Irvine California Has Few Cops And Much Crime: NY Daily News Reporter Thinks This Is Cool

Crime in Irvine – Irvine, CA Crime Map – SpotCrime

Today, the New York Daily News had an editorial written by a black dude who claims that his town in California doesn’t need no stinking cops, why, there is no crime there!  This BS story was published by that wretched paper with no one editorial looking into the statistics about the joint.  I did!  And there is a crime wave there, violent crime!  Yesterday, for example, a lady was held up at gun point in her front yard in the middle of the day!  The denial of reality is very strong in our media overlords who want chaos and death for citizens.


In the above screen shot, the crime map has only one icon of handcuffs showing an arrest!  HAHAHA.


KING: America needs fewer cops, laws, arrests and convictions – NY Daily News


 It took me a while to understand what was happening. Irvine wasn’t safe because it had cops on every single corner. It hardly had any police at all. It has low arrest rates because nobody is being arrested. And we soon learned that it also wasn’t because people weren’t doing and selling drugs. Drug use at the area high schools, some of the highest-rated high schools in the country, was rampant, but it was treated as a medical problem — not a criminal one. Students we knew went to rehab, not jail, when it was discovered they were using drugs.


Quite true, a low arrest rate due to no cops is the rule in this CA town.  This means…wait…more crime goes unpunished and it is getting worse by the day, too.


From today’s news:  Irvine woman robbed by armed man in her own home at 9:30 AM, police say – Orange County Register no description of the criminal but a comment below the article mentions it was a black male according to police.   Back to the insane article in the NY Daily News:


Irvine was also safe because everybody had jobs. The schools were amazing. Rec centers, swimming pools and sports leagues were literally on every other corner. The money that could be used on an outrageously large police force was clearly being used in other more meaningful ways.


I sped regularly in Irvine. I could go 100 mph and never get pulled over. The police weren’t setting speed traps. They weren’t arresting people and were rarely ticketing them for speeding and other traffic infractions.


America does not need more cops. We need fewer cops, fewer laws and drastically fewer arrests and convictions. Ultimately, pursuing this could also lower police interactions, which in turn could help to lower incidents of police brutality.


Back to the comments of readers of the California newspaper that hid the news about who the criminal, who is still roaming around town, looks like:  Irvine woman robbed by armed man in her own home, police say 

john • a month ago
Being robbed in your home at gunpoint is an extremely serious crime. Why is the OC Register not posting the description of the suspect. I saw the press release Irvine put out on Facebook. The suspect was described as a male black in his late twenties with short black hair and medium build. Instead the Register just gives us the color of his shirt and pants. Political correctness is killing us. Come on Chris…
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#Respect USA 🇺🇸 • a month ago
Crime happens in every single city so no one is immune even from random acts in idyllic neighborhoods. No one should assume the nationality of the suspect without facts.
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Cecilia Rippetoe Leyva #Respect USA 🇺🇸 • a month ago
That’s the complaint, Respect USA, the Register won’t print a suspect’s ethnic background if it is not white. They are playing “ostrich” and burying their head in the sand to what is obvious to everyone else. They are using their position of influence and reach to censor news and direct public opinion and policy. It should be criminal. Newspapers should be completely objective and transparent. They provide a huge public service, they wield tremendous influence, and need to be answerable to the public. Oh wait- they are, that’s why they’re slowly going out of business, because everyone is fed up with their inherent bias and game-playing.


People should be very angry at ‘news media’ that openly lies about criminals attacking citizens!  We absolutely need to know everything, every possible detail describing criminals who are still on the loose!!!  I have published posters of criminals when the cops refused to protect us in Tucson many years ago.  We actively hunted these monsters down!


Ditto, in NYC back when I was the ‘Housewife from Hell’.  I would go interview victims and get as much information and possible and then we were on the hunt!  It wasn’t long before I got the 78th Precinct people to be more proactive and do this for me!  But the media?  They lied about everything!!!


Back in the day, the Daily News did dip a toe in reality land to discuss crime with me but only ONCE.  Never afterwards.  It was amazing to watch this in action, or rather, the studied lack of reaction of news people, the minute they saw me or the event would have to be covered and there I was, suddenly, they would turn and literally run the other way!  It was amusing in a very dark way.


Publishing a story praising a town in dying California, because it lets people drive at 100 mph through city streets!…!!!…is insane.  Pretending it was no crime is looney.  Not going after a gun man who held up a woman in the middle of the morning and refusing to share information with citizens describing this dangerous criminal…is grounds for suing everyone for co-conspiring with criminals to terrorize citizens!


I don’t live in California anymore.  I was literally chased out by the earlier form of ANTIFA who said they would kill me because I protected cops.  A lot of the people in power want criminals terrorizing us which is why they are so lackisdasical when this happens to us, like the mayor  of London, ‘Get used to it!’


When NYC was going bankrupt, they saved money by not protecting citizens.  They literally let huge swaths of the city burn down, people murdered and criminals eliminating businesses via robberies, and claimed this was civil rights and not an unleashing of unholy hell on the citizens.


I went to great and dangerous lengths to go into black neighborhoods to talk about how to form street patrols and how to prevent crime and stop kids from becoming criminals.  All this is down the drain now as the black community continues to implode and self destruct.  It is very tragic, watching this.  It could have been different but only if people looked at reality back in 1970.  But then, we were deep in the Vietnam War, weren’t we?  What a mess that was!


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11 responses to “Irvine California Has Few Cops And Much Crime: NY Daily News Reporter Thinks This Is Cool

  1. Moe

    Crime stopper extraordinaire: Benelli M4 shotgun.

  2. I used to do exactly this in full armor with sword and shield. Tons of fun, too old to indulge in it now.

  3. Nani

    Just the same as in Sweden where the police are not allowed to point out the ethnic background of criminals because that is sooo racist. This is making it much harder to catch criminal migrants.

  4. Petruchio

    It’s kind of interesting to note that this Politically Correct Culture in the US of A dares not EVER point out the immigrant crime wave problem, but has NO PROBLEMS at all with publishing the PICTURES of alleged “Johns”, people who have supposedly solicited the services of hookers. AND: here’s the real kicker in all this. Not if, but WHEN they print the picture of someone who was NOT soliciting sex from a hooker, their attitude then is, “Oh well. Mistakes happen. Too bad.” These people are just plain despicable.

  5. Correct. And if any white Christian goes nuts and kills people, it is huge news splashed everywhere. I personally know of a number of murders that never made any news, anywhere. Why? Wasn’t PC.

  6. Here is the NY Times story about how I helped capture a cop killer in 1981. The interesting part of this news story is the very last paragraph where the NYT reporter talks about ME.

    Published: December 8, 1981

    A probationary police officer was shot and seriously wounded yesterday in Brooklyn when he and his partner attempted to stop two men. The police believe the men were following someone they intended to mug on a street in the Park Slope section.

    Although the officer, Donald Rios, was wearing a bulletproof vest, he was wounded when one of the suspects shot him in the side of his right shoulder, an area not protected by the vest….


    A woman who lives in the neighborhood saw the wounded officer and ran up the block to tell his partner, the police said. Officer Brayuha, with Mr. DeCordova handcuffed, ran down the block and found Officer Rios, who had crawled to his car and radioed for help.

    That was ME. And the story is wrong. As he crawled to his car, I was behind a wall, crouching down, I jumped up and began yelling and pointing to him while gesturing to the other two cops who came running. He died.

    I helped hunt down the killers.

  7. You would think that the media would be pouring all over that terrible story that day! If the ‘woman’ was anyone but myself, they would have plastered it all over the place, instead, not one reporter contacted me.

    The 78th Precinct police knew it was me! Captain Hill knew it was me! Any curious reporter would have learned it was me. Non talked to him, even at the funeral, I was there, invited by the 78th P. cops. No reporter showed this or took pictures of this.

    The mayor was furious I was there he hated me greatly. HAHAHA. So the media lied about that event. They lie about everything, all the time, lying isn’t something happening now, it is de rigor.

  8. Mahler’s #6, Andante Adagio….had to clear things, I am sad thinking about all this…it was all so heart breaking.

  9. Moe

    ems: Never heard this piece before. Mahler, shades of Wagner!

    Here’s something that may be more soothing.

  10. Moe

    @ 2 ems

    Remember, never bring a sword to a gunfight!

  11. I had to do everything in NYC while not armed. Am amazed how much I did do. In Tucson, I was very much armed to the teeth. Even so, the cops nagged me about this but hell, it was how we survived. Cops were useless.

    The 78th P. guys in NYC were wonderful to me over the years, they were very caring and cooperative. Especially after I assisted in the shooting event above. They were quite upset when I moved out.

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