Fake News CNN Part 2: Van Jones Says Russia/Trump Scam Is ‘Nothing Burger’

Van Jones: Russia is “Nothing burger”– American Pravda: CNN Part 2 – YouTube


Second day of real news about fake CNN news and how they know, themselves, that they are peddling total lies.  In particular, the ‘evil Russia’ news is big fake news for these criminals and they should be sued by Trump for making up ‘scandals’ about him, knowing perfectly well, they are lying about him.  Defamation of character and attempts at charging him and others as ‘traitors’ is…treason on the part of CNN and the other media giants.




Trump’s people ask us all to see the videos which clearly shows CNN is all fake news all the time. Last week, WATCH STUNNED CNN HOST CALLED FAKE NEWS BY PANELISTS HE CHOSE! – YouTube


Today, there is this in DC:  WATCH LIVE: Senate Intel Hearing on Russian Interference in European Elections 6/28/2017 – YouTube

Congress is wasting even more time ‘investigating’ Russia ‘interfering’ in ‘elections’.  It is beyond silly.  Stupid, annoying and childish, too…it never ends.  The DNC is anxious to do this because this is their last, slender thread to hold onto power, they have to do this or they fall off the cliff.

The History Of Wile E Coyote The Road Runner – Animation Lookback Looney Tunes – YouTube


By the way, Scaramucci forced CNN to retract a story by threatening $100 million lawsuit.  CNN didn’t retract that fake story on their own, naturally.  Only at gun point, do they do this.


Ditto, here.  Everyone should do this.  The mainstream news is so used to lying and defaming people at will, they have to be punished severely.  I hope she wins.


More fake news, exposed by Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) | Twitterz;

Senator McCaskill lied about Russia, pretending she never talked to or visited the Russian ambassador!  HAHAHA.  Too many Democrats and media giants suffer from Alzheimer’s.  They should all retire.



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3 responses to “Fake News CNN Part 2: Van Jones Says Russia/Trump Scam Is ‘Nothing Burger’

  1. Moe

    Tucker harpoons the Russia tampering fiction.

  2. Like Tucker, I find this immensely funny.

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