Religious Wars And ‘Heat To Death’ Scares And The DNC Dying: Götterdämmerung All Over Again

The New York Times is endlessly amusing in a horrible way.  Their top headline is, as per usual, a daily dose of ‘Trump is pure evil’ only this time, after the defeats in the recent elections, they actually tell readers that the DNC is a mess and is led by Pelosi who is obviously going senile.


They won’t say that, of course.  This is their motto:

Too bad, the New York Times doesn’t employ real journalists.  It has graduates of the Pravda School for Telling Lies.  The truth is very easy to find since often it is right before one’s eyes.  But if one closes the eyes and blindly writes pure fiction, then yes, it is ‘hard to find’.


As per usual, there is zero news about wars in the New York Time’s front page.  It has rarely made headlines this last four months.  As ISIS Loses Ground, US Is on a Collision Course With Syria and Iran – News From have real news daily just like RT News from Russia is filled with real news.


As ISIS loses ground in Syria, the US continues to deploy additional forces in the area. There is no expectation of the war so much ending as the US transitioning to a war against Syria and Iran for control over Syria, something some members of the National Security Council are openly advocating.


The article in makes no mention why the US is doing this insane thing.  It is simple: Israel hates and fears Syria and want it torn to shreds and rendered weak so they can finish their ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.  The New York Times nearly never has any war news on its front page.  It knows that these wars are very unpopular and they are being fought to protect the people who attacked us on 9/11 (Saudi Arabia assisted by Israel).


I went to the Washington Post and saw a funny story how there are too many manufacturing jobs in Indiana so this is why all the jobs should go to China:

Washington Post does have the wars on their front page but not a top story.  Islamic State blows up mosque in Mosul as ISIS continues to be defeated and grows more fevered in their lunacy.


The militants blew up the mosque and its minaret as Iraqi forces­ came within about 50 yards of the building, according to Iraq’s joint operations command, which published a video that appeared to back up its claim, showing a blast emanating from the complex.


The Islamic State’s Amaq News Agency contended that the mosque was destroyed in a U.S. airstrike, which the U.S.-led coalition denied.


Here is a video made by someone who witnessed the obviously internal explosion of the mosque and which was given to AFP News in France:  IS blows up Mosul mosque where Baghdadi became ‘caliph’ – YouTube


A lot of the population of the Muslim world is moving into NATO nations to mooch off of everyone.  This is quite common for the fundamentalist religions in the Middle East including Jewish versions.
USA: Muslim “refugees” – 91.4% on food stamps, 68.3% on Cash Welfare | Muslim Statistics

From the website of US senator for Alabama Jeff Sessions.

They forgot to mention that these figures tend to remain more or less permanent with Muslim migrants. A very small minority  integrate themselves into the job market or make efforts to educate themselves and get out of the welfare system, as many European figures show. Prophet Mohammed was orphaned, illiterate and jobless, sustaining himself on crimes. So education and employment is not an important factor. In addition, the Koran encourage Muslims to collect jizya – blood tax – from kafirs, the non-Muslims, and welfare is looked upon as jizya. Collecting money from non-Muslims is considered a legal entitlement since the kafir is not entitled to any land or laws of their own anywhere, meaning their presence on a land or country of their own is a “theft” of “occupation” of what should be Muslim land.


This is true in Europe, too.  The EU childless leaders are demanding that Eastern European nations take in a few million welfare case Muslims and let them run riot there, too.  Sweden recently closed its last police station in the Muslim communities there because it was attacked too frequently.  This is happening in England, France, Germany, etc.  ‘No go zones’ are common to all and this is where all the terrorists pour out of in order to attack citizens.


Welfare Reform? Not For The Orthodox Jews who have giant families and the fathers prefer to pray all day and hang out, not work.  Muslim immigrants see this model and do it too.  They have very little drive to work unlike, say, the Chinese.  Saudi Arabia is a fine example of this: most the population is on welfare of various sorts, the homes of the welfare families are wretched while the elites live in gold plated palaces.


All Muslim societies are like this nearly uniformly.  The idea of a ‘work ethic’ is anathema.  In the Jewish world, it used to be ‘scholars’ were highly prized who only read the Torah and argued all day and were nonproductive.  But the upheavals of the 19th and 20th century sent many into new ways of living and for a hundred years, Jewish people were very big on being productive, getting a modern education, etc.


But with the foundation of Israel, it became a magnet for Jews seeking the shtetl life.  Now, they happily live there and reproduce in great numbers and are extremely unproductive.  But never fear, the US pays for all this for Israel.  Even so, it is becoming a huge burden because these chiselers are also exempt from the military services.  From 2 years ago:  Israel passes law to conscript ultra-Orthodox Jews into military.

These moochers are moving into New York City and other Hassid hot spots:  Tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews in New York protest IDF draft law just this last week!

They filled an entire stadium!  They are very, very political and are fighting hard to protect their mooching off of the rest of the taxpayers.  The speeches were nearly all in Yiddish, not English.  They have zero desire to integrate anything, all their hoods are exclusionary, I have lived near these fanatics and yes, they are quite nasty to outsiders even when I was Mrs. Levy.


Organizers have been touring New York City in trucks with large displays promoting their cause. They also sponsored a video advertisement that paints Israeli authorities as cruel and discriminatory and shows Orthodox protesters being beaten and arrested by Israeli police.

“We are here, starting this campaign and making sure that the world knows that unfortunately Orthodox Jews are being persecuted because of their religious beliefs,” Niederman said. “This harassment of freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and speech must stop. We demand this from other countries, so we definitely demand it from a country that calls itself the Jewish state.”


Over here whining about how their precious religious fanatic discriminatory state is forcing them, the precious kiddies, to work.


Despite the anti-Zionist nature of the Satmar group and Sunday’s rally, Niederman insisted: “We are not anti-Israel,” “We pray three times a day and we are yearning for the time that we are going to come back to Israel,” he said. “It will be a time of freedom, no fights, and people will be there to worship Hashem. Our message to the government of Israel is that we are here, we will continue to be here, and nobody is going to force us to change.”


Yes, they are now here being supported by US taxpayers instead and will not change at all. Period!  Their ‘freedom’ is to enslave all other humans into protecting and supporting them while they goof off, praying to their insane god.  This is the goal of the Muslims, too, by the way.  Both are very dangerous, they are very nasty slave drivers!


As we slide into yet another religious war with the Great Powers using this as an excuse to start yet another World War, we should review how we fall into these traps.  Everyone loves religion and yet, religions tend to heave towards causing annihilation sort of wars but then, so do ideological wars.  All or none!





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13 responses to “Religious Wars And ‘Heat To Death’ Scares And The DNC Dying: Götterdämmerung All Over Again

  1. Melponeme_k

    Let China free the Europeans.

    After doing it 2 times at great loss of life, I think the USA has done its part. Pull the troops, pull the money, kick out the moochers and let China do it all now.

  2. Lou

    ‘Endlessly amusing in a horrid way’–gees, what a line.

    Have you checked ‘Crimes of the Times’ blog?

    meanwhile, other media jews propagandize—

  3. Lou

    ‘Too many jobs’???? In a place next to [broke] Illinois. WTF?

  4. Lou

    EMS, thanks for this and those photos. Priceless. Wailing freaks and a stadium [Shea?] full of them.

  5. Moe

    OT: This article makes one wonder why we wouldn’t nurture the Earth at every opportunity. (No comments please on National Geo. being of the NWO).

  6. Moe

    From Libtards-R-Us: Far Right terrorists in UK

    The woman in video has an British accent and a bit difficult to understand, by try. Paul Joseph Watson fries her.

  7. floridasandy

    interesting video. She obviously doesn’t know how to read, so she believes what she is told.

    she obviously knows nothing about young white men either. 🙂

    probably living in mom’s house forever.

  8. Lou

    United Talmudical Seminary in Brooklyn: 94 percent. (Oddly enough, this
    school also has the poorest average parents in America at $21,200.)

    Statistics can be deceiving. Most of these hasidics and orthodox with the kids are living on benefits (or did you think you could live on $21k with 5 kids in NYC lol) and benefits don’t show up as income.If I were to adjust that income taking into account the dollar value of the benefits it would be WAY higher.
    There are also people where I am who may report no income yet be living on a large estate because the income may be tax free eg. bonds that are exempt from fed and state income tax or something else.When I look at data from some areas for income etc it many times is not as high as I would have pegged it just from personal knowledge of the people there.

    –TakiMag, article on money and schools and marriage.

  9. The Hassid make loot under the table via rent. Many are landlords while wives collect welfare. I know this first hand.

  10. Lou

    10–firsthand, as in you worked and hubby collected welfare?
    Why did you marry him? How long did the marriage last?

  11. I know it from living next door, silly.

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