Shi’ite Versus Sunni Wars Erupting All Over Muslim World, NATO Nations Playing With Fire

News — RT: As WWIII brews in the Middle East, I go to US news media giants and see virtually no news about this witches brew.  So every news item in my story today comes from foreign news.  Qatar is being attacked economically due to being neutral in the brewing war between Shi’ite Iran and allies and Saudi Arabia which is protected by NATO while it fights anti-Shi’ite wars in Yemen and Syria.  This religious warfare is highly explosive with Israel siding with Saudi Arabia to attack Shi’ite countries via the war in Syria.


Attack on Grand Mosque in Mecca is foiled | Daily Mail reports in England.  We don’t get much news in the US.  It is as if the entire planet doesn’t exist.  The US mainstream news is so fixated on attacking Trump nonstop, it is their only fare they dish out on the front page, for the most part.  This is insane, of course.  And it is endangering citizens who have no idea what is happening in the rest of the world including, the non-liberal bulk of the US itself.


Well, there was this plot in Saudi Arabia to blow up the Grand Mosque and it isn’t the first in the last year:

Last summer:  Three separate suicide bomber attacks in Saudi Arabia – YouTube


The riots and uprisings are spreading across Muslim dominated lands.  This story below is from this week in India which has seen vast violence since WWII with raging mobs butchering each other and periodic wars between Pakistan and India and the unrest continues:

Just this week, not reported in main news streams:  J&K Dy SP tied, stripped and stoned to death in Srinagar – YouTube


Srinagar news: DGP’s lynching in Jammu and Kashmir; three more arrested, SP shunted out


Three more persons allegedly involved in the mob lynching of Deputy Superintendent of Police Mohammad Ayub Pandith in Srinagar+have been arrested, Jammu and Kashmir‘s top cop said here on Saturday.


“We have identified 12 persons in connection with the case and five of them have been arrested,” Director General of Police S P Vaid told PTI.  Yesterday, the DGP had said two persons were arrested, while another one was identified.


Northern India where Pakistan and India are joined, there is a great danger of a major war breaking out.


Meanwhile, back to Saudi Arabia: Al-Jazeera Slams Saudi Demand to Shut Them Down – News From


Al-Jazeera insisted the demand, which called for the closure of all Qatari media outlets forever, was an attempt to silence freedom of expression, and an attempt to suppress peoples’ right to information. They called on the region to end the siege of journalists, and allow them to operate free of intimidation.


That’s not really how things have historically worked in the Middle East. Al-Jazeera has been very atypical in a region of heavy censorship since its founding in 1996, and indeed much of its initial staff came from the Arabic-language BBC, which had been shut down because they couldn’t comply with mounting Saudi censorship demand.


Our news isn’t censored, it is just totally ignored if the news doesn’t service the Bilderberg gang. We do have a very lively and growing stronger every day, alternative news system which runs on the internet.  The mass media giants hate this and want desperately to censor online news.  Will they succeed?


The DNC and fake liberals and far leftist terror organizations hate the internet now and want it heavily censored and the people who own and run various systems like Google and are trying very hard to censor and control the news on the internet and we have to keep fighting these creeps daily as they sneakily censor us.


Religious dogma hates science and in Muslim countries, there are moves to strangle science which is mirrored in Christian countries Fighting Over Darwin, State by State as the fight to destroy science continues here.

where religious fanatics do this, too.  Turkey to scrap Darwin’s ‘controversial & redundant’ theory of evolution from schoolbooks — RT News


Turkey is set to drop the “controversial” theory of evolution from the high school curriculum to better reflect local and national values, making it the second predominantly Muslim country after Saudi Arabia to not teach students Darwin’s theory.

Educators in Turkey argue that Charles Darwin’s theory is too complex for teenagers to understand and that they should wait until they enter college to be able to comprehend and discuss secular scientific discourse. Starting from the 2019 school year, biology textbooks will, therefore, ditch a national curriculum chapter about the concept.



Washington Post has this utterly insane story that has zero proof:

Note that all the pictures to the Washington Post story have red backgrounds as a subliminal ‘Red Scare!’ hidden storyline as they are quite clever in pushing subconscious buttons.


Yes, they are still flogging this dead donkey story!  There are no ‘severe consequences’ for Russia ‘stealing Hillary’s election’ because Putin did nothing.  She destroyed her own election by doing creepy, illegal things!  And these crimes should never have been hidden in the first place!  The FBI hid this as it conspired with Obama to do exactly that: hide her crimes.


That is what should be investigated and it is, by Congress, step by step which is not reported in mainstream fake news, of course.  But the relentless pursuit of this information about how Hillary and Obama colluded to hide her crimes will be big news even in mainstream media in the not very distant future.


Dems push leaders to talk less about Russia | TheHill also reports today.  HAHAHA.


But rank-and-file Democrats say the Russia-Trump narrative is simply a non-issue with district voters, who are much more worried about bread-and-butter economic concerns like jobs, wages and the cost of education and healthcare.


In the wake of a string of special-election defeats, an increasing number of Democrats are calling for an adjustment in party messaging, one that swings the focus from Russia to the economy. The outcome of the 2018 elections, they say, hinges on how well the Democrats manage that shift.


Last May,Fox Favorite Rep. Gowdy To Appear Once Again In Fox News Sunday Exclusive by the fake news group, ‘Media Matters’ is an early attack on Rep. Gowdy by the fake liberals who are actually extremists who want to destroy US elections.


From this week:  Rep. Trey Gowdy Grills Jeh Johnson: “No Evidence Of Trump Collusion With Russia” which has infuriated liberals who want to persecute Trump.  Gowdy now has greater powers as he is the chair of the House committee looking into all this.


So…Gowdy had to promise he won’t use Oversight gavel to probe Russia and the liberals think this fixes their messes.


Any potential criminal activity related to the Russia probe, Gowdy said, falls within the jurisdiction of special counsel Robert Mueller as well as the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees — two panels on which Gowdy also serves.


Gowdy is very smart and knows how to go around the Mulberry bush chasing the many weasels in the Secret State.  He has his focus on the goal which is to get to the bottom of what went wrong with the previous election.


As I keep pointing out, we have had crappy election systems and media participation all my life and periodically, it erupts to the surface as citizens learn they are being manipulated and cheated in various creative ways and this continues due to the desire of elites to control elections like they do in the EU which has been driven off the economic and social cliff by stupid elites.  They desperately want to do this to US citizens, too.  Which is stupid. Russia and China will win the world power game simply by waiting for NATO countries to self-immolate.



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28 responses to “Shi’ite Versus Sunni Wars Erupting All Over Muslim World, NATO Nations Playing With Fire

  1. Nani

    Here in Europe many people have prejudice against Americans for being very ignorant about the rest of the world. But when you have the mainstream media who constantly lies about everything, and who are being very narrow minded, what can you expect?

    We have the same problem here in Europe with the mainstream media who refuses to inform us about the consequences of illegal mass migration, and the islamization of our societies.

    When people are being misled, how are they supposed to fight back?

    This is why it is of utmost importance that we have alternative sources, including bloggers like Elaine, who are giving us an alternative view of what is going on.

    Thank you Elaine. Keep up the good work.

  2. You are welcome ten times over, Nani. We cannot blame citizens being fed false information for being ill-informed.

  3. floridasandy

    it isn’t Islamophobia

    if they really are trying to kill you (and each other)

  4. Christian W

    It is Islamophobia because it is a manufactured situation created by the US and Israel using Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood. All “Muslim terrorism” is post-creation of Israel and the Zionist terror campaign that destroyed Palestine.

    The US has destroyed/attacked every single Arab and Persian country that has persued a secular path. The US wants Wahhabism, not free secular Arab nations.

  5. Moe


    Nun Blasphemes while golfing

    A nun walks into the Mother Superior’s office and plunks down into a chair. She lets out a sigh, heavy with frustration.

    “What troubles you, Sister?” asked the Mother Superior. “I thought this was the day you spent with your family.”

    “It was,” sighed the Sister. “And I went to play golf with my brother. We try to play golf as often as we can. You know I was quite a talented golfer before I devoted my life to Christ.”

    “I seem to recall that,” the Mother Superior agreed. “So I take it your day of recreation was not relaxing?”

    “Far from it,” snorted the Sister. “In fact, I took the Lord’s name in vain today!”

    “Goodness, Sister!” gasped the Mother Superior, astonished. “You must tell me all about it!”

    “Well, we were on the fifth tee — and this hole is a monster, Mother — 540 yard par 5, with a nasty dogleg right and a hidden green … and I hit the drive of my life. The sweetest swing I’ve ever made. And it’s flying straight and true, right along the line I wanted … and it hits a bird in mid-flight!”

    “Oh my!” commiserated the Mother Superior. “How unfortunate! But surely that didn’t make you blaspheme, Sister!”

    “No, that wasn’t it,” admitted the Sister. “While I was still trying to fathom what had happened, this squirrel runs out of the woods, grabs my ball and runs off down the fairway!”

    “Oh, that would have made me blaspheme!” sympathized the Mother Superior.

    “But I didn’t, Mother!” sobbed the Sister. “And I was so proud of myself! And while I was pondering whether this was a sign from God, this hawk swoops out of the sky and grabs the squirrel and flies off, with my ball still clutched in his paws!”

    “So that’s when you cursed,” said the Mother Superior with a knowing smile.

    “Nope, that wasn’t it either,” cried the Sister, anguished, “because as the hawk started to fly out of sight, the squirrel started struggling, and the hawk dropped him right there on the green, and the ball popped out of his paws and rolled to about 18 inches from the cup!”

    The Mother Superior sat back in her chair, folded her arms across her chest, fixed the Sister with a baleful stare and said …

    “You missed the f*cking putt, didn’t you?”

  6. Floridasandy

    Oh Christian,

    You really think it is the fault of the US that Sunnis and Shias dislike each other ? Do you blame Russia too?

  7. Floridasandy

    Video on difference between the 2.

    Ross Kemp also has a few interesting current documentaries on the Mideast tension

    Not everything in the world is the fault of the US 😍 Again Poland has no migrant immigration and no terrorists

  8. Jim R

    Remember that place name I mentioned yesterday …

    Haaretz admits the IDF is collaborating with Al Nusra. They just don’t care any more.

  9. Jim R

    Ahh, correction. After reading the article, I see that Israel denies providing air support to the islamists…

  10. floridasandy

    Continuing proof of Muslim unwillingness to immerse in culture, as Swedish no go zones are on the rise:

    and so is the violence.

  11. melponeme_k


    This is how the Rothschild Bilderbergs plan to circumvent the WHOLE US government. They are trying to turn the Mayors of all the US cities into Mini-Automous City States separate from the country as a whole. It is nothing less than sedition and Trump should treat this as such.

    I can only hope in NYC we can vote out De Blasio. But he has been bolstering the Illegal Aliens that I fear we are turning into California.

  12. Jim R

    … so they deny working for Al-Qaeda while supplying pictures and video of themselves doing exactly that.

    As for the Sunni-Shia divide, it isn’t as big a deal as the ‘media’ would have you believe. The SAA has Sunni, Shia, and Christian soldiers, and some of other faiths. Before being attacked by the Pentagon and Langley in 2011, it was a progressive secular state. Its only sin was that it did not kiss the rings of the brutal dictators of the ‘Freedom and Democracy’ regime. Oh, and the Israelis want their land.

    Funny how you never hear about ISIS invading Israel. Just a coincidence, I’m sure. Also funny how the new idiot ‘prince’ of the Saudis DOES kiss the rings of the lords of ‘Freedom and Democracy’.

  13. Christian W

    @ 6

    Yes, there was NO problem in Iraq before the US invasion between Shia and Sunni. People were intermarried, most didn’t ever think along the lines of sectarian tribalism. It was/is the specific strategy of the US (Israel) to divide and conquer through the sectarian and tribal lines.

    As soon as the US invaded Iraq the country fractured along the Sunni/Shia lines because the Wahhabis (Saudis) unleashed a flood of suicide bombers on Shia targets, including Mosques.

  14. K. Chris C.

    There is no plan for a war with Russia, N. Korea, or other, beyond the war planned for in the Yinon plan–a war on Iran.

    The Khazarian fifth-column that runs the West, and operates the US wardog, plans to unleash an Israeli Middle-East hegemony gaining war against Iran. This will involve another 9/11 false-flag event (Sunk aircraft carrier?), the use of tactical nukes, and the occupation of Iran’s oilfields.

    All the current propaganda flowing from the Khazarian-media is nothing but the conditioning of the West’s people for this war.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  15. If various US cities run by Democrats and filled with illegal aliens and welfare families and race rage…will now have to have very expensive energy systems and energy rationing? HAHAHA….I can’t wait to see this happen. Best news ever, no?

  16. floridasandy

    Jim the media IGNORES the sunni shia divide. Sunnis are 90% and Shias 10 (approx.). The Kurds are the true victims.

    The media blame the US/Israel for allthe problems. Again, nobody has answered why did they have massive problems and SLAVERY before the US got involved. I am not saying we should stay in the Mideast-hell no.

    But I am sick of Americans being blamed for all the world ills when we are taxed like crazy to “help” and our children die in foreign countries to “help”.

    DONE WITH THAT. I wish Trump would drop out of NATO once and for all.

    I wish we would leave and then see just how peaceful all the peaceful Arabs actually are. That would be truly interesting. There are a lot of angry men without jobs ,education, andfutures over there- and religious zealots to egg them on

  17. floridasandy

    Isn’t it all ironic that they all bitch about America, and then whine like crazy when we drop out of something-like the climate accords.

    The media goes nuts.

    Score 1 for Trump.

  18. Melponeme_k

    @ floridasandy/

    Right on!

    I’ve traveled a bit and practically all foreigners took a relish in telling me how shit my country was to them and everyone else. Meanwhile ignoring the rampaging their own birth nation took part (ignore the log in the eye). After awhile I would just ignore them and let them ramble.

    But the minute any one stubs their toe, who do they call for? Whose money do they hold out a hand for? OURS.

    I’m sick of it. I also hope we leave NATO and kick the UN (currently trying to turn the US Mayors into a breakaway government) out of the country.

    We don’t need them and we don’t need Europe or Asia. Our country is MEGA HUGE. We have all that we need. I wish people realized this!

  19. Christian W

    Aye, but who controls the US warrooms? Who has the free run of Pentagon? Never mind leaving NATO. Leave Israel and there will be no wars. Leave Israel and the UN will have a chance to function normally. The US/UK/Israel (one entity really with Saudi Arabia as a weird hanger on) are the ones creating all the wars. Saddam was installed by the US. The House of Saud was installed by the UK. Palestine was brutally oppressed by the British before they sold it to the Zionists in lieu of war debts.

    You really need to read up. The Kurds in Syria are now being USED by the US to fraction Syria. They are not victims, they are doing what they do time and time again, sell themselves out. At least some factions of the Kurds do. There are several and they are far from friendly with each other as well.

  20. Christian W

    But of course Trump doesn’t have the guts to deal with Israel.

  21. floridasandy

    If we get out of the UN, then the US can’t be blamed for everything. Those countries will be responsible for their own behavior and boundary setting.

    Win-win for us.

    They probably won’t stop fighting though.

    I will admit that I am NOT a fan of Nikki Haley, never was -since she is a complete globalist and general pain in the ass.(following her phony brand of conservatism, posing with a gun to pretend she is one).

    It wouldn’t hurt to see her out of a job.

  22. floridasandy

    Actually, we might be screwing the Kurds over and I want to see the guy who issued the statement FIRED. He said after they are done fighting for us, we will take away their weapons


    Sort of like Bush taking away the ability for our soldiers to be armed on bases and Obama not overturning, of course. Why leave your OWN people open to be sitting ducks, or the people fighting for you.

    Makes no sense.

  23. Jim R

    .. and then they better hope and pray that the Kurds fighting for NATO do not have internet access and cannot read the news in English.

    Not a safe bet these days.

  24. What is most amazing is how stupid our rulers and their human tools really are even as they play with fire and try to double cross everyone all over the planet as if we can’t see what they are doing.

    Really ridiculous.

  25. Carlin talks about BS ‘seeing everything’:

  26. Melponeme_k


    “What is most amazing is how stupid our rulers and their human tools really are even as they play with fire and try to double cross everyone all over the planet as if we can’t see what they are doing.”

    They remind me of cats who try to hide in tiny boxes, half their big backsides hanging out for view, but think they are totally invisible.


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