Former State Department China Official Arrested For Taking Bribes From Chinese

LEAKER DOWN! Look Who The New Leaker Is That The Trump Administration Just Caught – YouTube


As is typical online these days, the news about this traitor makes the back pages not the front pages.  A State Department diplomat who worked for the DNC and RNC bosses over the years was really a traitor lining his own pockets.  The video above shows the massive mansion he built due to these bribes.  The new leaders in DC put in by Trump are harvesting many of these traitors now.

Former State Department Security Officer Accused of Spying for China – The New York Times

WASHINGTON — A former State Department diplomatic security officer and military contractor was charged with conducting espionage for China after F.B.I. agents found top-secret documents and apparently incriminating messages on a communications device he brought back from Shanghai, the Justice Department said on Thursday.


The man, Kevin Patrick Mallory, 60, of Leesburg, Va., made his initial appearance in Federal District Court in Alexandria, the department said. He is also charged with lying to federal investigators.


I did a screen shot to show how hidden this news was for I had to google more than twice to hit this story, I got everything but this story and the one I got the link to was to the NYT Chinese version of the story!

Remember back on June 5th: Intelligence Contractor Is Charged in First Leak Case Under Trump – The New York Times, the NYT actually reported that story, isn’t it amazing?


The case showed the department’s willingness to crack down on leaks, as Mr. Trump has called for in complaining that they are undermining his administration. His grievances have contributed to a sometimes tense relationship with the intelligence agencies he now oversees.


The Justice Department announced the case against the contractor, Reality Leigh Winner, 25, about an hour after the national-security news outlet The Intercept published the apparent document, a May 5 intelligence report from the National Security Agency.


But this breaking news today?  Nope. Zero Hedge has it as does various online alt news people and as I said before, it did make the mainstream NYT at least, in Chinese, but was NOT a headline story fit for any front page display.  Nor did the NYT editorialize about these traitors and crooks, either.


 A former State Department employee was arrested on Thursday. He is being charged for espionage and transmitting Secret documents to the Chinese. This just came out from a US District Court in Alexandria, VA.


His name is Kevin Mallory, age 60, and is a self-employed consultant that speaks fluent Chinese, according to Zero Hedge. He has maintained a Top Secret security clearance. The Washington Post says that Mallory was an employee of the CIA.

According to court filings, Mallory went to Shangai in April and was stopped by Customs agents at O’Hare with $16,500 in cash. Mallory then admitted that he had met with two people from what he suspected were Chinese intelligence officers.


I used to have a sign in my home office: ‘Who is going to bribe me?’  This was a joke, of course, for I can’t whore myself.  I built my nice home, mostly by myself with my husband, a few good friends and my children pitching in whenever they could.  But the majority of the work was my own.  The traitor in this story built his mansion via corruption.


He isn’t alone!  Bribery in Congress is utterly out of control and Hillary ‘raised’ billions in bribes!  She should be in prison!!!  Foreign powers began bribing our politicians openly back when Reagan flew to Japan the week he left office to collect a $2million bribe.  I called for him to be arrested upon his return.  Nope. He was cheered by the media and Congress!  So…arrest everyone accepting bribes!  I am content with starting with Hillary.


Special Report: How the Federal Reserve serves U.S. foreign intelligence | Reuters reports:

I am pondering how to cover this story but it is a juicy business so dear readers, have fun with it.  The CIA’s involvement in money movements and the Fed Reserve is all part of the Bilderberg gang business, the Skull and Bones black magic business, the original coup way back to WWI when foreigners took over our luscious money systems after wrecking Europe…it is the Urcrime, so to speak, to coin a new word.


It is the bubbling vat of evil that launched many wars, killed millions and millions of humans and enslaved entire populations of the planet earth and which the Chinese hope to take over, they told me this back in the 1980s when top Chinese officials lived with me to learn about ‘capitalism’ and ‘money’.   Seriously, back then, they were very naive about how money is ‘created’ and ‘controlled’ and said openly, they hoped to take over the systems, themselves.


Well, I have yelled about this for nearly half a century now.  And here we go: note how our money buys less and less while we have zero ‘inflation’.  HAHAHA…not.



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3 responses to “Former State Department China Official Arrested For Taking Bribes From Chinese

  1. KHS71

    I knew this guy pretty well while in college at Central Missouri State in the early ’70’s. We were in ROTC and Pershing Rifles together. He’s still in prison.

  2. Jim R

    KHS71, interesting story, about your friend. Nasty spy business.

    The Russians are still better at ‘Human Intelligence’ than the Americans. Our spies are all these gadget freaks, and they can pry into just about any device and listen. Phone, computer, etc.

    But the Russians know how to talk (and listen) to people…

  3. For all their eavesdropping powers, the US spies are STUPID. Yes, stupid. I toyed with them when still a teenager and was constantly amazed at how stupid they all were.

    My father did very heavy type ‘insider spy’ stuff which is why he was the #2 visitor to Mao in China after Nixon. He knew all the world leaders, personally.

    HIS diplomacy was totally secret and utterly personal and if a President liked him, it went well, when Nixon put him on the enemies list, it went ill…for Nixon.

    The Chinese were so trusting of my dad, when Madame Mao was arrested, they called him back to visit them (this is when he had a heart attack there and I had to have him flown to Hawaii) and due to my dealings with saving my father, the Chinese began talking to me which led to a bunch of them living with me.


    When the Chinese students were crushed, I used my connections in China to protect the Chinese students in the US and forced the leaders in Beijing to back down and do as I demanded, for example.

    The Chinese even said to me back then, ‘Why are you doing this to US?’ And I said, ‘Because you did something very wrong.’

    Trump’s diplomacy has been thwarted by the Bilderberg gang but ONLY in Europe. Even now, Putin knows he can do personal diplomacy with Trump in the future but is being stopped by this gang, he isn’t stupid, he knows everything about the Bilderberg gang.

    He knows Europe is dying, literally, and is being systematically destroyed from within and in the next decade, will fall to Russia.

    Note that before anything, Trump went on a diplomatic offensive and was treated like royalty in Saudi Arabia including having his wife be treated like a human, a HUGE thing the Saudis didn’t even do this for my mom and it pissed her off, hugely.

    This was a great victory for Trump. He then went to Israel where he buddied up and then to Europe to teach them all a lesson as they acted like fools in front of him, making them look small and stupid as he forced them to shake hands and treat him correctly even though they tried and tried to insult him. He won. As I predicted.

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