CNN Fires Staff As Fake News Fails, Trump Laughs, CNN Boss Zucker Should Resign

Washington Post front page has no real news, as per usual, only anti-Trump attacks.  NYT, ditto.  Here is the real news, undercover video proof straight from CNN bosses:

American Pravda: CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative “bullsh*t” – YouTube

None of the major fake news systems in the US has proper headlines today.  This story broke in RUSSIA via Buzzfeed but NOT the USA:  PressTV-Leaked: CNN new rules for Russia news.  That is, CNN had to change how they do the news because the lies and fake stories were so obvious and painful, they had to do something to stop the utter loss of credibility.  But it was far too late: the news about them worried about lying all the time was LEAKED!  HAHAHA.  And I bet they blame Russia for this!


The only places where this is big news today, is in what the fake news guys call ‘alternative media’ which in my mind is the new name for ‘real news’.  Buzzfeed, that broke the news, is called ‘alternative news’ by the major corporate entities who run the US and are members of the Bilderberg gang of thieves and murderers.


News » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!  picked up on the story with great glee for they have been hammered hard by the fake news media.  Infowars has all sorts of pet beliefs which are rather screwy like fretting constantly about the mass shooting of elementary school children by an insane rich kid and chemtrails in the sky, etc.


But unlike the mainstream news, they actually believe what they talk about and everyone has pet beliefs they earnestly hold.  But what the mainstream media owners do is openly and deliberately lie about things which they do in order to manipulate people and this is a con job going on.  They are criminals, in other words.


Donald Trump attacks CNN for ‘fake news’ after three reporters resign over retracted Russia story.  Jones is probably chortling to death over all this new news.  The people who should resign aren’t the reporters who were doing their fake news best.  It should be the top executives of that massive propaganda fake news operation.


I personally knew Ted Turner before he fled America.  I begged him to not sell stock in Turner TV to corporate entities because they hated his TV shows and he was the only one who had real news!  I got to know him when Tiananmen Square massacre happened and when I camped out in front of the UN for a month, he gave me my own crew to cover us all the time and this prevented the government from attacking us there.


He was very instrumental in my push to protect Chinese students!  Then, the CIA decided to lure him into a deal which made him much richer but which also destroyed CNN as as real news service.  This was way back in the Clinton presidency, by the way.


He was to be the head of the Board of Directors and suddenly found himself voted out and so they gave him money so he wouldn’t sue and he then fled the US and I don’t blame him.


“Wow, CNN had to retract big story on ‘Russia,’ with 3 employees forced to resign,” the President wrote on Twitter.


“What about all the other phony stories they do? FAKE NEWS!”


Mr Trump followed his statement with retweets calling CNN the Fake News Network (FNN) and promoting coverage criticising the Democrats by right-wing broadcaster Fox News. The retracted story reported on a supposed investigation into a pre-inaugural meeting between an associate Mr Trump and the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund.


A statement from CNN said it had apologised to Anthony Scaramucci adding: “The story did not meet CNN’s editorial standards and has been retracted.”


Mr Scaramucci, an American entrepreneur, served on the transition team and was Mr Trump’s pick for director of the White House Office of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs before George Sifakis was appointed to the post instead.


BTW, Ted Turner is a wonderful gentleman.  I mourn his disappearance.  And to hell with CNN today.  It is a Frankenstein monster of a mess.


The story that broke the back of CNN finally was part of the DNC/CIA operation of witch hunting anyone and everyone who Trump chose to run our country.  Since he was mainly choosing non-Bilderberg people, this nasty red-smear of anyone and everyone has, like the McCarthy red smearing, way out of control and hit totally innocent people.


They made up total lies like ones about Scaramucci.  Undercover Vid: CNN Producer Admits Russia Narrative ‘Mostly Bullshit,’ Pushed For Ratings;


Project Veritas has released a video of CNN Producer John Bonifield who was caught on hidden-camera admitting that there is no proof to CNN’s Russia narrative.


“I mean, it’s mostly bullshit right now,” Bonifield says. “Like, we don’t have any giant proof.”


Democracy Partners Attacks Veritas, Launches $1 Million Federal Lawsuit | Project Veritas reported yesterday.  HAHAHA…now Project Veritas can sue THEM!  The video team filmed Democracy Partners discussing how to steal an election!!!  They are frauds!!!


Now, Veritas which has been attacked repeatedly by CNN with fake stories about Veritas, now will sue CNN, too.  This is going to be fun, fun, fun for all of us!  James O’Keefe, head of Project Veritas, is like me: he loves fighting.  Once, in court, I was called ‘a human buzz saw’ by a lawyer causing much merriment.


James O’Keefe is a human buzzsaw from hell.  He is a delight.  Infowars often has him on their shows.  He is locked out of the mainstream news just as I am, they hope this would mean none of his important information will appear and be discussed.  So all his work during the election exposing DNC trickery and outright crimes was totally hidden from view by most of the mainstream media.


The internet has been our savior here: we control it, not them all.  We get to use it, not just them.  It is now a two way street instead of a one way street.  They hate this greatly.


The Breitbart/Project Veritas lawsuit is blowing up in the faces of the DNC clowns because of hubris.  The ancient Greeks made up this story about how powerful people fall and are tormented by this goddess, Hubris.  They go ahead and walk right off a cliff due to pride and arrogance.  The entire story of the saga of Troy is all about how ALL parties involved were irritating the goddess, Hubris, and all were destroyed by their own arrogance.


Helen was the only one who wasn’t harmed in any way!  Amazing, isn’t it?


Fox News’ Sean Hannity Calls for CNN’s Jeff Zucker to be Fired in Wake of Fake News Scandal.  Fox news is laughing so hard, they had to cut the mic.

All the other media giants (who are NOT Bilderberg gangsters, of course, like say, CBS or NYT, WP, etc.) are making fun of Jeff Zucker and openly calling for him to resign at his own Facebook page!!!  This is beyond hilarious.

Jeffrey Adam “Jeff” Zucker[2] (born April 9, 1965) is the current president of CNN Worldwide. He previously served as president and CEO of NBC Universal.[3] Zucker has also served as an executive in residence at Columbia Business School.[4] In November 2012, Zucker was picked to take over as the president of CNN Worldwide in January 2013 after Jim Walton’s tenure.[5] Zucker oversees CNN, CNN International, HLN, and CNN Digital.[6]


Zucker went on to Harvard University. He was President of the school newspaper, The Harvard Crimson during his senior year and as such he encouraged the decades-old prank rivalry with the Harvard Lampoon, headed by future NBC colleague Conan O’Brien.[13] Zucker graduated from Harvard in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts in American history.[14]


He is Jewish.  And he first did fake news with O’Brien when a school toddler.  HAHAHA.  When I was at Berkeley, I did cartoons and stories for the early incarnation of the Berkeley Barb.  This didn’t lead to being hired by anyone, au contraire.  More ‘poison’ on my job record.


In 2010, in response to a public controversy over the network’s reported rescheduling of late-night hosts Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien, Los Angeles Times reporters Meg James and Matea Gold wrote that Zucker’s tenure had led to “a spectacular fall by the country’s premier television network” and dubbed the intra-network feud and subsequent public relations fallout “one of the biggest debacles in television history”.[22] Under Zucker NBC fell from being the number one rated network to the lowest rated of the four broadcast networks and was occasionally being beaten in the ratings by programming on some of the more popular cable channels.


HAHAHA, a sterling record of destroying things!  No wonder he was hired.


Dowd also reported that an unnamed “honcho at another network” stated that “Zucker is a case study in the most destructive media executive ever to exist… You’d have to tell me who else has taken a once-great network and literally destroyed it.”[23]


On June 2, 2010, the New York Post reported that Zucker would be paid between $30 million and $40 million to leave NBC Universal shortly after Comcast completes its 51% acquisition in the company.[24]


So why was this clown hired by CNN?  Whoever hired him should be canned, too.  Is Zucker being fired?  Not so far!  I hope he stays.  His destruction of CNN is a joy to see.  Ever since they kicked Ted to the curb, the news business has been a farce.




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8 responses to “CNN Fires Staff As Fake News Fails, Trump Laughs, CNN Boss Zucker Should Resign

  1. Ken

    I can well believe that the reputation of the US and Trump around the world is in the toilet. All of the main stream media in the US and abroad run non-stop negative articles about Trump.

    I saw the same thing happen during the Vietnam war. Back then, widespread coverage of protests in the streets and constant negative media articles had the entire world hating America. Just like today. People who don’t live here get their information from the main stream media, and they are uniformly given a negative view of everything American. Just like during the Vietnam war.

  2. It is worse: most of the news from Vietnam was FAKE NEWS back then!!! I got my news from Eastern Europe, the North Vietnamese in Paris and other sources outside the US.

    This real news didn’t make any news in the US back then. The war was obviously getting worse and worse not better and better and all ‘victories’ were FAKES, there were no ‘victories’ exactly like in Iraq or Afghanistan, for example.

  3. Melponeme_k

    “Helen was the only one who wasn’t harmed in any way! Amazing, isn’t it?”

    So many conflicting stories about her. In some she is punished and in others not. I particularly like the stories that state she spent the war doing the grand tour of Egypt. The Egyptian ruler there ragged Paris out on his lack of diplomacy and made Helen his ward forcing Paris to return home without his famed concubine.

    The CNN meltdown is amazing to watch. If the elites keep doubling down they will soon have no media with which to control the masses.

  4. Petruchio

    Anyone else catch Trump’s latest Tweet on Twitter? His comment was, “2600 pedophiles arrested in the last 60 days. The MSM remains silent. Hmmmm” I’ll have to look into that one more…

  5. Petruchio

    “He is Jewish.” And now you know why Jeff Zucker is NEVER gonna get fired. Ever.

  6. He gets kicked upstairs.

    And yes, 2600 pedophiles arrested…but I see Congress is OK! Hey! WUWT?

  7. Petruchio

    One story has it that Seth Rich’s murder was related to his uncovering information about Members of Congress and pedophiles.@@@ It’s fun watching the media squirm over the way Trump treats them!! Donald Trump is no dummy; he seems to be pretty media savvy.

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