Finally, Hours Later, Slowly, News Turtles Bring Veritas CNN Is Fake News Story To Public

At a glacial pace, real news is beginning to eke into mainstream fake news systems.  They have to spin it, of course, to make themselves look good when it makes them look like a bunch of lying crooks.  They are boasting that CNN, after firing obvious criminal reporters who fabricate total lies, means CNN is an honest operation!  HAHAHA.  Nope.  They are lying about this, even this news!


Retracted CNN story a boon for president at war with media – ABC News  At 2pm, many hours after I carried the Project Veritas story, ABC News finally has it…without ever showing the video of the CNN staff openly talking about how the make up fake ‘Russia spy’ stories to make money!


The White House was considering unleashing its surrogates on the network, planning to hit the mistakes hard in order to change the subject for what has been a stretch for the presidency, with questions about the Russia probe swirling and the Republican health care bill in dire straits. Aides also believe that highlighting media mistakes could be a useful way of questioning the credibility of much of the reporting on the scandals surrounding the White House to convince supporters that Trump was the victim of a witch hunt.


John Podhoretz, a conservative columnist for The New York Post and editor of Commentary magazine tweeted that “CNN published a bad story, pulled it, apologized. 3 journalists quit. That’s impressive and decisive action. Yelling ‘fake news’ is unfair.”


As per always, the news here at mainstream sites struggle mightily to make CNN look better and to pretend they are all very busy covering real news when they are all fakers.  Project Veritas even says today, there are more videos coming out:



James O’Keefe reacts to Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ mention of Veritas video – YouTube

This was at the news conference in the White House this afternoon!  The mountain of evidence of lying and collusion and conspiracy against Trump builds by the hour.  They will have to wiggle very hard to avoid the truth here but then, the mainstream media are all snakes who specialize in wiggling out of telling the truth about anything.


President at War With Media Seizes on Retracted CNN Story | NBC New York:  NBC finally carried the news 40 minutes ago after 4pm.  HAHAHA.  The turtle finally arrived at the studios and now they, too, can chatter about all this but again: no video actually showing what was going on. Oh, the difficulties of learning how to use the internet are insurmountable when it comes to traditional news systems that are old fuddy duddies.


I wrote about the crappy subway systems today so voila: another subway car crash causing chaos in NYC: Subway Derails in Manhattan, Causing Power Outage and Chaos; Dozens Hurt | NBC New York.

Subway Train Derails In New York City – YouTube Only 12 views so far, the number of views will rise thanks to me linking to it.  Officials Give Update On Subway Derailment – YouTube CBS News. 


So, they have a video now.  Good.  Too bad they have no way of linking to Project Veritas and having that on their web sites…HAHAHA.


CNN Producer: Russia Collusion Story ‘Mostly Bulls**t’, But It’s Good For Ratings – Matt Vespa

Townhall is covering the story.  But again, it isn’t a liberal fake news operation.  The liberal fake news has some cracks in their dam they built to hold in all their delusional leftist supporters but still, they struggle onwards with naked, outrageous propaganda while telling True Believers that they get real news, not fake news.


Well, all that is fake!  Cynically fake, any liberal who dares go to see the Project Veritas videos can see the cynicism and contempt the news purveyors have for their dupes who eat their lies.


 “But, all the nice cutesy little ethics that use to get talked about in journalism school, you’re just like, that’s adorable. That’s adorable. This is a business, he said.


This statement should be engraved on the gravestones of CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, NYT, WP and other propaganda operations.


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5 responses to “Finally, Hours Later, Slowly, News Turtles Bring Veritas CNN Is Fake News Story To Public

  1. Jim R

    Meanwhile, we are still getting fake news from the middle east, and it isn’t merely the ‘media’ pushing it.

    Now they’re touting ‘intelligence’ reports (from unknown non-sources) claiming that the Syrians are planning another poison gas attack (note, ‘another’, as if the previous ones were never debunked). And they are pre-blaming Assad and Iran and Russia for this ‘attack’ that hasn’t happened yet.

    Apparently this is because the proxy army of ‘rebels’ is losing badly to the native Syrian army, and its helpers from Iran and Russia. And the deep state hotheads are jonesing for another invasion like when they invaded Iraq, and Libya, and etc etc etc. Because Afghanistan is such a success /sarc.

    So we are a long, long, way from running out of fake news.

  2. Yes, the fake news systems grinds ever onwards. In California and the NYC area, it is still believed but everywhere else, it is increasingly laughed at.

    They can’t hide the real news forever. Anyone reading history can see, fake news always ends up backfiring which is why it is important to not do nonstop propaganda, the people creating the lies end up believing it, too!

    That is called ‘the blind leading the blind’.

  3. Christian W

    Fake news. Fake economy. Fake politics. It is a toxic brew for sure.

  4. Melponeme_k


    The election of the NYC Mayor is this year.

    This GOP candidate seems the best of the bad bunch. She plans to reinstate stop and frisk, stop sanctuary city status, support law enforcement and examine the MTA.

    Article from the last few years of her protesting against the IDNYC which was created to give cover for illegal aliens.

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