Chicago Is Going Bankrupt: Total Democratic/Obama Failure

Chicago’s Debt Disaster – YouTube:


The entire state of Illinois is going bankrupt.  Union pensions, free trade destroying the industrial base, ‘global warming’ nonsense and crime by blacks and Hispanics are systematically destroying the state.  It is dying, rapidly.  Instead of fixing what went wrong, no one can even talk about what went wrong, nay, they are in total and utter denial of what is causing this bankruptcy and the entire DNC is guilty of this stupidity.


From Separate, Unequal, and Ignored | Politics | Chicago Reader comes this sentence from the mayor of Chicago:


I asked Emanuel if he’d make any direct efforts to desegregate neighborhoods, or if he saw desegregation as mainly a by-product of the safe streets, good schools, and jobs he’d ensure. “The latter,” he said.


The reason the hoods are ‘segregated’ is very simple: the criminals are ‘minorities’ who are the majority and they commit many, many crimes and are utterly irresponsible and destructive and don’t just rob, loot and rape but also burn cities a la barbarian hordes of ancient Rome.  So all other people flee for their lives and this is destroying entire cities which then become power bases for the DNC rich people.


‘Desegregation’ has been a total, utter disaster.  It fixed nothing and wrecked all our major industrial cities.  Before exiting the country to Asia, many factories first moved to the suburbs to avoid the high crime areas.  And what triggered all of this was the confluence of two forces: court imposed desegregation bussing and…elimination of the old style of discipline in schools leading to students terrorizing fellow students and teachers.


I am particularly sensitive to this issue.  Way back in the 1960’s, my High School, Palo Verde, in Tucson was very, very overcrowded and we had more murders than any high school in America and I had to fight, physically fight my way through school there.  I sued my school, in fact.  Got to flee by the end of 10th grade!  It was pure hell.


Today, most DNC-run city schools are a catastrophe.  Big, rich cities like NYC, has ‘school choice’ now because the previous method was a roaring failure.  I formed ‘Save Our Schools way back in 1982 there and the teacher’s union fought me tooth and nail.


I wanted discipline in schools in black neighborhoods.  Not integration but functioning schools.

Chicago Teachers Strike Over Lack of Education Funding | US News reports this month.  Yes, the city and state are going bankrupt and teachers want more money for babysitting minority out of control students who learn little to nothing!


Thousands of teachers in Chicago are on strike Friday morning – the latest move in a messy, year-long contract negotiation between the Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools, and also a bid to draw attention to the lack of state funding for schools.


At this point, there is no point in funding any of these schools.  The schools are a failure.  Until the schools reform and become functional again…hell’s bells!  Our universities and colleges are being ravaged now by raving, lunatic, out of control, violent students who are attacking staff and teachers and burning down buildings, etc.


This is utterly insane.  From top to bottom, our education systems are in full collapse.


The walkout closed schools for the 330,000 students in the third-biggest school district in the country, which is currently more than $1.1 billion in debt.


This mad no difference to the kiddies who aren’t learning much, anyways.


The strike, the first since teachers walked the picket line for seven school days in 2012, stretches further than just the school system. For many, it’s also a protest against Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner over the current state budget impasse and against Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for mismanaging the city’s finances.


These teachers are not demanding more power to teach students the old way.  The old way worked.  Even the roughest of boys feared the staff in school! The ones who needed further prompting got sent to what the boys called ‘Mother Higgins’ as an insider joke.


There, they had military discipline and many ended up in the military instead of prison.  CPS : At-a-glance : CPS Stats and Facts

So, 84.2% of the students are ‘minority’ with over half of these either illegal aliens or first generation Spanish speaking kids.  The bare 10% ‘white’ are the true minority.

Chicago School Teacher Bullied And Tormented By Students – YouTube

‘The only kids that disrespect me are black kids’: speaker challenges St. Louis high school students talk nice to him but…it doesn’t work- YouTube


Separate, Unequal, and Ignored | Politics | Chicago Reader


Gery Chico and Rahm Emanuel would only answer questions by e-mail. Chico said he’d address segregation with policies “that create more jobs, provide affordable housing and reform the education system to give children an opportunity for a job and a better life. I see lack of jobs as the biggest factor that keeps Chicago segregated.” Chico said that as mayor, he’d lead by example by “staffing my leadership with a diverse, talented team.” He’d also stay “in touch with Chicagoans of every race, color and community” and “spend time in all our diverse, vibrant neighborhoods.” He didn’t respond to follow-up questions.


More and more of the same is the only thing the DNC is offering.  Diversity is the goal and it recedes each year.  Further and further away, it is a mirage.  Any white parent who puts their children into this cauldron of destruction, regrets it.


Intellectual black children are abused, too.  These schools are out of control, bullies run the school, the more violent, the more power.  Some DNC run schools are fixing this by hiding the statistics by not punishing even outright violence.  Everyone gets to go to ‘school’ and no one learns anything except how to be violent.

One of the Most Dangerous Schools in America | ABC World News Tonight | ABC News – YouTube


“Chicago draws its strength from its diversity,” Emanuel’s response began. He said he’d promote policies ensuring “safe streets, strong schools, and good-paying jobs throughout the city with the goal of lifting all neighborhoods up.” Accomplishing that would lead to “other positive benefits, like promoting integration.” He said he’d make sure there were “affordable housing options throughout the city, and that every neighborhood has access to a great public school, public transportation and healthy food. This will give every Chicagoan the resources and access they need to build a better life for their children.”


“We start by promoting economic development,” his response said, “and that can begin by establishing strong anchors in each community—a grocery store where there isn’t one, a transportation hub that helps residents access job opportunities, a great school that serves as a community center for job training.” He offered as an illustration the Old Town School of Folk Music’s move in 1998 to Lincoln Avenue, into a space “that had little economic vitality. By creating a strong anchor in the community and pushing small businesses to fill in around it, a vibrant local economy that creates jobs and produces revenue for the city can be established. We need to do this in more communities.”


This just infuriates me.  When I began fighting the liberals in NYC, one top item was to bring in a real super market into downtown Brooklyn, one block away from my brownstone.


This was a GIGANTIC BATTLE with the liberals and bodegas fighting me tooth and nail.  They liked the mess we were in!  And Al Sharpton led the attacks on me, personally.  But I fought back and won.  We got the store, the neighborhood changed for the better and it now is very safe and…the schools are still a mess but the GOP school plans of the last 20 years has given parents hope, they can live in a fine neighborhood and not fear their children will be forced to go to terrible, hellish schools with zero discipline and out of control black/Hispanic students.



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23 responses to “Chicago Is Going Bankrupt: Total Democratic/Obama Failure

  1. Lou

    Rahm is a dual citizen. He has stated he wants a diverse Chicago.
    When USA was at war [Desert Storm] Rahm was in Israeli Military.

    Check the photos of Rahm in a ballet tutu.
    His father was a terrorist, killer.

    This lady thinks Trump is an Israeli Firster,

  2. Claudeeyah

    This just infuriates me. When I began fighting the liberals in NYC, one top item was to bring in a real super market into downtown Brooklyn, one block away from my brownstone.

    One of the problems with this is that no grocer in his right mind wants to open a store in the hood. That is one reason that you hear so much about “food deserts”. Interestingly, Amazon just acquired Whole Foods, so there may be a future in shipping groceries into the hood without having to have a brick and mortar there. Also, Amazon is offering discount memberships for those with an EBT.

    A few problems I can foresee here are, number one, Whole Foods, aka “whole paycheck” is notoriously over-priced. Another problem, assuming no brick and mortar store in the hood, means delivery personnel must bring the food into these “no go zones”. Already we see and hear reports about emergency EMT crews getting attacked and fired upon when they are called to an emergency. How long before we see delivery UPS/Fed Ex drivers flatly refuse to deliver to these out of control places? I can hear the screams of “Scrim-nation!!! ” and “Rayciss!” now.

  3. Jim R

    Obama’s fault? No no no, it started being Trump’s fault last November. Maybe earlier.

    Before that, it was Bush’s fault.

    It was never Lord O, or Saint Rahm. Never.

  4. Petruchio

    This is going to be like Dominoes. The only question is which ‘domino’ is going to fall first. California, for example is and has been running huge Budget deficits for years. Same thing with their pension liabilities as Chicago/Illinois. I don’t know the actual population numbers, but I’m thinking it is safe to assume that a big majority of Illinois residents live in the Chicago area.

  5. Petruchio

    ““Chicago draws its strength from its diversity,” Emanuel’s response began.” I just love when these PC types say things like this. They NEVER, ever, cite an example, proof that “diversity” actually promotes strength. And btw, exactly what kind of “strength” is drawn from diversity?? Of course, the “diversity” crowd can’t be honest about their REAL agenda: destroy the white race and their family units. How these hate filled RACISTS who hate the white race can STILL get away with their “Multiculturalism” BS is beyond my understanding.

  6. Ken

    Elaine mentions in passing that “Intellectual black children are abused, too.” I know from personal experience that this is true.

    I am white, but I grew up in the “Black Bottom” area of Detroit as a result of “a series of unfortunate events.” My black friends tended to be the ones who tried to do well in school. They spoke standard English instead of slang and jive. They studied. They were respectful to others. Most importantly, they succeeded. All of them went on to college and graduated. All are successful and productive members of society today.

    In any other group of people, these success stories would be pointed to as positive role models. Mothers would tell their children “Look at Lionel. See what he’s done with his life, even coming from the same neighborhood as you. Why can’t you be more like him?”

    Instead, my friends were constantly being belittled and ridiculed by the other blacks in the neighborhood. They were accused of “acting white.” No one wanted to be like them, and be shunned by friends and neighbors. Often they were physically beaten up as punishment for “acting white.”

    No other ethnic group that I have seen actively punishes success. This puzzled me for a long time. Eventually, I concluded that this was a defensive mechanism. There is enormous pressure within the black community to prevent anyone from being a success. The reason for this is not readily apparent to non-blacks.

    If a handful of blacks are able to get out of the ghetto and make something of themselves, then it destroys “discrimination” as an excuse for the failures of the majority of blacks. If a few blacks can get out of the ghetto and do well, then any of them can do so – unless the failure lies within themselves and not with “whitey.”

    Most blacks claim that blacks would all be brain surgeons and millionaires except that white people are holding them back. White people are used as an excuse for failure and lack of effort by blacks. But this excuse only works if there are no exceptions. Successful blacks demonstrate that this excuse is just that, a lie and an excuse.

    This is why blacks, unique among all ethnic groups, actively discourage success and promote failure. Even when Obama was elected president excuses had to be made to explain away this apparent success story. All of the black people I know were reciting the excuse that he was not descended from slave blood, and so did not have to overcome the same discrimination as them. Just more excuses.

  7. Claudeeyah

    How these hate filled RACISTS who hate the white race can STILL get away with their “Multiculturalism” BS is beyond my understanding.


    (((Emanuel and friends))) have been diligently working away at this for over seventy years. They start off slowly, in he case of the U.S., we had the 1948 case of Shelley vs. Kramer, thereby destroying the right of free association to property holders. Then came Eisenhower, who single handedly destroyed the public school system after the 1954 Brown case, via integration using the National Guard as his strong arm. Adding to the mix was 1964 and the Big Giveaway to “disadvantaged yoof”. All those ingredients have been poured into the simmering pot over the years and now we get to feast on this toxic, melting pot, diversity stew.

    You’ve got to hand it to them. They did a bang up job of destroying Russia, until Putin rode in on his white horse and saved Russia. And Putin is still trying to rid Russia and Russian politics from this venomous (((tribe))).

  8. It is all backfiring. By taking in Muslims who are maybe not all that hard working BUT they know how to do jihad and take over. They do NOT like welfare families. They all are very big on marriage and women staying home and out of trouble, not raging around the hood, fighting and stealing stuff and dissing males who live with them all.

    This is a very temporary alliance. Black hoodlums and their moms will be eliminated or other ahem things done like say, slavery since Muslims were the slavers who sold to the Europeans…geeze…no one does history in reality.

    Every group has their own fake history. On the other hand, I come from an elite branch of ruling class Europeans who made people slaves and I know how it works and why we had to denounce it by 1860.

    I am against slavery of any sort including industrial ‘slavery’ in China and India.

  9. Lou


  10. Lou

    #7–You forgot LBJ.
    AA = ‘great society’ [Blacks breed, 12 million to 44 million?, are those the right numbers?]

  11. Lou

    Democrat Candidate for District Attorney in Philadelphia Openly Anti-Police, Pro-Black Lives Matter (Supporters Chanted “F–k the Police” at his Victory Party)


  12. They will burn the city down. I have seen this in the past, first hand, like ONE BLOCK away from the infernos.

  13. Petruchio

    Just check out what the black immigrants are doing in and to Sweden. You can watch on You Tube. I watched one and commented that in the US firearms ownership is legal and if these Somalis (and others) act up here in the US, they will start getting shot at.

  14. Petruchio

    @#12 Elaine: you forgot to mention Watts in 1965. Wasn’t just NYC.

  15. Lou

    14–Hundreds pf cities and towns in USA have burned,

    Black Riots [NOT race riots].

  16. Lou

    Of course, George Soros is behind it. He has invested A MILLION AND A HALF DOLLARS into Krasner.


  17. Petruchio

    I seem to remember that, with Emmanuel in the Mayor’s Office, he sold the City of Chicago Parking away to a Private Contractor. If it is a typical , corrupt politics kind of Chicago deal you can bet this Parking business was sold for a fraction of its true worth. No Investigation. Nobody gets charged with a crime or crimes. Nobody goes to jail. And notice nobody in the Media took up this story.

  18. Lou

    18–yes, I guess.

    and, Ctowns first couples spending spree;

    Judicial Watch Sues for Obama Family Travel and Secret Service Costs
    June 20, 2017

    (Washington, DC) — Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information lawsuit (FOIA) against the Defense Department and the Department of Homeland Security seeking Air Force and Secret Service expense records for Obama family travel dating back to 2014. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security (No. 117-cv-01007)).

    Judicial Watch is also seeking Secret Service expenditure records for the kickoff to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign between April 1 and May 6, 2015. Additionally, Judicial Watch seeks travel records regarding President-elect Donald Trump between November 9 and December 12, 2016, for residing in Trump Tower and then going on a “Thank You Tour” of six states.

    The suit was filed after the Air Force and Secret Service failed to respond to multiple FOIA requests filed between October and December 2016.

  19. floridasandy


    why the Russian hacking story wont go away. I have always noticed that the liberals accuse republicans of things they are doing themselves. It happens often

    The Seth Rich story has them all spooked including (and especially Wasserman Schulz and Comey). Her brother has something to do with the lack of investigation on this murder, as well.

    It really is a big story, but being covered up by Trump and the Russians, doncha know?

  20. The CIA hacks EVERYONE they can on this planet earth and….whining about spying is stupid because of this.

  21. Jim R

    It’s so convenient for them to announce that some bad guys, somewhere, such as North Korea, have ‘hacked’ somethingorother. Because the internet is global, it’s always hard to say where it comes from.

    One of the many things revealed recently by Wikileaks was a CIA project which creates fake evidence for the origin of an attack. I’m not sure just what they do, but for example, they could throw in a few cyrillic characters and claim it came from Russia.

    So far, all they evidence they’ve cited in ‘news’ stories has been laughably amateur, as the REAL Russians would never leave behind such evidence if they intruded into your computer.

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