London Hero In Terror Attack Homeless…In NYC, It Is OK To Assassinate Trump

As we see from Google, the left talks and makes videos and plays endlessly with one topic: kill the President.  This never-ending deadly stories are criminal.  The DNC isn’t distancing themselves from this though just yesterday, they had to fire one of their employees working for them because…he openly demanded that someone assassinate the President.  I think they are beginning to wake up to the illegality of all this death wishing, no?


NO!  Here is yesterday’s editorial at the New York Times which is a filthy propaganda rag for raging homicidal leftists!  Why We Must Make a Mockery of Trump – The New York Times


Excuse me, but the title of the story is a lie.  This isn’t about ‘mockery’ it is all about DEATH THREATS.  There is a chasm of difference between the two and the NYT knows this and deliberately lies about this.


 LONDON — Let’s look on the bright side: The spectacle of ireful Donald Trump supporters disrupting Shakespeare in the Park’s production of “Julius Caesar” and the subsequent tweetstorm of abuse directed at any company with Shakespeare in its name prove that plays retain the power to shock and enrage. Who said the theater is all anodyne, feel-good musicals?


The rage didn’t come from hating Shakespeare at all.  It came from the alterations to the story in order to have ‘murder President’ porn.  On top of this, neither the NYT nor any leftists have pointed out that the entire point of the play was, the assassins were, even if ‘noble’ in cause, were all criminals who were slaughtered or committed suicide.


And they assassinated Caesar because they feared he would become an emperor and the guy who won the battles was Augustus who became an emperor and the Roman democracy was dead forever afterwards.


I didn’t see the production that turned Julius Caesar into a Donald Trump look-alike, so I can’t comment on the accuracy of the impersonation or the violence against the president that some people believe it meant to incite.


The writer of this foul piece of garbage has to pretend he didn’t know exactly what happened in NYC.  There are plenty of videos on You Tube and this ‘writer’ is too ignorant or lazy to go see a few and get an exact idea of what the play was about.


But there are a few things about the nature of Shakespearean drama in general — its subtle shifts in sympathy, the shocks it administers to our prejudices, its suspension of the drives to definitive political action — that obviously weren’t apparent to protesters.


The protesters who stormed the stage knew exactly what the play was about and why the NYC effete audience who are mainly scared of black criminals on the street, were cheering an assassination.


The protesters were the only people who saw what was really intended:  assassination porn.  In the history of Rome used by Shakespeare, Caesar was surrounded by people he thought were his political allies and they suddenly stabbed him, taking him by surprise.


Then Brutus, a friend of his, joined in instead of rescuing him, causing Caesar to gasp, ‘Et tu, Brute?’


In the porn play in NYC, they pulled him off of a platform, he fought them and they then killed him after being tossed about!  Utterly different from Shakespeare.  Shakespeare was at pains to display the closest possible rendition of history as known to him due to extensive reading of history books.


The first of these is that a play, however incendiary its plot, is a very different thing from a political speech. A speech asks us to go out and do, or at least to go away and believe; a play by Shakespeare moves through time, measures action against motive and shows us consequence. We might enter the theater in rash spirits, but we leave it consumed by thought.


Not one soul in the audience left the play thinking about how very stupid it is to demand the assassination of a man who won an election fair and square.  The mainstream media giants are totally responsible for this irresponsible belief that Trump didn’t win the election.


All the way until the election, the media giants said Hillary had a 98% chance of winning and there were no flaws in the systems.  Only after whining for a month after the election, did they all including that beastly female, Hillary, latch onto the fake story that Russia runs our elections now and the entire system is corrupt.


And note that not one soul on the left is talking about fixing this ‘problem’ they pretend we have!  No one in Congress, not one DNC Bilderberg tool is talking about how to reform voting.


More people like me are demanding a safe, NON ELECTRONIC system of voting that is uniform and secure.  No, the elites want ONLY electronic voting so it is easier to tip the scales and win all the time except this leads to civil war, as people realize the voting is rigged yet again.


The assassination of Caesar led to a massive civil war which led to the death of Rome’s elitist democracy.  That is the lesson in Shakespeare’s play.  And the noble Brutus committed suicide.  Can Hillary and her gang do this, too?  Nope.

The DANGEROUS PRECEDENT of Unbridled Charity – YouTube


Rome was overrun by barbarians hostile to Roman culture and thus, fell and the Dark Ages happened.  In England, it turns out that at the Grenfell Tower fire, many of the people in the government paid rentals were illegal aliens and many of these were subletting from ‘tenants’ who were collecting rent for themselves!  That is also illegal.


Yet, many of the residents in this tower which caught on fire due to something happening in a kitchen, are being rehoused in fine housing and the country raised millions of pounds for them.  Meanwhile:  Hero of London Terror Attack Homeless While Migrants Secure Luxury Housing.


This story is about a brave man who fought the knife wielding terrorists with his bare hands and unlike Caesar, survived!


Roy Larner engaged three armed Islamic terrorists with his bare hands, likely saving many lives by occupying the jihadists and their knives, which were plunged into his body eight times.


Larner became an international hero when the world learned of his bravery during the horrific massacre while some unarmed police officers reportedly fled the scene.


“I saw two guys with big knives downstairs… They were stabbing people,” said one eye witness, according to the Guardian. “The police were running away, they were community police. They were normal officers, they were running away.”


It was later revealed that Larner is currently unemployed and was sleeping on friend’s couches.


This poor hero wasn’t the darling of the news media in England.  Now, his real story is getting out and perhaps embarrassed people in England like, say, the damn Queen and her brood living in palaces, will take notice and reward him with a decent home, no?


Nope.  Dead silence, this is what men who are not ‘blessed minorities’ get in their own home countries when they fight foreign terrorists who the Real Rulers let in!


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6 responses to “London Hero In Terror Attack Homeless…In NYC, It Is OK To Assassinate Trump

  1. melponeme_k

    “Dead silence, this is what men who are not ‘blessed minorities’ get in their own home countries when they fight foreign terrorists who the Real Rulers let in!”

    You know why this hero isn’t being celebrated and the illegal aliens are rewarded with plush free homes.

    It all ties into the elites religious mindset. They are of single purpose, their minds set with stringent focus on money, power and control. Because the world is an illusion that works according to frequencies that we can control via thought, word and action. They work to influence US to do their dirty work (action) so that they are not punished by natural law.

    They have no respect for this homeless man because he does nothing to help his situation. He doesn’t extend effort to learn about the mousetrap that he is in, realize it doesn’t exist then do whatever it takes to get out. They respect the Illegal Aliens because they are taking action and working their will over “weak citizens”.

    This is why the leaders have absolutely no respect for European citizens. In their minds, people who don’t harness the energy of the Universe don’t deserve to be saved.

  2. melponeme_k

    To Add:

    Of the three abilities to effect the world “illusion”, Word is the highest of them all. Word tumbles world governments. It has far reaching consequences.

    This is why the elites gnash their teeth over your blog, Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, Colin Patrick Flaherty, Mark Dice, Jessie Lee Petersen and the hundreds of smaller bloggers, vloggers etc. of the alternative press.

    You and the rest have far reaching consequences. You are the discordant notes in their “song”. Your existence impinges on their “frequencies”.

    This is the reason why they hate Trump. He legitimized the words of all the independent voices on the internet. That alone is reason enough they want to destroy him. He could be their bootlicker from now until eternity. But he is condemned simply because he turned the arguments of Alex Jones, you and the rest into a phalanx army against their mind control.

  3. Oh, they REALLLLLY hate me! With passion, no less. I have screwed up more than one effort of theirs and have given them endless problems. Now, I am locked out and ignored by left and right because everyone else wants to think, they alone have found ‘reality’.

    Bless them all! HAHAHA.

    The elites have a huge problem which they have had since August, 1967. This is when I learned how to go in and out of the Outerdarkness and not be hit by a lightning bolt each time (ouch). They seriously imagine their little dirty, dark, bloody magic spells will spare them the odium of being grilled by the Watchers at the Gates of Death.

    Silly fools. They don’t understand, no living thing evades the Watchers who are not physical but metaphysical. And Watcher have all the time in the world to do their business, being outside ‘space’ and ‘time’.

  4. Lou

    FYI–Johnny Depp is a satanist who helped free 3 convicted satanists who tortured and killed 3 children.
    Wiki–West Memphis Three.

  5. The ‘music’ (sic) industry is nearly totally run by Satanists.

  6. Lou

    5–Certainly Pop and HipHop are. Look at the music movies.

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