Liberal Run New York City Illustrates How Corruption Destroys Cities

Michael Jackson – Bad (Official Video) – YouTube

I used to play hardball politics in New York City from 1977-1984 when I had to finally throw in the towel and flee when I couldn’t send my children to the public schools there because they were utterly wrecked by the collapse in discipline there.  My last organization attempt was ‘Save Our Schools’: SOS.  One of several of my games was to fix the subway system which, during the city going bankrupt, went to hell in a graffiti handbasket with Michael Jackson screwing up my local subway station in Brooklyn to film him destroying a subway station while singing.  I was furious because the station was nearly destroyed by fans who aped him and I did a number of arrests down underground after that video.


Back in the 1970’s, New York City was going bankrupt.  Social programs that were supposed to be limited ended up attracting an army of often foreign people who poured into the city and then became dependent on it for welfare, housing, etc.  I was very poor when I came to the City and was told, outright, that since I was white and had a baby, I qualified for NOTHING so I first lived in a one room slum building and within a month, was the super there then got hired by another landlord who tried to cheat me.


Then, he complained to my final landlord, Mr. Cohen about me asking for more money and Cohen visited me and hired me to work for him and I made deals with him which ended up with me being a landlady, myself, and owning property in NYC.  This tale shows us how, when denied even basic help, people actually can make a life work out.


There is endless racism inside the welfare system in the big cities and this is the voter base for rich politicians who pretend to be liberals but are actually rich elites using poor people as tools to enrich themselves while keeping the poor in a crummy situation they are unable to escape, being corrupted by charity provided by taxpayers, not the rich.


Back to NYC going bankrupt: I gave a number of speeches about that and even appeared on Channel 2 in ‘editorial response’ videos whenever a politician lied about the bankruptcy we were enduring.  One ‘tool’ used by our political corrupt leaders was ‘deferred maintenance.’  That is, ‘don’t fix anything today or tomorrow and see how long it takes to collapse.’


I was on TV when I said, ‘Deferred maintenance is the only government program to finish ahead of schedule.’  That is, ‘Break down entirely much faster than estimated.’  It was a horror.  The subway system, in particular, was hard hit but so were the hospitals and roads and schools, etc.


The subway system nearly shut down entirely by 1980.  On top of all that, Michael Jackson had to film his stupid song, ‘I’m Bad’ (and he was very bad) in my local subway stop.  Look at the video above: the station isn’t covered with graffiti when it was filmed!  Six months after it debuted, the station was completely trashed and covered with paint.  And crime was out of control.  I made some big arrests there.


It was like entering a lion’s den in the dark because they also vandalized the light fixtures.  Kids from all over would come there to ape Michael.  It pissed me off greatly.  Since then, we had two mayors who tried to stop rampant crime which breeds in government housing and welfare families, not to mention all the middle class kiddies who think it is cool to pretend to be slum thugs.  Now, we are back to the DNC clowns running things and…the subways are collapsing again!


It took 50 years for the MTA to totally screw up the subway | New York Post


“As the usage of the system has increased, the MTA capital investment hasn’t kept pace with the needs,” said Richard Ravitch, who was MTA boss in the 1980s and helped bring the system back from the brink of death the first time.


I remember Ravitch.  He cooked up the bailout of NYC but he didn’t clean the stables.  I did that when Giuliani and I went after the leadership and had a bunch of politicians arrested (except for one suicide).  Corruption was running rampant and any bailout was useless unless the politicians were captured and locked up or dead.


The situation isn’t nearly as dire now as it was in 1981, but the subways now have more than twice the ridership, and commuters can now never quite be sure if they’re going to make it to work on time or home for dinner.


I was just amazed at the lack of energy, the lack of will power, the inability to take the beast by its horns and flip it.  I was an outsider, came from Arizona, and was very pissed off at what was going on especially the crime situation and deteriorating structures.  To make money in real estate, I complained, I have to fix the entire city.


Nothing was fixed until people were arrested. Corruption was totally rampant by 1980.  The City was dying and the looters didn’t give a damn.  They were too busy taking bribes!


“We are still playing catch up to fix the sins of 1970s neglect and disinvestment,” said spokeswoman Beth DeFalco.


The ‘neglect’ was entirely tied to taking bribes and using poor people as a voting base.  The DNC’s corruption comes from below and the RNC comes from high up the pay scale.  Both have to be kept on a short leash by citizens.


“Ridership is up 64 percent since the first Capital Plan was enacted but we do not have 64 percent more infrastructure. We are constantly working to provide regular service for our customers amidst growing ridership and capacity constraints.”


You see, back in 1977 to 1982, entire swaths of the city were being systematically destroyed by welfare families who let their kiddies run wild.  They were often encouraged in this vandalism by landlords who had ‘rent control’ which, during the 1970-‘s inflation, never was allowed to rise to real levels due to the DNC being dependent on welfare voters who needed ‘cheap rents’.  So things were totally out of control and the only way to get rid of rent control tenants was…arson!


I watched the City burn down with intense alarm.  I gave speeches about rent control and begged everyone to stop it.  Forcing landlords to go bankrupt was insane!  Several hundred thousand buildings were torched in less than ten years.  The Bronx was nearly totally destroyed, for example.


“In 1981, the system was covered in graffiti, grime and crime. It was worth $27 billion – less than the amount we will invest in capital improvements in the next 5 years,” said DeFalco.


They fired the cleaning crews.  Everything became literally dirty.  When I appeared before a judge when prosecuting a gang of young college students who vandalized the train going from Brooklyn to Greenwich Village in Manhattan, I asked for and got their punishment: to clean up the station where they were arrested!  It worked.  They began to appreciate the need to  protect public facilities.


That first 1982 through 1986 plan was just $7.2 billion, or $19.4 in today’s dollars. That’s less than 60 percent of the money the agency is spending now on replacements and new projects.


Underfunding is connected to wasting money in novel ways which I will point out shortly.


Meanwhile, the capital plan amounts stagnated and less work got done. The 1992-1996 plan was only $10.2 billion, or $20.4 in today’s dollars, and much of the system infrastructure was left neglected.


It has a name, New York Post!  ‘Deferred maintenance.’


For its current 2015-19 capital plan, the MTA initially said it would need $20 billion for maintenance and repairs. But after funding negotiations were done, it ended up with only $12.3 billion for “repairs and normal replacement,” which is nearly $7 billion or 38 percent less than what it needed, according to an analysis done by the Citizens Budget Commission.


I remember when almost all the rolling stock was pre-WWII.


And that’s not enough to fix the system when 11 percent of the cars are more than 40 years old and many of the signals date back to the 1930s.


Financially Ailing CUNY Spent Over $1 Million a Year on Parades and Charities – The New York Times reports today:


 Mr. Hershenson led outreach efforts at CUNY for years, with a focus on the immigrant and ethnic populations that make up a large portion of the student body. He also maintained strong relationships with many of the politicians who were crucial to budgeting decisions affecting the university, which receives most of its financing from the state and city.


The ‘outreach’ to aliens is now a huge business.  It is also destroying the country from within.  NYC took in people from all over the planet once upon a time.  They went to public schools, too!  Many of these schools cranked out thousands and thousands of functional students who became the backbone of industry, inventions, the arts, etc.


Everything WORKED!  People were taught to be US citizens and did various activities to impress on them that they were now American citizens and not whoever from wherever.  This was highly important.  Now, it is the exact opposite.  Some schools run by liberals are now even pulling down the US flag saying it insults other students who hate the US but want to mooch off of us all.


Donations from CUNY when he was an administrator included $35,000 in gifts in the 2015 and 2016 fiscal years to the Feminist Press, a nonprofit publisher affiliated with CUNY. Mr. Hershenson’s wife, Rebecca A. Seawright, a state assemblywoman from Manhattan, is the chairwoman of the Feminist Press.


This is the sort of crappy insider gaming by politicians who are systematically looting the taxpayers.  Arrest them all.


Other donations that came to light during the university’s internal review included a total of $109,000 to the New-York Historical Society in the 2015 and 2016 fiscal years and $15,000 to Lincoln Center in 2015 fiscal year.


They hand out tax money as if they are generous donors themselves.  They do this to gain power and entry into places of power to make insider deals.


Research Foundation funds were also used for contributions to other foundations operated by some of the CUNY colleges, officials said. They refused to provide a comprehensive list of the spending, and it was not clear who had approved the use of money from the Research Foundation.


HAHAHA…I hope Federal prosecutors can get this secret list!


The CUNY chancellor has frequently served as the chair of the Research Foundation board of directors, and James B. Milliken was named chairman after he was appointed chancellor of CUNY in 2014. After The Times reported on the link between the Research Foundation and Ms. Coico’s expense payments, Mr. Milliken installed his senior adviser for fiscal policy, Marc V. Shaw, as chairman of the Research Foundation, and subsequently created a task force to recommend financial and management changes, Mr. Sobrino said.


Spending on outreach and community relations is common at universities; it is the dimension of the spending at CUNY that has drawn scrutiny.


They are ALL doing this!  Taxpayers and students pay through the nose for this garbage.  And it is 100% ‘liberal’ ponies who pony up to the feed trough.


Officials at CUNY said the university would stop sponsoring parades. (The sponsorship of the Pride parade and a $25,000 sponsorship of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade this month were paid before the internal review was completed, the officials said.)


Why in the hell were they giving taxpayer money to some ethnic/sex parades????  This is infuriating!


Officials said some activities would continue in a reduced way, like buying a few tickets, rather than a table, for CUNY officials to attend a charity or civic association event. They said spending for those types of activities would be about $682,000 in the fiscal year that ends this month, and about half that in the next fiscal year.


These clowns could pay through their own pockets, damn it.  Arrest them all.  No wonder schools are so expensive and badly run.  Note how TEACHERS in these joints get starvation wages!  But no, they have money for gay men to parade about Manhattan!  Yikes.  Ever hear of ‘pay your own way’?




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11 responses to “Liberal Run New York City Illustrates How Corruption Destroys Cities

  1. Melponeme_k

    “One of several of my games was to fix the subway system which, during the city going bankrupt, went to hell in a graffiti handbasket with Michael Jackson screwing up my local subway station in Brooklyn to film him destroying a subway station while singing. I was furious because the station was nearly destroyed by fans who aped him and I did a number of arrests down underground after that video.”

    This, in a nutshell, is magic in action. ACTUAL magic. Everyone thinks magic is Harry Potter BS. NO, NO, NO!

    Thought – WORD – Action.

    That is magic. We all have the power to affect our world to create it both on a personal and community level. All our entertainment is either geared towards TAKING AWAY our inborn call to action to create our world OR to Influence or MIND CONTROL us to taking action for the elites.

    Think about this. I’ve only just realized this due to my readings and listening to interesting lectures (Mark Passio, Michael Tsarion).

    The reason why welfare recipients are in the state that the are is that they are GIVING AWAY their free will and intellectual thought. And for what! For a couple hundred dollars of fake, RUBBER, Monopoly money. That is it. Meanwhile they are providing the elites AND their lackeys with lives of luxury.

  2. Petruchio

    ” I was very poor when I came to the City and was told, outright, that since I was white and had a baby, I qualified for NOTHING so I first lived in a one room slum building and within a month, was the super there then got hired by another landlord who tried to cheat me.” That is soooo TRUE!!! When Petruchio was unemployed I applied for EBT. They demanded a copy of the pink slip to my car, my bank account number AND the current balance (close to ZERO), AND a copy of a recent paystub. Then, my paystub wasn’t current enough so I had to re-submit. After ALL this, my EBT monthly benefit came to a staggering $85!! Per month!!! All of that for a lousy @! bucks and change per week! You gotta be kidding me. And isn’t it REALLY strange how the EBT Office is staffed almost exclusively with foreigners? They still have their accents and everything. I see what kind of EBT benefits the foreigners get all the time. It is not unusual to see a foreigner couple with $1000 in food benefits AND $1000 in EBT cash benefits!! Me, a white male–who had been a TAXPAYER for 30+ years? I get 85 bucks a month. Destroying the White Race. That’s what it is all about.

  3. I didn’t even bother within three months of my baby being born. Paid for her by selling my truck. I lived very precariously but within 3 years, bought my own buildings, became a land lady and then made oodles of money. HARD WORK was the key and making deals that were tricky and hard won.

    Not to mention, fighting crime which moved my brownstone from zero value to $300,000 in no time at all. No crime=high home prices!

  4. Melponeme_k


    Don’t worry in a few years, the elites will have EVERYONE on some kind of guaranteed income (welfare by any other name). Then they will really have the majority.

    Of course, they will need to take the weapons from us all. It will be interesting to see how they solve that dilemma. Since all their attacks on children in their schools hasn’t worked.

  5. Ken

    Elaine is living proof that “a conservative is just a liberal who has been mugged by reality.” She simply claims that she is still a liberal out of habit.

  6. Pete


    How Banksters rule the World!

  7. Lou

    $10.9 Million: The Combined Amount of Money Families of Freddie Gray, Michael Brown and Philando Castile Received in Settlements
    Posthumously, it pays to be a black criminal:

    Freddie Gray [Baltimore to pay Freddie Gray’s family $6.4 million to settle civil claims, Baltimore Sun, 9-8-2015]

    Michael Brown [‘Secret’ settlement in lawsuit over Brown’s death was $1.5 million, St. Louis Today, 6-24-17]

    Philando Castile. [Philando Castile Family Reaches $3 Million Settlement, New York Times, 6-26-17]

    Freddie Gray was a heroin dealer, who should have been in jail.

    Michael Brown tried to kill Darren Wilson.

    Philando Castile refused to cooperate with police.

    All in all, in death they are worth a combined $10.9 million.

    Oh, and Tamir Rice’s family got $6 million from the city of Cleveland.

    This is why we coined the term of America being irredeemable long before Hillary Clinton decided to use this rarely used adjective to describe Trump supporters.–

  8. Claudeeyah

    Thanks Lou! I am not going to say anything else. You said it perfectly! Lord help them if they ever succeed in killing off “duh why mun”. Said day for them and their “gibs” mentality.

    No white man, no bizzness….no bizzness, no “mo shiny tangs”. Even the dumbest negro dan do that math.

  9. Petruchio

    @#3 Elaine. \The point I was trying to make in #2is there are some enormous abuses in the Welfare system. People come here to this country and IMMEDIATELY start collecting these massive benefits. I can tell you from encountering these illegal aliens on Welfare that they think we Americans are the Biggest Idiots in the World. They have no respect for us. We throw money away. As for myself, I do feel like I was entitled to
    food support. I had been a Taxpayer for 35 years, I was unemployed so I qualified and all I qualified for was 85 bucks a month?? Then these illegals deserve 35 bucks a month.

  10. This is true in Europe, too. Illegal aliens are moved to the front of the line, citizens are told to go to hell. Happened to me. YOU WERE CHEATED.

  11. Lou

    A lady I know who gets SSI and EBT and Sec8 says ‘the case workers are foreigners’. Jews, Armenians, Latinos, russians?

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