New Saudi Crown Prince Could Trigger WWIII With NATO/Israel Help

Hired gun: Is war with Iran now inevitable under new Saudi crown prince? — RT Op-Edge  This is an important editorial and won’t appear in US media. This is all about starting WWIII to please a handful of rich lunatics who hate humans.  They intend to destroy us all and then rebuild from the ground up, their Brave New World Order.  The wars in the Middle East is where the flashpoint for WWIII is going to be if our Real Rulers get their own way with the help of fake news systems in NATO countries.


 Mohammed bin Salman has inherited a country not only at a crossroads in its contemporary history, as it struggles to unshackle itself from oil dependency, but one which appears to be suffocating under its own insecurities, foibles and paranoia. Indeed, the more the House of Saud moves, it seems, the more it appears to be in a permanent state of geopolitical dysfunction. In fact, few analysts, except perhaps for David Ignatius of the Washington Post – who was recently accused of having not an entirely healthy journalistic relationship with the Saudi elite – have failed to notice the country’s blunders in the region. It’s as though almost everything that Riyadh does outside of its borders just turns to ashes. Syria, Yemen and now Qatar.


Can this absurdly young, aggressive and outlandish new leader, who will take the reigns under an increasingly despondent and frail father as remaining monarch, really help his country? Or is he doomed to push it into the abyss as many regional commentators fear?


Salman has a reputation as being anti-establishment and desperate to be seen as a reformer. But his haste was his downfall in the past. Despite being hugely popular and very much seen at home as a modernist – who we should remember took away key powers from the religious police and is throwing his weight behind a modernization plan to drag the country into the 21st century – Mohammed’s bold idea to thunder ahead with a military campaign in Yemen was a great error which his adversaries are only too keen to cautiously point out.


There is no free press in Saudi Arabia.  None in Europe, either.  If you print the wrong news, you get in trouble which is why so many crimes are hidden from the populace there.  The internet brings news everywhere and I love the internet and have used it all my life since it was invented by the government, to see world news easily.


My parents were sent to Saudi Arabia on a mission during the Carter years and my mother left in a huff when the religious police deliberately killed a western woman she knew.  This led to a big diplomatic row that was never in the news, naturally.  The EU and US were very eager to bury the poor lady and pretend nothing happened because of political games going on.


So much news is hidden for political reasons, it is a Mount Everest of hidden news!  I have no idea what hidden stuff is going on now except to say, it is increasingly hard to hide real news…it leaks out via the internet all the time.  The mainstream government media giants can lie about news but it is harder and harder to conceal it totally and good for that!


Still, too many people passively digest fake news because it is easy and constantly hammered on their heads so they follow like sheep which is why so many liberals talk and act like they are insane right wing lunatics of yore.

There is only one tiny story at the New York Times front page today, and it is about the ISIS destruction of the mosque was exactly that: done by ISIS, not the US/Shites fighting in Mosul.  Russian news had the correct story yesterday.

In today’s paper, there is one other article about any Muslims, RT news, on the other hand, has several major stories and one editorial in depth story about Saudi Arabia and the war over Syria.  Oh, there is also North Korea which has fallen off of the news cliff in America.


The US still is pretending that the radical Muslims the CIA supports still has the right to fight the government of Syria.  This support of rebels is typical CIA dirty stuff.  When we left Russia and China alone and didn’t menace them under Carter, suddenly, a mere ten years later, they folded and changed!


Now, the US elites are pissed that Russia has changed.  They are heavily into pretending Russia is still a commie state when the NATO elites, the Bilderberg gang, funds and protects radical leftists in NATO countries who terrorize voters and citizens!  They are the ‘commie state’ today!


Just as the US politics on the left have flipped and become anti-Russian commie McCarthyites, screaming about secret Russian manipulation of DC and our elections…this fabulous story is still running ragged in mainstream fake news!…the flip flop of the DNC is just amazing to me.


I remember the McCarthy era.  Everyone at the top was attacking each other.  The DNC won that fight, got JFK who was knocked off physically and then LBJ who used the assassination as an excuse to court WWIII with our military actions in Vietnam.


And…while our cities burned after the Civil Rights Act passed, we were butchering people in Asia in order to ‘save the children’ even after this happened:

This disgusting picture pissed me off back when it was published.  This is how we ‘saved the children’.  It appeared in 1972 and I had been demonstrating against and publishing articles in the underground press since 1967, talking about the futility of that war and how information was being managed giving us mainly propaganda.


Today, it is outrageous, the level of the propaganda and lies.  There is no excuse.  I got ahold of international news when living in Europe, before that, from Eastern European short wave radio news, and then, living in NY city and going to 45th street in Manhattan to a restaurant on the East Side every Sunday which had papers from all over the world so I could get some smidgen of real news.


Fake news isn’t new.  It has been our wretched fate all of my life, that is certain.

Our little war crime was filmed as it unfolded.  This is EXACTLY what the US is doing in Syria and Mosul today.  The same BS, the same lies, the media lying.  Fake chemical bombs which were actually canisters blown up by US ‘allies’ and then pinning the blame on Syrians and Russians then, the US goes in and bombs children all over again!


Past month ‘deadliest on record’ for Syrian civilians killed in US-led air strikes continues to this day with the US making every possible excuse.


Air strikes carried out by the US and its coalition partners in Syria have killed the highest number of civilians on record since the bombing campaign began, a war monitor has said.


A total of 225 civilians, including 36 women and 44 children, were killed in the period between 23 April to 23 May, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.


The toll is the highest number of recorded deaths since the international air campaign against Isis began in September 2014.


Trump has been suckered into this massacre that is utterly illegal.  At this point, Russia and Syria are winning against ISIS but still have to go after the Daesh protected by NATO.  This has to be negotiated!  The US is egging on WWIII by directly confronting Russia over this issue and it is most definitely not worth killing a billion civilians.


But Israel wants this!  This is high on the Israeli agenda.

See the dotted lines between Syria and Israel’s border???  THERE IS NO BORDER!  It is in dispute!

Look at the above map: Saudi Arabia borders Iraq, northern Iraq is falling to Shiites which the Saudis hate with a passion.  Syria is not run by Saudi Sunni power people but is a mix of religions and Jordan is like a nut to be cracked between the Israel/NATO/Saudi pinchers and Iraq and Syria protects Jordan and Lebanon…so far.


Turkey holds the keys here: Saudi Arabia is demanding Turkey obey NATO orders and Turkey is still very pissed off about the attempted CIA coup.  So Turkey is now siding with Russia who used to be in conflict but now is friendly and NATO is collapsing internally due to the angry Muslim male invasion which the childless leaders are desperately trying to shove into the laps of former Soviet states that are now growing more and more friendly with Putin who will protect them from violent Muslim internal terror attacks!


Wow.  The world has totally flipped.  Trump was on the right track during the election and then, after the election, he moved to the side of the lunatics who want WWIII and is being relentlessly driven towards WWIII and this is insane, stupid and annoying all at the same time due to people not figuring out how History, that bloody bitch, writes with a pen dipped in blood.





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10 responses to “New Saudi Crown Prince Could Trigger WWIII With NATO/Israel Help

  1. Jim R

    Quneitra. When you start hearing that place-name in the news, you’ll know shit just got serious over there.

  2. Lou

    Big War? Better now then later?

  3. Jim R

    And, the Russian Defense agency has announced that “coalition” aircraft found flying west of the Euphrates will henceforth be treated as targets. That doesn’t necessarily mean they will be shot down, but that they will be just one button-press away from being shot down.. we can only hope the Russian pilots do not have itchy trigger-fingers.

    I was listening to NPR yesterday, and they had a guest on who has written about some alleged hacking attack that took place in the Ukraine. They said he was a writer for Wired magazine. He was talking like, you know, of course it was the Russians doing it. (you can’t really tell where a hacking attack comes from, because the internet is global)… and of course, the Russians hacked the election, too, they stole all those emails, etc. etc. etc. It was disgusting to listen to, but I wanted to know what they are saying. Supposedly the Russians disabled the Ukrainian power grid. (also not mentioned, when the Ukrops disabled the Crimean power grid, they just blew up the pylons with dynamite.)

    The only hack attack we really know where it came from, was that one that sabotaged Iran’s nuclear program, and it was from the SeeEyeAye. And we know that because they bragged about it. Whether the Russians actually did this or not, I have no idea. Maybe so, maybe not.

    My point here is that the scope and scale and details of the propaganda lies are just mind-boggling. They are practically creating a new religion, the NeoMcCarthyite religion.

  4. ziff

    Hard to say about Trump , its like he has no control over deep state,, DuH!

  5. He is learning quickly how the Deep State works. Hells bells, Kennedy didn’t know about it, when he learned, he was pissed off and then knocked off.

    The Deep State depends on people handing out fake information about it. And then there is the black magic deep state that is part of the formation of the CIA and was at war with my father during WWII when they wanted control of the Nazi rocket program and my father opposed them all.

    The rocket business black magic was headquartered near my grandfather and godmother’s homes in Pasadena. Their black magic stuff is the heart and core of the CIA. It wasn’t part of the ONI (office of naval intelligence, where my father was parked).

    Now, we have nonstop black magic via Hollywood and Hollywood bosses were very big in the beginning of the black magic coven in Pasadena, the one I have been battling all my life…lightning…Pegasus…lightning.

    They are facing possible defeat. They are desperate.

  6. billibaldi

    I wish I had not read that, “They are facing possible defeat. They are desperate.”

    Wars happen 100% of the time when both sides believe that they have no alternative.

    As for the Crown Prince of the Saudis, I would counsel him to read Nicole Machiavelli, so he might be reminded that some victories can be worse than defeat.

  7. Cesare’s victories led to his assassination.

  8. Petruchio

    Elaine: it is kind of interesting how, it was the Office of Naval Intelligence that was tasked with finding out where the missing $3 Trillion had gone. The same $2 Trillion that Rumsfeld announced on September 10, 2001.

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