate Fraud

Back in 2013, this Manhattan judge had a contentious ruling about what can be presented at a trial:  Judge says abortion raises questions about divorcee’s credibility – NY Daily News


A judge who allowed a woman’s abortion to be used against her as evidence in a nasty custody battle says she only did so because it raised questions about the divorcee’s credibility.


The ruling hinged on ‘credibility’ and a lot of people thought the ruling was nuts.  Well, it turns out that this judge really IS ‘nuts’!  New York Supreme Court judge scammed out of $1m by email | Daily Mail Online reports via the NY Daily News:


 Justice Lori Sattler, 51, was duped by an email she believed had come from her real estate lawyer, but in actuality it came from a scammer.


Even low IQ people know that you never send money to anyone who emails you out of the blue.  If a lawyer wants money, they send proper documentation—DUH.  I made money doing real estate deals in NYC in the past and all of that is done via not even regular mail, you use a person who has legal standing and is covered by insurance if god forbid, the documents are lost or tampered with!


The proper delivery of documentation and checks have to be registered checks or other secure/insured forms for example, if one gets a check and then after signing documents, the check bounces…duh.  No way!  Everything dealing with real estate in New York is covered by a mountain of rules designed to prevent fraud!  Even with that, at two closings, I and my lawyers had to turn very nasty and threaten lawsuits due to the other party screwing up everything!


Sattler, a judge in the First District of the State Supreme Court in Manhattan, went to police Friday saying she received the email June 7 from someone that she thought was her lawyer. The imposter told her to send the money to an account in Arizona.


It is obvious to me that this female ‘judge’ is either suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease or she is terminally stupid.  This is so beyond ridiculous, it certainly renders her incapable of being a judge since she has poor judgement.  Ahem.  Very poor judgement.  Not to mention, no understanding about the law.


She followed the instructions and wired $1,057,500 to the account, the money was then transferred to a Commerce Bank of China in Hong Kong, sources told The New York Daily News.


She has been accused of being dumb in the past:  Justice Lori S. Sattler | Divorce: New York


The father claimed that his daughter, who turned 18 in April, 2012, was emancipated under this clause as of November, 2012.


On an application by the mother to compel the father to continue paying child support, the father submitted his daughter’s affidavit. According to the daughter, in October, 2012 the mother had told her that she was going to move to Philadelphia to live with her boyfriend, which the mother did in November, 2012. The father then found an apartment for his daughter, sending her pictures of it while away at school at Emory College in Atlanta. The daughter signed a lease in November, 2012 and moved in over Christmas break from school after she and her father purchased furniture and household supplies.


The father gave the ‘child support’ directly to the 18 year old daughter.  The mother wanted it not for the child but for HERSELF.


The daughter went on to state that she did not want to live in Philadelphia, that she intended to return to her new apartment as her permanent residence when not in college and that she will use that address for her driver’s license and on tax returns. She acknowledged that she did intend to see her mother and father often when home from school.


The mother claimed that without consulting her, the father had rented the apartment purposefully to circumvent his child support obligation. She contended that this was not contemplated by the stipulation and that the daughter could not be found to reside away from the mother on a full-time basis while a full-time student at Emory.


Funny, that…I left for college at age 16, got full adult status by 17 and lived and worked on my own, indeed, I did lie about my real age and claimed I was 21 so I could get work.  When I was still in school, to save money, I moved into a junk yard in Berkeley on the Bay and lived in my 55 Chevy truck which had a sink, a stove, a bed, a second story on the roof and a big easy chair…a cool truck which I sold to pay for my baby girl when I was still in school.


The mother, in this case, is a mooch who wants money from the father for herself.


 The mother claimed that for financial reasons, she gave up her New York apartment, moved first to her boyfriend’s house in Philadelphia and then to her mother’s house. The mother stated that she had now sublet a studio apartment in New York and would move to a two-bedroom apartment upon reinstatement of child support payments.


When I divorced, it was my problem, I gave my ex the house and lived in a tent for ten years while building a new house, mostly by myself and my youngest child who was a nice help.  The thing is, I didn’t mooch off of the ex.  Even when having custody, I didn’t do this.


Factual support most often includes, as it does here, input from the child him or herself, a fact that this court finds problematic. Eighteen and nineteen year olds are asked to affirm that they have established a new and permanent residence and to assert a claim of independence and stability that the court views as unlikely. More often, a child’s participation may reflect the child’s concern that educational bills may not otherwise be paid or, as here, the attractiveness of proffered expense-free and relatively unsupervised independence.


That statement about a 18-19 year old not being independent pisses me off greatly.  I was at 17 and I am not alone in this, I have a collection of friends who also left home and supported themselves the same way I did at the identical age!


The mother, far from contributing to the daughter’s well being, is actually taking money away from her child and channeling it to HERSELF.  This is ridiculous.  The mother, not the child, is the moocher here.


I think this judge is nuts.  Now we know she is nuts!  She is stupid.  I think she should be removed from the bench but I no longer live in NYC and can do this, I did this in the past and put in Judge Becker which upset the DNC machine greatly in Brooklyn way back in 1982.


Judges are politicians and this judge is a prime example of why NYC messes up all the time.


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22 responses to “Manhattan Judge Lori Sattler Loses $1 Million In Email Realestate Fraud

  1. Moe

    “Stupid is as stupid does.” – Forrest Gump

    How about all the dumb Jewish cucks who got sucked in by Madoff? I thought they considered themselves the ultra-smart ones?

  2. Claudeeyah


    There is always the “one drop” rule. My dad used to tell me Jews on average are extremely bright and well above the average IQ. But bring even ONE gentile into the mix and it’s all destroyed. He mentioned this to me when he met one of my college roommates who was only half Jewish – somewhat bright, but nowhere near the top of his class. Kinda like what happens when mud sharks breed with negroes. The IQ of the offspring ALWAYS trends lower. It’s probably why Jews are so strict about not marrying outside of their race.

  3. Moe

    What’s a ‘mud shark’?

  4. Petruchio

    @#1 Moe: Madoff conned them because he was Jewish!!! These guys thought Madoff was “one of them” so they had nothing to worry about. There was a good “Docu-Movie” about Bernie Madoff and his giant swindle. Robert DeNiro played Madoff. Worth watching. If nothing else, the movie gives you an idea of the enormity of the damage Madoff did to his victims. Anyways, these Jewish clients of Madoff’s never figured a fellow Jew would rip them off, for EVERYTHING they had. WRONG!! Tragically wrong for a lot of them. A lot of people lost their life savings for retirement to Madoff’s thievery.

  5. Claudeeyah

    mud shark – a white woman who only dates black men.

  6. Moe

    @2 Claudeeyah

    What you are referring to is Reversion To The Mean. “One Drop” is a bit of an exaggeration, perhaps used to make a point.

    ‘Mud Shark’. My youngest brother lived with a white foster family from the age of 18 months until maturity. His foster-sister was 8 years older and eventually married a negro fellow. I liked both of them a great deal. She had 6 children with this person and not one was of sub-normal intelligence (if anything, he was slightly more intelligent than average). Interestingly, though not of any real import, was the children’s coloration: they ranged from black to almost albino white and all shade between! He was a cad though, and eventually abandoned his family, though I was not privy to the circumstances.

    Though not familiar with the term mud shark, I would have never referred to my brother’s foster-sister in this manner.

    I am much less sanguine about inter-racial marriage than Elaine, though my reticence is not based on prejudice. I simply would appreciate a greater scientific basis for any benefit or disadvantage. If it is ascertained that any group, not entirely dependent on race, has more positive genetic traits than others, then they would be foolish to racially intermarry. (There might be a problem agreeing on what constitutes ‘positive traits’!). The pitfall of this rationale is that specific groups will deem their particular traits as ‘the best’ or superior. That wouldn’t be very scientific, but the quire human.

    A foundation of agreement is achievable though. It is better to be healthy than unhealthy, strong versus weak, intelligent rather than moronic, mentally stable versus schizophrenic, athletic versus uncoordinated, etc.

  7. Claudeeyah


    Well stated, Moe. Thank you for the detailed and personal response. It was about twenty five years ago or so when I was working with a really attractive, intelligent black guy. He was married to a beautiful blonde who was drop dead gorgeous. They were both attorneys. They were both really charming, too. I liked them instantly and they were easy to talk to and liked to joke around.

    Eventually, of course, the cad stepped out on this beautiful lass and their happy marriage ended in divorce. White dudes cheat too, of course. But the black culture definitely embraces unrestrained sex. Their music reflects it, as does their dancing.

    Genetics wise, I’ve always envied Germans for their high intellect, dry humor, and keen attention to detail. It absolutely befuddles me as to how they can give up their beautiful, productive country to a tidal wave of African and Middle East invaders. They are completely incompatible with the European way of life. And they sit back and do …….nothing. Sad.

  8. Jim R

    Yup, there’s also a thing called “hybrid vigor” … it is the opposite of inbreeding. Of course, the effects of it are hit-and-miss just like the DNA lottery always is.

    A lot of this nonsense about Jewish superiority has to do with racism and conspiracy and nepotism … and not some inherent “super” gene.

  9. Lou

    #2– But bring even ONE gentile into the mix and it’s all destroyed.–what do you mean?

    White [and all other race] women who cohabit w Black men are ‘in a world of danger’–crime stats prove this.
    The fool has 2 ugly mud kids and a BLACK [pun?] eye,

    his mea culpa,

  10. Well…I come from 400 years of ‘frontier life’ in the New World. We had the vast genetic mix of native tribes, Norman stock, French trapper/pirate and missionary radicals…as well as the Skull and Bones people.

    The frontier is all about pure naked survival. One misstep, not looking over your shoulder, one wrong word and you are dead. Negotiating with various armed and dangerous people is normal stuff.

    You have to fight like a fiend, take no quarters, retreat only so you can attack later…you are the only person you can depend on in the end and everyone needs you to survive (odd juxtapositions, that!).

    It is seared into the soul. At no point in time, before 1900, did anyone in my family on both sides live in a civilized place, they lived literally where the wildest frontiers were, the Wild, Wild West. Which was the Hudson River in 1660, BTW.

    People who live in safe places lose that ‘tough gene’ stuff. This is why when royals ceased fighting battles around 1450, the ‘blood lines’ deteriorated rapidly to dottage.

    Most ‘royals’ are stupid. The more they are sheltered, the stupider they are because evolution is no longer destroying the weak or feeble minded. My own clan, in the New World, couldn’t make even the smallest mistakes or they were punished, hard, by Reality.

    One ancestor on my mother’s mother’s side was a rich man in the steel industry and he was destroyed financially in the post-Civil War depression, lost his business in Pittsburgh, committed suicide, killed his wife and my grandmother, who was a pampered rich kid, was sent to maiden aunts who lived in the wilderness and learned how to swim, ride horses, tame animals, break horses, hay a field and dig a hole, she was FANTASTIC and STRONG.

    This is what life is all about and so many have given up on real life. Real life is interesting. Note how people feel ‘more alive’ when fighting hard for something, struggling to survive! It is elixir of the soul.

  11. Lou

    Note how people feel ‘more alive’ when fighting hard for something,
    yes, due to adrenaline, HER-mones, small wimmen can lift cars off people.

  12. On the frontiers, the women had to fight, too. It was expected. This is why great granny of mine was for the right of women to vote. Pushed hard for it. I can’t thank her enough. The ethos that we females had better learn how to swim, ride horses and shoot, was primary, too. I thought all girls got to do that. Nope.

    Had to sue the schools due to this issue.

  13. Petruchio

    @#6 Moe; “He was a cad though, and eventually abandoned his family, though I was not privy to the circumstances.” You might want to re-evaluate your standards for what you liked so much about “that negro fellow”. He breeds 6 kids and then walks out????!!! But he was a good guy!!!!!????? If a white make were to do this this deep, bitter RAGE thrown at him would be brutal and unending. Since a black guy breeds 6 kids and then walks away the attitude is, “Well, “that negro fellow” was a GREAT guy. He walked out on his family of 6, but other than that, a great guy.” WTF!!! A white guy would be mercilessly ripped to shreds for doing this. I can’t imagine a harsher double standard than this one.

  14. Petruchio

    @#9 Lou: Any white girl dumb enough to put up with that kind of abuse deserves EVERYTHING she gets. There is no helping some people. And a white male who utters even an unkind word at a female is forever branded as an abuser: restraining orders and other kinds of sanctions the Law can impose. Black males? Nothin’.

  15. Moe

    @14 Petruchio

    Please note the sequence of sentences in my comment.

    First sentence: I liked both of them a great deal.

    Second sentence: He was a cad though…

    Definition of cad: an ill-bred man, especially one who behaves in a dishonorable, irresponsible or reprehensible way toward women.

    I didn’t think it necessary to elaborate beyond that. But to engage your observation, here are additional synonyms that more fully express my opinion:

    blackguard, bum, coward, dog, heel, knave, lowlife, malefactor, miscreant, rat, reprobate, riffraff, scoundrel, scum, skunk, snake, stinker, worm, wretch.

  16. Moe

    Excerpt: “Most royals are stupid.”

    Yep, and here’s more evidence. ‘Mail Online: No Royal Wants The Throne Says Prince Harry.’

    But Harry doesn’t volunteer to give up his ‘royal’ privilege, Oh no! Harry though makes a valiant effort to relate to his serfs when he states: “… that he does his own shopping, saying: ‘People would be amazed by the ordinary life William and I live.'”

    Ha, Ha, Ha. He must really think the proletariat is stupid. Oh yah, they probably are. Getting smarter though we would hope.

  17. Harry is trapped inside this insidious system. The fact that he dislikes it is important. Time to get rid of the entire farce! His grandmother is very cold and distant and has servants raise children and grandchildren, for example.

    He is hunted by the media and egged on by them and people may be jealous about this ‘fame’ but it is actually horrible, this killed his mother! He is very conflicted about all this and understandably conflicted.

    And people hate him for ideological reasons and he can’t just up and leave home, he is TRAPPED.

  18. Moe

    Trapped? Sure, in Britain, the EU or US. Could he not go where his title would have little bearing and become ‘untrapped’ and fend for himself? What is he qualified for? His military service will have little value.

    He may indeed be a victim of circumstances and wishes he could escape his notoriety but I don’t believe for a minute that he would be prepared to chuck it all and carve out a living for himself as a ‘commoner’. His conflict arises primarily because he won’t give up the privileged life accorded by virtue of his pedigree.

    Would this be a difficult transition for Harry. Undoubtedly, extremely difficult, but if he was truly made of the Right Stuff he would and could do it. He isn’t and won’t.

  19. Moe

    Postscript: on reflection, I think you may be right about the ideological component. He may find it very difficult to remain anonymous even if accorded residency in some country. His notoriety might never recede and most (every?) host country could attempt to exploit him.

    But I still don’t think he has the balls to do anything to alleviate his situation. And in this I probably shouldn’t be so judgemental: how many people are truly courageous? Not most people and certainly not me.

  20. So…when his mom, Princess Di, was tossed to the curb and no longer protected by the palace guards and so forth, what happened to HER???

    Oh…she was hounded even more by the media and then murdered! Think this doesn’t spook her younger son who had to endure all this when still very much a child? Wow.

    Being a child of Lady Di is like holding the tail of a lion. Let go, and the lion will eat you.

  21. Think: children who are movie stars or parents are famous are also hounded mercilessly. They cannot escape by saying, ‘I am a nobody like everyone else’. It just does not work at all.

    They are literally trapped and many are utterly destroyed by this. Many die young or go insane due to the pressures, people think it is fantastic to have hoards of humans assail you, screaming. No!

    It drives people nuts. It is literally painful to the ears and scary as all hell because even the ancients 2,500 years ago understood this, look at what happened in mythology to the greatest human entertainer, ripped to shreds by shrieking Dionysian females!

    Stripped of his security, Hal would be utterly destroyed in less than a year. This is why I feel sorry for him, he didn’t create this system, he was born into it and dislikes it a great deal, it appears.

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